Telecommuting is the Thing to Do!

Telecommuting is the Thing to Do!

There can be nothing truer than the fact that hard work is a key to success. Success awaits, if you work hard in a right direction. However, being a Pakistani citizen one must be familiar with a lot of uncertainties that pop up every now and then. Must I really mention all those electricity and security crises? People are virtually scared to leave home. When outside home, our fears come into play and cloud our perception, somehow stopping us from wanting to leave home for the fear of victimization.


This is primarily affects smooth execution of businesses. With all of these unprecedented circumstances, I recommend the use of Telecommuting which will be definitely helpful for expanding and growing the businesses even on worst days.


Telecommuting is a fairly modern term that employs and enables company’s workers to work independently and use computers that are connected to the Internet to communicate with each other from different places. People commute in planes, cars, trains, and buses to work and to other activities on a regular basis; commuting is part of our lives. It relies on the Internet for document exchange; video conferencing for meetings and cell phones thus employees remain keeping in touch. The office’s employees might work at home or may even be located in different cities and countries. It saves on both the time and energy. It is a business, which uses the phone system as main tools for any transaction.


It basically refers to a working arrangement or work style where an employee regularly do his or her work off-site, or outside of the principal office. Telecommuters typically work from home one or more days a week and communicate with his/her office using telephones and over the Internet.


In my opinion Telecommuting has various advantages such as workers can stay at home and yet manage business information with the same computing power they would have had at the office. They become more productive by avoiding the hassle of commuting while more successfully juggling the demands of work and home successfully. As they are no longer being supervised closely by a manager, they are judged on the type of work they produce rather than how they produce it. Single objective is to fulfill the quality of work they produce irrespective of the location.


In addition to this now I am describing you some more benefits of Telecommuting which will definitely helpful for expanding the businesses and facing the challenges of the real World:


  • Employer Prospective: It includes Cost saving, increases productivity, cuts down on wasted meetings, Increases employee empowerment and Increases collaboration. There are so many other benefits of Telecommuting for Employers prospective like less office maintenance, property taxes and rent, power consumption, telephonic and utility bills, food, fuel etc.


  • Energy utilization: Energy utilization is the key factor because energy will always be prime importance. By introducing telecommuting, less energy will be required for maintenance, production, and restore the equipment because as you all are well aware that tremendous amount of energy is required to produce transportation equipment such as buses, automobiles, planes, trains etc which will definitely be reduced in this case and in the same way lesser fuel resources would be required.



  • Improves Productivity: Productivity can be improved by using the Telecommuting in such a way that time consuming on unnecessary activities will definitely save some time like you don’t need to worry about how you dressed up, you don’t need to worry about maintaining your vehicle, you are safe from the scattered Viral infections from your colleagues.



  • Improves Health: Obviously if employee is eligible to perform their work from home then stress has been definitely reduced related to compromises made between Family and Work. However if he/she is working on relax and peaceful environment then there is a probability of improving health.



  • Less use of travelling promotes safety: When you are getting late you are obviously frustrated then you are driving recklessly and it causes accidents, thousand of traffic related deaths or injuries every year that’s why I say Telecommuting Promotes safety.



  • Spending more time with family: If a person has some family crises then his/her mind will not focus on their work but while Telecommuting endorse family values. Working from home will impact great opportunities to spent time with family members and will be more productive. I think Telecommuting is more suitable for Lovers, spouse or fiancé because they will be able to spend more time together and through this will create better understanding.



  • Employees Freedom:  Its employee freedom to choose the flexible environment rather than travelling from long distances, one place to another to keep their duties in a well efficient manner, this will be beneficial for both employees prospect as well as business prospect.



“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”.



While on the other hand Telecommuting may have some disadvantages like Internet connections lack the social interactivity of face-to-face contact. Because many nonverbal cues can be missed in emails, phone conversations and videoconferences, messages can easily be misinterpreted. Coordinating meetings may prove difficult especially if workers are scattered across several time zones. Finally, collaborations will lack impulsiveness because they have to be considered accurately to coordinate schedules and time zones. Gestures and expressions that are sometimes very important for good communication between workers, is lacking in Telecommuting. Thorough performing their work in efficient manner all this, they have to be loyal and productive for their employer.



In the meanwhile let me share some tips I find productive for me and I hope it will also be beneficial for you. You can easily select from the below tips who suits you the best:



Schedule: I think Telecommuting is only successful if you make a schedule before starting any work. Treat your office and job as real as it’s supposed to be like making a schedule in such a way that sleeping and entertainment time is already planned before starting the day. Working hours really count if you are expecting the best result from Telecommuting.



Communication: It is better to communicate with your colleagues and team workers. If there is lack of communication then there exists a gap, which results towards failure.



Have a good work space: You have to better organize your working area which you feel comfortable. It should be enough work space for you have room to work. Make your working place as you enjoy working in it, and that definitely puts your work in a productive manner. Noisy environment negatively affect Telecommuting.



Use a timer to stay focused. Telecommuting can make it difficult to stay focused. To combat that problem, you should suppose to use a timer to keep up the task smooth and productive.



Limit you phone calls: Trying to limit your phone calls, keep them short and precise. When making your calls, keep in mind that you are performing your duty through Telecommuting so limit them short and stay on topic.



Focus on work related emails: Your focus only towards the official emails rather than personal emails. If you want to send or reply against any urgent personal email so make them short and precise because when performing Telecommuting, your mind should always focus on your official work rather than any personal work. Do the personal emails little later, when you’re off or in break. To replying against any personal email might be take very less time to write and send but might be after doing this it will exists in your thoughts and imagination that’s why I recommend to avoid this if you are expecting best result from Telecommuting.



Groom yourself: Before starting the work through Telecommuting, you need peace of mind for better focusing against your work. You will feel more comfortable, energetic and productive if you take shower, make proper breakfast, lunch, dinner, dressed up well, take a cup of Tea or Coffee when needed etc.



Set Time limit: If you are working on a task so I think it’s much better to set the time limit of the task and then strictly follow the time limit. Might be if you unable to finish your task against the time limit than trying to reschedule more time for it.



Break: If you are not focusing well on your work then try to Disconnect from the work for a while. Turn off the computer and take rest and then start your work again with new passion.



Focus on Quality of Work: When telecommuting it is necessary to provide the quality of work rather than quantity of work. If you are not providing quality of work when telecommute than your team members and manger are thinking that it’s a result of Telecommuting so be realistic and productive when performing that type of work.



Flexibility: Telecommuting is very much flexible but it needs to bridge the gap between kids, family and work. You can not actually manage both at the same time so limit family and kids when performing the work. If you want to give some time to your family and kids then take break spend time with them and then continue your work with new passion.



In the end I would conclude that the success chances of Telecommuting is very much bright if we will use it efficiently with honesty but it takes a bit of commitment and patience. It’s also much better to perform their work from home throughout the day rather than doing it from office. These above-mentioned tips are also very helpful and beneficial for employee, his/her family, employer and expanding the businesses in the cost effective and faster way. You can review my above mentioned tips and use them in your daily life to formulate an organism or schedule which will work for you the best you required to do your work easier or faster.

Umer Ali Khan

A Software Engineer at JANG Group of Companies | Geo TV Network and holds Master's Degree of Computer Science from NED University of Engineering and Technology