No ceasefire: No good news for innocents

No ceasefire: No good news for innocents

An hour into the news: “Taliban refuse to extend ceasefire” as Bollywood duet “Ashiqui Main Har Ashiq Ho Jata hai Majboor” plays into my eardrums through a headphone borrowed from a munificent office colleague.


Pardon me if this sounds like I am bragging. But, just like all normal brains, mine continues to think things even when I listen to the music. It seems the temporary romance (call it a crush or infatuation if you like) between the Nawaz-government and our ‘very own’ TTP has already become part of the country’s checkered history. Or is it just me?


But, let no worry or fear trouble your mind. Regardless of how morbid I may sound, I will continue to let my sense of hearing feast on the Bollywood tunes even if the militants go ahead unleashing another wave of terror, killing and maiming as many innocents as they can. I don’t care. Ask me why? Because, I am sure I won’t be killed in a Taliban attack.


I work at a peaceful place and avoid going to the places militants love to litter them with charred human flesh and blood.  


While I switch to another interesting song “Gale Main Lal Tie, Ghar Main Aik Charpayi”—what a performance by SRK, Sallu Bhai and Madhuri G—  I am a bit mad at some elements in Pakistani media, who despite their open opposition to talks remain much safer than me in their high-walled bungalows. I am equally angry towards those who put their weight behind talks.


Both of them failed to make me understand the rationality and logic as to why one should support the dialogue or vice versa.


As Kumar Sanu goes “Ab Tu Majburi Hai, Ye Ghari Ayi Hai, Sath Sona He Paray Aik He Charpayi Hai” I can’t help but feel sympathy for my fellow Pakistanis.


Sorry folks I can’t do anything for you. You should be ready to become statistics of a terror attack as it is also a “Majburi”. There is no other option but to become a casualty. Just like the “Majburi” of Madhuri G and Salman in the song.


I know my graphic way of expressing views must be getting on your nerves. But cool it guys cool it. You’s better dispense with hypocrisies. I expect from you the same amount of patience that you demonstrate day in and day out as journalists of all sizes, shapes and kinds waste your time while arguing in favour of or against the ‘peace process’.


Senior Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir, while highlighting the reasons behind the Taliban announcement, labeled a senior TTP commander Khan Said Sajna as an irritant for the umbrella organization.


“The Taliban have claimed that the government agencies tried to install Khan Said Sajna as TTP chief after the killing of Hakimullah Mehsud,” Hamid Mir told Geo News.


If memory serves me right, it were the same us who, not too long ago, used to blame our old Sajna— I mean the US — for sabotaging peace process. Goras are clever chaps, hands down. But, time flies really fast and it has now brought us to a point where we have Sajnas of our own land to blame for the imminent failure of talks.


A bunch of senior journalists have been repeatedly telling us the talks are destined to collapse for one reason or another. On the other hand there are proponents who believe there is no way out except talks.


Whatever. With journos spreading all kinds of uncertainties and doubts, politicians appearing scared inside their palaces and GHQ publicly silent over talks, it would be in the poor’s best interest to brace themselves for another wave of mayhem and massacre.


But who cares?  Nothing can stop me from listening to my favorite song from sweet 90’s “Main Tujh Ko Bhaga Laya Hoon Tere Ghar Se, Tere Baap k Dar Se”.


Dear Pakistanis observe calm. No one can defeat death. It is certain. Or if you think you won’t die if Taliban don’t kill you, then a quote fits here like a glove: “If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.”


Let me be brutally honest here. The truth is you maybe hunt down by a father whose daughter you are planning to elope with. You maybe killed in a road accident. You can fall prey to target killing if you happen to dwell in the city of fights. You may catch a fatal disease. The probability of all these possibilities is equal for all of us.


So, don’t let these possibilities weigh you down. Just stay ready and prepared. What’s wrong with it if you breathe your last at the hands of the Taliban? I guess nothing.


So, …….just chill!

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Abdul Hafeez

A sub-editor on the Online Editorial desk of The News/Geo and an avid reader on local and international politics

  • Anonymous

    We certainly ‘have Sajnas of our own land to blame for the imminent failure of talks’ – but still rely upon songs from across the border to make our point. A cynical move on the author’s part or did Taliban influence his reference choice for the songs.

    As the local lyrics go : ‘Pass aa mere kaise ye faasle – kaisee ye doorian kaisee te majboorian’

  • Anonymous

    Is the TTP to blame for the abominible and abhorent attack on Mr Hamid Mir?! I guess the Karachi security apparatus was too busy with the possible arrival of VVIP Ex-dictator (who may not even be landing in Karachi).

    Also unfortunate that the ‘Gold Channel’ did not even have the decency to announce the attack on A feloow journalist – as they were too busy covering the VVIP dictator.

  • Claremont7

    Failure of talks is because one wants to take you back into dessert and riding a camel and the other want to take you beyond the stars for discovering what Universe is all about?

  • M.Saeed

    Taliban are yesteryear’s Mujahideen who gave the cold-war win the to US without dirtying their hands against the Soviets. But,TTP is entirely another chapter.
    It is unfortunate that we are still in dark about who holds their reins.