Social and Digital Media On The Rise

Social and Digital Media On The Rise

Social media has taken over our lives, changing the way of communication for all. Digital space is changing with a blink of an eye giving brands a new medium to advertise and interact with their potential consumers. Not a single day goes by when one doesn’t check his Facebook; approximately one million Pakistanis have joined Facebook in January 2014. As of 31st Jan 2014, there are 12.6 million active Facebook users per month.


There is an enormous potential for brands to reach out and build enduring relationships converting Facebook fans to consumers, with more than 50% users in the 18-34 age bracket, and with the majority of the remaining below 18 years.


Not long ago brands spent money on printing ads and dropping flyers on door steps, to reach the customers, yet doubting if how many people will be able to see their ads. However, online advertising has emerged as an important tool to target the right audience and reach out people who are likely to be interested in the product and services as digital advertising also gives the brands an opportunity to target people who are likely to have product interest or age group for instance.


Social media platforms give the ability to connect with the most relevant, interested and passionate communities to drive businesses. As the market for internet advertising expands, several digital media agencies are growing.


According to analytics by Social Bakers, the fastest growing digital page in January 2014 was ‘Advance Telecom’ which grew by 97,000 fans and currently stands at 982,508 fans with 37,229 talking about.  Whereas, the most engaging posts this month were secured by Nokia Pakistan– the top 2 out of 3 slots. Pictures by Nokia Pakistan got 29,000 and 25,000 interactions respectively along with interactions that included Likes, Comments and Shares.


Also, Nokia Pakistan rates at number 4 on top brand pages in Pakistan by Social bakers. Nokia Pakistan has recently achieved 2-million-fan milestone. Now that’s a big achievement. Despite a huge fan following Nokia Pakistan standards have been maintained with prompt replies to customer query and engagement, the page management is truly commendable.