Welcome to ‘New Pakistan’!

Welcome to ‘New Pakistan’!

Cold-blooded, brazen, barbaric, inhuman, tragic, blatant, heart-wrenching, ghastly, horrific…. Bring all the other superlative degrees of much stronger expressions to put into words what had befallen in that alma mater on that fateful Tuesday. Blend these words together and the result would still fall thousands of light years away from the vicinity of the meaning of what had actually taken place inside that high-walled army-administered facility of learning.

The magnitude of this national tragedy is beyond all measures. The horrors of that winter morning have had a chilling impact, particularly, on the sensitive heads who have been busy ever since to bring to use their best analytical faculties of their brains. These poor souls have been giving continual shots at making something out of the perversion that those gun totting creatures unfurled in the cantonment area of the KP’s provincial capital. These sensitive minds are still attempting in vain to grasp its slightest and remotest most logic.

Forgive these people with sensitivities, for they have committed a grave sin. But rather than forgiveness, they deserve the harshest punishment there is.  Any attempt at grasping logic of such a disease must be declared a crime punishable by the toughest penalty.

After the unfolding of the unthinkable, one feels anxious to learn about the taste that this latest turn of events has left in the mouths of the flag bearers of ‘Change’. Yes, it must spark curiosity of the nation to learn about the feelings of those who had been toiling to bring about something new out of the old Pakistan. They took months and failed. But the Tuesday’s game changers in a matter of few hours ushered in a new era in which we all stand with our skins fully exposed and vulnerable.

Welcome to ‘New Pakistan’!

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Mazhar Bughio

Web journalist/ writer associated with Geo News/ The News International.

  • M.Saeed

    Each and every martyred student is an extension to Malala’s courage. They deserve to be be remembered and awarded appropriately.
    About the birth of New Pakistan, let us not even talk about it at this juncture because, it is a national calamity and even all hands are not enough to counter it.

    • Prithu Adhikary

      Martyr? Are you kidding me? They were victims. They were murdered. Woh nihatthe bacche the jinka katl kiya gaya.. My heart grieves ki in masoomon ko maar ke kisiko kya hasil ho sakta hai.. Kisi masoon aur nihatthe ko maar ke jannat nahin jahannum hasil hoti hai.. Pakistan should teach these beasts this lesson..

  • Anonymous

    ….and still the ‘sensitive heads’ are buried in sand to cover the proverbial ‘skins fully exposed’. Revival of death penalty being sold as sugar pill to the masses – is it not ironic that the TTP terrorist do not value own life let alone others’. Do states function on vengence or should they be doing so on deterrence?

  • Anonymous

    Shabab Sb

    You state : “The only trust worthy and emuncipator in preset era is the Army Cheaf the rest are stage actors.This Nepolin Bonapart of Pakistan knows how to deal with Mad predators.”

    This lot of terrorists is from a nursery of old sir, not today’s crop. As distasteful the antics of all the politicians you mention may be, there is a collective responsibility. We should avoid distorting recent history atleast. Role of previous chiefs in creating these wild beasts cannot be overlooked.

    Should the army not have provided own security for an institution carrying its name – knowing the delapidated state of civilian institutions?

  • Anonymous

    Instead of legislating, strengthening civilian courts, state prosecutoion services and investigative procedures for trials, seems politicians delegating their responsibility to military courts – Welcome to ‘New Pakistan’!

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