Roger Federer: The King of Tennis

Roger Federer: The King of Tennis

When the king gets old, the game of thrones is bound to take ugly turns. The once loyal subjects start tethering and doubting the decisions made by the king. What is the incentive to obey anyways when the reign is coming to an end.


The thing about people who do not understand Tennis and a player’s love for the game, can easily criticize with a few quoted facts and figures. They are simply oblivious to the art and style and to what extent lawn tennis has evolved since Spencer Gore first won the Wimbledon in 1850.


The moment when Roger Federer picks up his tennis racquet, it only appears to be an extension of his body. He uses it as a paint brush to create Leonardo Davinci’s and Picasso’s art and he uses the court as his canvas.  With his fore hand he creates Rembrandt’s The Storm of the Sea of Galilee. His bank hand is as if he is creating an artist’s masterpiece. His serve can be rightly compared to Claude Monet’s Sunrise Impression and his volley to Raphael’s wedding of a virgin.


Jimmy Corners, All time record holder said “In the modern game, you are either clay court specialist, and grass court specialist or a hard court specialist, or… You are Roger Federer”.


Roger Federer became the world’s greatest tennis player of all time when he reached world’s No.1 in 2004 and stayed there for 237 weeks. Not only this, Federer was also World no. 1 in the year 2009.


One cannot compare any other tennis player to Roger Federer’s stature because it’s simply impossible. Once someone reaches age 32, that is more of grandfather years in terms of tennis, and has achieved all that Federer has achieved. Perhaps now the comparison might begin.


Federer has managed to equal the Wimbledon record of the living legend, Peter Sampras (winner of 7 Wimbledon titles), in an implacable way and managed and get hold of 17 grand slams in total.


Borg remarked that, “Federer is a complete player. He is an artist on the court”.


Federer has clenched five consecutive US open titles, four Norman Brooks Challenge cups (Australian open), and in 2009, he was able to defeat Robin Soderling in straight sets, 6-1, 7-6-6-4, to add The Musketeer’s trophy ( French Open) , to his trophy case. This achievement puts him into “The Greatest of All List” along with Rod Laver, John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg, Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras.


In the beginning of his tennis career, Federer was considered quite hot tempered but, over the years he evolved into a player who knows how to maintain his cool and poise, and hence played the game the way it should be played, like a gentleman.



“I am amazed, not only by the beauty of the Roger’s game, but also the consistency of his tournament wins,” said John McEnroe.



Even Nadal fans can’t argue with what he had to say about Roger Federer.



“Whoever thinks that I am better than Federer, doesn’t know anything about tennis,” expressed Nadal in an interview.



The year 2013, has been yet one another year that Roger was not able to win a grand slam. 2011 was the same case but he himself is not ready to give up a sport that is so dear to him.



“When you do something best in life, you don’t really want to give that up and for me, it is tennis.”, asserts Roger Federer.



Federer has been in the line of fire recently from the media critics. It is almost like they don’t understand Roger’s love for the game and they want him to retire.



“This is the thing about media is that they want everything to be a success story and nothing else. They don’t understand my love for the game, Hope fully I will play for many years to come”, Roger Federer confessed in a press conference.



So even if the king of tennis had had some tough times, he would still remain the king. Though he had to fight quite a many battles, he let invaders to his throne know that the king is here to stay for a long time. So, if anyone even dreams of defeating king Federer, they better wake up and shrug any such phantom off.

Jahanzeb Tahir

Writer, composer, Poet, athlete, and video game developer

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