Who will suffer consequences of Military Option?

Who will suffer consequences of Military Option?

After serious allegations of using large-scale chemicals weapons on civilians in Syria by Syrian forces, the US and its allies are thinking over using military option in Syria to uproot Bashar al-Assad regime. However, the real dilemma is how could it be turned into reality in circumstances where it’s now exceedingly difficult for the US forces to militarily intervene in Syria.



Despite a prolong war in Syria, the US and Western countries have virtually failed in seeking a concrete support from Syrian people and are solely depending upon an ineffective opposition. While some unknown militant groups supported and aided by US and Arab monarchies are functioning for their own specific interests, some other terrorists groups gathered in Syria, looking for their own “interests” and “opportunities”.



All these oppositions are termed as “activists”, who are showing footages and photos of unconscious children, people foaming around the mouth and doctors apparently giving them oxygen to help them breathe. As this goes allegedly against Bashar al-Assad so it has triggered disgust around the world.



Although US President Obama has ordered US agencies to probe claims that Syrian forces launched a horrific chemical attack on civilians, there are some critical questions that I believe must be taken care of before going to use any military option.



The main question is if probe is either positive or negative, what is the solution of Syrian War?



Will they (US Agencies) also probe whether photos and footages are real or fake?



No matter real or fake, if they have already planed to intervene in Syria as a last resort, what is the effective operational military plan following no mass level support from Syrians?



Another important question is what political solution they (US and West) actually want in Syria after military option?



To talk about a Buffer Zone or No fly zone over Syria is easy by Military Generals but what will be the modus-operandi, political arrangement and consensus among neighboring countries and other world powers and who will provide logistic support to US forces and will ultimately suffer the consequences of being a buffer state during and after the military “solution” after seeing the situation of Pakistan who is still paying heavy price of being a base camp and heavy involvement in Afghan War over last three decades and obviously still suffering?



If they are succeeded in toppling Bashar al-Assad, then in absence of any concrete political plan, how can they secure Syrian power from extremists to get controlled over military arsenal and allegedly storage of huge chemical weapons?



What is the hope for future of Syrian refugees?



Everybody keeping an eye on Syrian war knows that Syria is a seething battle field of proxy war of US, KSA, Russia and Iran where opposition is enjoying luxurious package from US, KSA and Bashar al-Assad regime is militarily supported by Russia and Iran. KSA backed various groups (Hezbol Tahrir is well-known and prominent) and Iran backed Hezbollah are directly involved in fighting with each other and some Western sources also hint that Russian troops and Air Force are helping Syrian Army to push rebels away from Damascus.



In case of military intervention, how US-led forces will keep Israel away from not taking any undue advantage against Syria or Iran as Israel is in direct conflict with Iran and Syria on various critical regional and global issues and any misadventure will make the situation more grave for not only “participants” of military intervention but also for entire region?



So, in my humble opinion, military intervention is not a prudent option to resolve Syrian Issue but a comprehensive dialogue will provide more meaningful peaceful political solution and stability in Syria and much more can be achieved by every party of conflict by negotiation than continue fighting and increasing sufferings of Syrian refugees and innocent Syrian people who are striving hard to remain alive in Syria for a long time.

Syed Shahzad Alam

A content developer at Jang Group of Companies. He can be contacted at [email protected]

  • M.Saeed

    Those who provide the “acceptable collateral damage” is the obvious answer.


    “Don’t blame Assad for gassing his own people” — the real title of this nlog.

    “Don’t blame MQM for rigging by-election 2913.”

    “Don’t blame women for not giving sons.”

  • Basha

    Who will suffer consequences of Military Option?

    Muslims will be killed,

    More Muslims will be killed than the Chemical Weapons attack has already killed.

    That is why the West has nothing to fear.

  • Basha

    in a War innocent poor people get killed.
    Sit on a table and talk. Save lives.
    I hope Mr. Obama understands this.

    Limited proportionate strikes what ever you call them are the weapons which will fail.

    Mr Obama has him selves said this. “Yo will be remembered what you make not what you destroy”