‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ and its philosophical undertones

‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ and its philosophical undertones

There are many ways in which Bajrangi Bhaijaan – a recent Bollywood hit featuring Salman Khan in the lead – can be described as a perfect depiction of reality in the milieu of intricate relations between Pakistan and India.

For a common viewer, the film triumphantly highlights the hurdles faced by Pawan Chaturvedi (nicknamed Bajrangi Bhaijaan) in taking the Pakistani girl back from the other side of the Wagah divide to her family in the Pakistani territory of Kashmir. But, this is not it.

The movie does much more than just shed light on the problems and difficulties confronted by common people when it comes to the border between the two countries whose ties have, for the most part, remained strained since partition. It also endeavors to mildly touch upon certain other very relevant issues that assume great significance for the entire human kind.

Like most of the Bollywood movies, Bajrangi Bhaijaan may have flaws and a few developments in the story may sound absurd and downright impossible but it leaves a message that carries strong philosophical impact – something that should allow deep introspection.

The movie shows Bajrangi Bhaijaan as a simple, honest, truthful and soft-hearted man who comes across a young Pakistani girl who is stranded in India. But, helping her becomes a huge challenge for him given the fact that she is mute.

He is a staunch believer and worshipper of Hindu god Hanuman who is also called Bajrangbali. But, his religious beliefs and national identity do not pose any hurdles nor do they cloud his thinking when it comes to ensuring the safety and well-being of the young Pakistani-Muslim girl.

The film carries an emphatic message of love, peace, coexistence, empathy and compassion – basic human traits that must take precedence over all other religio-political beliefs and geographical credentials. These are the characteristics in which should be rooted the correct definition of a genuine human being.

The hate mongers have been around since forever and they would continue to perform their sordid job for all times to come. But, the point to ponder here is whether they engage in this hate-mongering business for the benefit of the people at large. Of course, not. They do this because that’s the time-tested tool to further their personal agenda.

But, what is our responsibility and job as sensitive human beings who can see, think and tell right from wrong?

Bajrangi Bhaijaan has emerged as a mega box office hit in India and it has also drawn rave reviews and upbeat public feedback in Pakistan.

Now here is a question: How would you react if the story of the film is reversed? If a man of strong Muslim beliefs risked his life and returned a stranded Hindu girl to a family in India? Would you have loved the movie as much as you do now?

Hate begets hate. Love begets love. The choice is yours to make.

Mazhar Bughio

Web journalist/ writer associated with Geo News/ The News International.

  • Abdullah

    People of Pakistan will like it, but as far as the Indian mentality is concerned, they will not like it, because they probably think that Pakistanis are not Humanity loving people.

  • Yogesh Joshi

    Jai shri Ram!!…………Yes there are 40 cr indian muslims in India…..would have liked it…..
    But yes!!!….other side people lack creativity….hopefully you bring such movies to India with Quality as high as Bollywood…..

  • omar paul

    wow wow wow it is actually not that philosophical that has any real implications on ground. such concepts work only in the movies and news………. these have no existence on real grounds.

  • Monster

    well if you see there is a Pakistani caracter in the movie who is a reporter and helped the Indian .. a pakistani soldier helped an Indian .. he was throughout the movie was helped by Pakistanis … see the positive points .. and abdhullah bhai yo have a wrong interpretation .. it not the public , it the politicians .. we have this thinking about.. they have ruined the relations of 2 countries in past 50 years

  • Anonymous

    The comment by Abdullah below is in conformity with the reality of the two hostile nations. Salman Khaǹ ‘s film errs in not recognizing the fundamental chasm which separates the two nations psychologically, politically, historically, all of which are based on the exclusivist mentality nurtured by Sunni-Shia-Ahmadiyya fundamentalisms. Bollywood sentimentality is not a glue to bind the two nations. The fillum does not even refer to the two nation doctrine. Wars forged the nationalisms of Europe. Wars and decades of terror have forged the nationalism of Pakistan. Mazhar Bughio asking what would be the response if the theme of the film were reversed in a Pakistani mirror image of the Bajarangi suprficiality of Salman Khan. It cannot be reversed. There is no symmetry between the socio-political reality of India and the socio-political reality of Pakistan with its Hindu community rigorously ethnic cleansed and still living under a jurisprudence which makes its members second class citizens. There is no symmetry between the moral, political, religious, civic status of the Indian Muslim and what correspondingly obtains in the life of the Pakistani Hindu.

    • Abdullah

      We love it, we love the efforts made by an Indian after taking life risk, but i wanted to say that Indians have never appreciated or would not appreciate such an effort made by a Pakistani to save an Indian girl, final wordings for that Pakistani would be

      • Kolsat

        Indians have often helped Pakistani citizens. Only recently a Pakistani young person was operated upon in Mumbai paid for by Mumbai citizens. I have not heard such help being given by Pakistanis even for their Hindu, Sikh, Christians or Ahamadiyya citizens let alone to a citizen of India.

  • http://www.bricplusnews.com World Business News

    In movies you can do everything you want, whether you are a Hindu or Muslim, but in reality nobody will risk their life.

  • Nasir Shah

    I agree with author, sometimes I imagine a family in home just outside Amritsar and then a family in a home just outside Lahore, a smile runs on my face and I realise what beautiful souls the ordinary citizens of both countries but then a sadness overcomes me that a certain part of establishment doesn’t want people to think that way.

  • leocolehugo

    Nice movie! It has collected more than 300 crores and been proven as one of the biggest blockbusters so far in Bollywood.