Peshawar Church Attack: Is it Impossible to Co-exist?

Peshawar Church Attack: Is it Impossible to Co-exist?

Late on a Sunday morning, as people came out of a church in Kohati Gate, Peshawar, twin blasts sent more than 50 of those much closer to the God they had been intently praying to – the same God who created us all with different identities, ethnicities and religion but as part of the same humankind.



Yet, the humankind attacks each other for being different, that too in the name of a religion. What is being forgotten here is that each one of these is not an effort to bring people under one religion or sect but a strike on the order of nature, whose principle is to produce different people not the same. And today a question haunts me that can we not coexist as different people in Pakistan?

According to a report of US Commission on International Religious Freedom released on September 14, 2011 Pakistan has been deemed one of the 10 countries unable to protect minorities. And a timeline of attacks on Christians in the country during the past decade published
in the March 15, 2013 issue of The News ( is a testimony to the fact that minorities are in the line of fire.

Though, any figures on record are just the tip of the iceberg that is called suppression of minorities in Pakistan.  In a slight moment of delusion, religious discrimination may even make sense but Muslims belonging to a different sect also have no respite from gunfire and suicide bombs. According to the Datasheet of South Asia Terrorism Portal, 4,616 people have been killed while 9,008 have been wounded in 2,824 incidents of sectarian violence from 1989 till September 15, 2013.

What exactly are we trying to achieve here by attacking those different from us? Be it the Ahmadis or Shias, Christians or Hindus, in the history after Independence no one has been relieved so far – but for what? Is it some Islamic values that are being upheld by doing this? Of course not; because no religion is preached by bombs and guns.

In this situation, to say that we are against one group of people would be incorrect because there isn’t any one kind of group being attacked. Rather, this is a chaos – a chaos that began to breed in our mentality, came out on the streets and has now made impossible for different kinds of people to survive in each other’s presence. A small period of time may be insufficient to battle terrorism or violence on the ground but it will reap great fruits to begin fading demarcations of religion, sect, caste and creed in our mind so that no one growing up today and going out in the country tomorrow conceives a brutal thought for anyone different from him.

  • M.Saeed

    Every terror attack has a singular agenda. It is, to make terrorist’s terror-hay on burning human bodies for sinister reasons.

    In Pakistan with fresh prospects of hope under a new-born democracy, it was being expected that, if it had gathered pace with senses in joining, rather than opposing forces to make a road map to peace, it would have found ways and means to tame the terror and make some productive use out of it by employing its raw power which for a long time is being exploited by the terror-mongers. Instead of heralding a journey on the road to peace and happiness, which should have started the end of the terror-monster for good, things have taken a sudden drastic turn much before even the start of the journey to peace.

    It is time to join hands in prayers, irrespective of personal leniencies, for some miracle to happen suddenly (as the blasts so happen) out of blue and save our sinking ship of destiny in high-rough tides.

  • Gohar

    No doubt it is a sad moment no matter if it is suicide or drone attack either a military or militant attack – everywhere innocents are dying. We need to find out the root-cause of all this and only a word is suffice for all the mess around – INJUSTICE.

    On top of that all parties justifying murders by only word – TERRORISM. All parties retaliate this ‘terrorism’ by their own ‘terrorism’ so the result is brutal murders from all parties..and It is a FITNA of this age …ON muslims/non-muslims BY muslims/non-muslims

    Pakistan is not a Islamic state at all where is no morality be seen. Everyone can see injustices are everywhere no matter if it is a Balochistan or Punjab or Sind or KPK. All around people are immersed in ALL sorts of corruption, lies, rishwat, stealing (electricity etc), adultery, alcoholism, immorality on media etc – every single person is taking its own part in corruption to the extent they can with a few exceptions.

    Allah-swt only change the condition of the people who want to change themselves. If this change (of deeds) won’t occur then Allah-swt will keep sending trials one after another if we still won’t open our eyes then will leave nothing else to our next generation but HATRED. May Allah (swt) save all of us from His trials and show His mercy on the sinners of this time. ameen.

  • Farooq Hashmi

    Today’s biggest joke: “Terrorists will be made an emblem of examplary punishment”, says Ch.Nisar Ali, minister for Internal Affairs,Govt. of Pakistan.

  • Doc R

    Peshawar blast is a act to sabotage the peace talks with Taliban.

  • Eman Munir

    maybe this attack happened because the terrorists want to dismiss the situation of the country by creating this thought that Muslims and non-Muslims are not united..despite living beneath the same flag and sign of identity.

  • harleen kaur

    I admire author’s courage and fair-mindedness to speak up for the beleaguered minorities in Pakistan. It appears that for vast majority of Pakistanis, this systemic genocide and annihilation of non-Muslims is not even an issue. Let me state a bitter truth here by saying that none of the Non-Muslim groups -Hindus, Sikhs, Christians ever came even near to posing any threat to well-being of state of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. They never asked for a separate country, or any special laws as per their religion or ran any campaign of that sort. Why they are being targeted ? Now compare it with Muslims living in non-Muslim countries and you can clearly see the signs of challenge to writ of the state by Muslims by asking concessions, separate countries, demanding sharia and complaining about Islamophobia . Still others are tolerating and trying to accommodate Muslims, though there are occasional backlashes against Muslims having started happening. How long this will continue ? Religious intolerance is increasing in the world, and I think condition of non-Muslims in Muslim countries hold the answer as to who is responsible for it.


    How about treating Christians in Pakistan as 1st class citizens instead of 2nd class citizens. How about asking God to help you be secure in your faith (if you believe your God who rejects Christ) is the true God? It’s simple; love God with all your heart, mind, and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself. If you can’t do this, maybe you need to ask yourself since fanatical Muslims are out of control in their evil calling anyone who’s not Muslim ‘enemies of God’ as they mutilate bodies in Nairobi, go ahead, ask yourselves what in your faith might lead to this kind of behavior. ‘God is love,’ that’s in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd book of John before Revelations, this messed up behavior, guess what, it’s not love. And there’s a LOT of deception. ‘Satan is the father of lies, who came to kill, steal, and destroy.’ That also means the truth. Ask yourselves, what is truth, and then open up the Hebrew Bible and the gospels and see what it says. Oh yeah . . . converting is against the law in your country, that probably means you can’ have a bible either. Can you see that THAT is a deception in itself? God loves you, the Lord Jesus died on the cross for you, He came for all, gentile, Jew, free, slave, women, man, and ‘He came so that none would perish.’
    For the love of God, open your eyes. Open your eyes, please.