My Khan on Haqqani Network

My Khan on Haqqani Network

A deadly attack on Monday exposed an unsettling reality for the whole world to see. A reality that shows us even the capital city of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is not safe.


Ironically, the attack came in the backdrop of Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar’s assurance a few days back that reports about terrorist sleeper cells in Islamabad did not merit serious consideration.


Unsurprisingly, he doesn’t disappoint the nation yet again by not ruling out a foreign hand in this latest act of savagery. This is despite the fact that the attack was claimed by the militant outfit Ahrarul Hind.


For Pakistan, the most important thing should be Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan’s statement after the Islamabad terror attack. He says that the United States (US) wants a military operation in North Waziristan and that it wants Pakistan to act against the Haqqani Network. Something the PTI leader believes is not in Pakistan’s interest, as it will cause a reaction.


Khan appears to be confident that the recent ceasefire announced by the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has shelved a full-scale military offensive against the militant group. His position on the operation comes a day after he had voiced his joy over the ceasefire announced by the TTP, saying that they had authenticated his stance that dialogue was the only option.


Is this a clear expression favoring ‘strategic depth’ and the post-2014 game plan? Maybe.


Khan’s statements and stance leaves no doubt in the minds of the discerning lot that the PTI Tsunami was manufactured to democratize the ‘Security State’ and lend a greater charm to the otherwise bland flag bearers of Difa-e-Pakistan Council (DPC).


Certainly, the first breakthrough of the dialogue process – the bilateral declaration of holding fire – has also emboldened the Kaptaan (captain), as he is now able to reiterate his stance more openly.


Firstly,  Khan has indirectly acknowledged the presence of the Haqqani Network on Pakistani soil, even though it has always been an open secret. Can anyone question him on how a sovereign state could allow foreigners the use of its territory for purposes like terrorism, jihad or freedom struggle?


Khan should also express his take on East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) and others, as Pakistan and China in a joint communiqué after President Mamnoon’s recent visit to Beijing described it as a threat to the whole region. And if he endorses this bilateral stance, then what is the reason behind his dual position? If the Haqqani Network isn’t evil, then ETIM should also be allowed to enjoy the same status.


Secondly, in Khan’s opinion, any action against the Haqqanis clashes with Pakistan’s interests.  Wait a minute, Mr Khan. Are you saying they are free to use our soil? Don’t they, along with other militants, have complete control over an administrative unit of Pakistan called North Waziristan – also described by the TTP as an Emirate? Why it is not in Pakistan’s interest to retake part of its territory?


If the Pakistani Taliban consider North Waziristan an Emirate, then what exactly is it that the Afghans are doing there? Surely, they have same objectives. In that case, does he agree with them? If the Emirate is a joint venture of the Pakistani and Afghan Taliban, then there should not be any distinction of good and bad. In case there is still some, the Kaptaan is requested to explain it to the people of Pakistan and put to an end all the uncertainty and confusion.


It appears as though Khan has no objection whatsoever to the presence of the Haqqani Network, so one can assume he has similar views about the Quetta Shura and other expressions of jihad business.


Can I ask just one last series of questions? How will he respond to the international impression that there are safe havens for terrorists in Pakistan? Does he want to see Pakistan completely isolated?


And before I forget, where is the interior minister? Or the information minister?


Why have they failed to take notice of Khan’s press talk aired by a number of TV channels? Do they agree with Khan just the way they share with him unanimity over views on the War on Terror?


But I must withdraw my queries. If the Lal Masjid cleric can go on air and declare the Pakistan Constitution un-Islamic then Khan is a greater media attraction.

Raja Arsalan Khan

I am a working journalist and depend on journalism for survival. Despite being born in very conservative surroundings, I have very clear views about the pseudo native culture and all the related forces which hamper individual and societal progress in countries like Pakistan.

