Get crisp movie content only on GeoFilms.TV

Get crisp movie content only on GeoFilms.TV

in 2007 embarked on a challenging journey towards revival of cinema industry in Pakistan and the good news is the sustained endeavour has started bearing fruit.

All these years have only reinforced GeoFilms commitment to strive further to achieve even greater results. The launch of this platform is part of that big plan.

A large number of feature films has been released since 2007 under the banner of GeoFilms. Those movies that drew massive public appeal include Pakistani productions like Khuda Ke Liye and BOL.

Now the aim is to bring even a larger number of big screen productions to the people in the coming days.

GeoFilms will not restrict itself to promoting movies produced in Pakistan but, just like in the past, the films coming from Bollywood and Hollywood will also be given a push with equal vigour.

Providing quality entertainment avenues to the people is just one aspect of the GeoFilms agenda. The other goals that this platform aims to accomplish is to spur a sustained economic activity related to filmmaking, distribution and addition of more cinema screens across all the cities and towns of Pakistan.

This endeavour will go a long way in creating employment opportunities and opening up greater investment options. This will bring about long-term dividends including greater competition among the market players of the film industry. It will also help materialize one more ambition of GeoFilms which is to ensure greater access of the masses to healthy entertainment through increased affordability.

GeoFilms through its newly launched web portal ( brings a host of exciting features for the movie enthusiasts across the globe. These include movie news, synopsis, ratings, cast, blogs, celebrity interviews and birthdays, and a unique option to greet your favorite celebrities.

The web portal is a complete package of entertainment industry that also features sizzling trailers, picture gallery of your favourite stars, up-to-date video gallery, spicy film gossip and last but not least polls on hot topics.

Mazhar Bughio

Web journalist/ writer associated with Geo News/ The News International.