When a dreamy atmosphere dominates reader!

When a dreamy atmosphere dominates reader!

Talking about the spongy, balmy and affectionate story of a man who could presume and attain even impossible but one day, he encounters corporeal wakefulness and departs the world of facts. Striking subject, symbolic graphs, aesthetic and literary dialogues are the most governing features of “Darwaza e gull” by Zia Hussain Zia.

Sadiqain Raja is a wedded handsome professor of Psychology in a university and Aneela, his colleague is fascinated by his debonair personality. She is elegant but still single; loves professor but does not want to disturb his family life. Fascinating is their life style and the way professor is crazy for his wife, Atiya who is never seen by anyone. A dreamy atmosphere dominates the reader throughout the novel where Atiya, a woman is appreciated as a brain by her husband. On the other hand, Aneela’s love gradually motivates Sadiqain and they decide to marry. Atiya disappears and Sadiqain commits suicide soon after his marriage.

Interesting is the apprehensive treatment that shocks the readers that Atiya was just a creation of Sadiqain’s mind and does not exist in real life.

The philosophy behind is quite evocative and multi dimensional. The novelist has preferred a woman with heart and intellect rather than heart and body. Body crumbles and decays whereas mind blooms and furnish new emotions, fresh ideas and inquisitiveness every second. Being truthful even to his thoughts, he kills himself to conclude his ideology.

Moving in the passageways of matrimonial life, talking about the cupboards and drawers, the author craves for the respect between a husband and wife like any other relation. He specifies that everybody yearns for space. We may see this mutual understanding in the flesh through main characters, professor and Atiya. “Sometimes the characters out of our context/framework are more striking and unattainable is more alluring” can be another reflection of the novel.

But this complex philosophy is ornamented with poetic dialogues, versatile diction and marvelous characterization.

Aesthete emerges to be a separate topic when the writer articulates that talking about philosophical God will smudge the aesthetic God; God, who talks about butterflies, rainbows, eye shades and heart beats will fade away.

There is a psychological disagreement of certain facts and beliefs of life presented through characters and their conducts. Man’s instinct of seeking mother in every second woman is illustrated brilliantly. Even a male female’s inner psyche is artistically painted and writer insists that encouragement and appreciation is equally essential in matrimonial relation as it is in a student teacher relationship.

The title and the sub titles are quite representative and figurative. Everyone craves for sex comforter but it is handled differently here; sex peeps through pages all the time but yoked with wit and crispy dialogues. The idea, that it is not the body but intellect of a woman is more inviting, serves as the main plot. We take pleasure in love valleys where beauty and intellect pave their way all the way through sex; where satin and God can be felt on the same dining table; where there is mirror and its image, where absence is personified and spice of words are fairly tempting.

Zia Hussain Zia is a reputed scholar, a poet and a novelist. “Darwaza e Gull” is another moving work after “Mabain” which has fairly grabbed the attention of fiction lovers.

Let me talk on boundless canvas of “Maabain” another famous novel by Zia Hussain Zia as that is also a most striking novel. Unfathomable tussle, intense but delicate conflict of Man’s logical rationality and Omnipotent, Day of Judgment, limitations of Man in Heaven are the high-flying themes of the novel “Maabain”. It is undoubtedly one of the most striking novels of the era by Zia Hussain Zia that grabs the readers and disconnects him from the outer world.

Symbolism is hallmark of this grand work as the very title of the novel is quite symbolic; Maabain, shows the relationship between Man and God, inner and outer world, intellect and Nature and the author and reader as well.

Najam Afandi, the pivotal figure is in Heaven which is surely reward for his truthful life. Heaven, the final destination of all human beings cannot satisfy him and causes restlessness. Afandi, mouthpiece of the writer is not happy there and his agitation is revealed through spectacular dialogues with other characters that are quite learned and possess worldly fame. The tussle arises when Afandi feels himself restricted and cramped and all controlled by Nature. He desires for hard work, true love, hatred and envy…. the common creative emotions but there is no room for such possessions.

Combining his argumentative style with the vast plot and immense characters, the author has weaved endless logical dialogues which enrich our spiritualism, philosophical approach, aesthetic perception and knowledge of consciousness. The inner thoughts, religious beliefs, external development and specific trance are yoked together; pulled by logic and reason.

The climax is quite peculiar and thought provoking when eventually Afandi is thrown to an unknown planet as it was his own choice not a punishment.

The diction is undoubtedly rich and appropriate for the theme presented. The explicit expression and spectacular treatment has listed Zia Hussain Zia as one of the top ranking novelists and ‘Maabain”, a remarkable literary piece.

Uzma Naqvi

A new but promising entrant in the realm of Literature.

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