  • Truth

    Looks like that this writer just poisoning the cordial environment b/w taliban and govt at present and not providing the remedy of this dilemma – Mr. writer DIALOGUES is only way to resolve the current crisis in Islamic republic of Pakistan which the true leader like Imran Khan trying to do at his best. People like you only look at -ve instead of appreciating the person like Imran khan who is being in Pakistan doing everything he can for this undeserving nation. Shame on you !!!!

    • M.Saeed

      What Nawaz Sharif has done with Imran Khan is an eye-opener for all other self acclaimed political top-brains.
      For an ordinary bystander, it was baffling to see political big-wigs bent upon cutting their roots in childish attempts to rise above stars and not moving anywhere, Imran doing the same was disheartening. It was equally maddening trend seen from feudal-scavengers of so called “Southern Punjab”, day-dreaming of several divisional provinces in Punjab.
      Now, Nawaz Sharif has taken a bold step by taking Imran on board his campaign-train against anti-state militants and at least intensified his move in Punjab and KpK. This unity of purpose is definitely a healthy beginning of many similar and better things to come.

  • Bluecollar

    Raja Sahib : Already lot of liberal,secular writers are making their living by exclusively focusing on Imran K, you are the latest to join the chorus line.’Kaptaan’ Imran did not win the last election, nation if believed, voted for a Punjabi Industrialist, Nawaz Sharif. He and only he is accountable for the lawlessness , quagmire in Waziristan. Imran is a minor player, he does not control army or foreign policy – Let us leave him out of this equation and question PM Sharif.

    • Anonymous

      Couple of questions:
      What is a ‘liberal secular’ in this context?
      Has NS taken over full control of the ‘army and foreign policy’?

  • M.Saeed

    A prominent member of Haqqani-network was killed in Bharakhou near Islamabad, a few months back. Nobody knows who killed him or why he was there, doing what?

    On surface, this war on terror, which was started by the father and son Bush(s) between two 9/11s has morphed into a Pakistani war on Terror. But, there is a very glaring link ignored by all. The Pakistani WoT was started by a Gitmo released inmate in 2003. Even he was equipped with a high-tech prosthetic limb at a fabulous cost to his benefactors. After a hectic search, Pakistani Agencies had reached his hide-out in Baluchistan but, he committed suicide before he could be caught, in a peculiar “war moves” like style.

    Apparently, we are not being told the whole truth of the game, Imran Khan included.

    The most important fact is the statement of the US authorities who accepted that, “he had originally been a prisoner in the Guantanamo bay detainment camps, who was judicially released and subsequently “returned to the battlefield”.

  • Anonymous

    NASAH Sb

    Indeed “every civilized person in Pakistan is mortally afraid of getting hurt by these treacherous unreconstructed savages” – even the ‘commando’ who is not afraid of anyone, is scared that he may not reach the Court trying him because these ‘savages’ may interrupt the Court in the duty to apply the law of the land. Of course the ‘commando’ is only concerned about the honour of the Court and Pakistan.

    Sadly the missing ISPR statement will do more harm to the institution than the ‘monkey wielding Duke’s’ statements bringing the institution into disrepute.

  • Anonymous

    NASAH Sb

    The ‘commando’ is most likely to be excused (executive prorgative) for the official (and reasonable acts to asert the writ of the state ) actions in cases involving Constitution denying burqa posh mullahs. The action of 7th November 2007, on the other hand, is another matter – overstepping the constitutional bounds and not for the first time!

    Despite the likes of Mr Qasuri making ridiculous justifications (e.g state overwhelming the constitution as constitution can be recreated – he forgets conveniently forgets the major reason for 1971 break and feels states can be held together at gunpoint but happily points out 18th amendments symantics in defence of his client. Irony is the 18th amendment and devolution in the context of 1971!)

    I’d speculate the head money for the commando has already been received (appreciation of Rupee) and he too may enjoy the holy waters soon but this time certain appearances will be maintained and the courts too will perform their judgements