United Mobile: The Smartest Ones

United Mobile: The Smartest Ones

United Mobile, the leading and most reliable mobile phone company in Pakistan is pleased to announce its own brand ‘VOICE’.



Interestingly, United Mobile has worked with all leading global brands and has helped them to grow exponentially in Pakistan. Considering the demand of Pakistani customers and the rapid growth in the telecommunications sector, United Mobile has finally come up with its own line of high quality, high performance and reasonably priced smart phone devices for its valued customers.



United Mobile believes in quality customer care and warranty support which is exactly why it has the largest distribution and customer care network in Pakistan. With 14 years of experience in the Pakistani market and 32 customer care centers all across Pakistan, UM is fully confident in penetrating every household in Pakistan. With the launch of its own brand ‘Voice’, United Mobile plans to not only target the smart phone users through its ‘Xtreme’ series but also the masses in its upcoming ‘Xtra’ feature phone series.



Xtreme is the smart phone series powered with quad core to dual core processors. These are high end products made for the tech-savvy and content-craved individuals. While the Xtra feature phones are made for masses who give significance to durability, high quality performance and quality design.


Here’s a small one on one session with Mr. Ejaz Hassan himself on the launch of the new brand “Voice” by United Mobile:



1. Few words on the new Xtreme smart phone?



The new Xtreme smart phone series have been made keeping in mind the affordability factor while delivering the best performance, features and design in this price range. The Xtreme phones have the fastest processor, the slimmest and the most elegant design available in the market in this price range.

2. How this smart phone is different from the competition?



Xtreme phones are different from the competition in terms of the package it offers. The overall look, the performance and most importantly the after sales support Xtreme phones offers under the umbrella of United Mobile is the key. We have the largest distributor and customer care network across all over Pakistan.



3. Future of smart phone industry?



Smart phones have a big future in Pakistan. We have 120 million mobile users in Pakistan and this number is growing every day. Gradually these people are now upgrading themselves to smart phones. In the current market, there is phenomenal growth in the android industry, with prices going down there is a huge technological vacuum to be filled.


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