Pardon in Shahzaib murder case is Not a Defeat

Pardon in Shahzaib murder case is Not a Defeat

Recent developments in Shahzaib murder case are indeed shocking and at the same time baffling. Our friends over social media and also on other electronic media are thoroughly aggrieved by the unbelievable act of pardoning Shahzeb’s culprits.



While some went as emotional as to hold that they sold their dead son for some bucks, others are whining that no one will ever stand for any victim again. And then there are some proclaiming that no brother will protect his sister against street urchins ever again.



No doubt the actions taken by the parents of deceased could hit even a hard-hearted person with a rude knock of surprise, they also somehow don’t qualify the set moral standards. But let’s examine this entire saga thoroughly apart from sentimental approach, so that we can come into conclusion that whether justice was done to Shahzaib or not.



Now, whether struggle of civil society, friends of Shahzaib and media(including social media) remained fruitful or not. There are two aspects to this case.1: legal aspect.2: social aspect.
I would like to discuss legal aspect first. Apart from initial negligence on the part of investigating agencies (Police and F.I.A)after registration of F.I.R, fair, impartial and fearless investigation was conducted. The culprits were arrested and challan was submitted to concerned ATC court under terrorism laws(offences under terrorism laws are not compoundable by victim or legal heirs).




Irrespective of immense pressure accused were prosecuted and court sentenced all the culprits. We can say that on this conviction formally justice was done. Now we come about the point of pardoning culprits by victim,s family. Rumours have it that the family have accepted monetary compensation i.e diyat,and also reports are coming that family was being threatened by culprits family. The former is acceptable but latter is out of question.




And if Shazaib’s family has accepted diyat money what is harm in it?It is their legal right enshrined in Islam and incorporated in law of land. Though their action may be depressing for many of us but it is not condemnable. Whatever they had done, it’s their rightful decision and we should duely respect it.



But the story does not end here because firstly, murder is an offence that is not compounble and secondly even if complainant pardons culprits in such like cases even then court can convict in the name of fisad as enshrined in Pakistan Penal code section 311.
Now we come to other social aspect of this case. This case proved that we are a brave and selfless civil society. Shahzaib’s friends struggled bravely for justice and civil society of Karachi and from all over the country stood with his family which eventually led to the arrest. Example is set. But now this recent development is being taken as defeat of juctice. But in fact it is not defeat. It has already been proved that real power lies within the people. I request all the let-down fellows to not don’t give up hope. What happened in Shahzaib’s case was a choice opted by his family, but let’s not forget that there was a choice that his friends also made before it. The choice to fight against the wrong and that is all that matters.

Muhammad Asad Mangat

A blogger for The news/Geo blogs

  • M.Saeed

    Those who boast of having a son like Shahzaib should put their hands on their hearts and imagine if their only son and carrier of their family-line, (God forbid) was killed in such a situation followed by what they experienced and endured with sleepless nights for almost an year, what would be the extent of their miseries?
    If the next of kins have to deal the way Shahzaib’s bereaved family have been through, only those can appreciate who have passed through it. Allah should save all from such horrible ordeals.
    Although there are talks about money offered according to the “diyat provision” in Islam but, imagine the plight of the unfortunate if they have to live several generations in fear of the unknown dangers, without such an arrangement to buy the safety of the remaining family, under utmost duress!

    And, there are people who can buy and inflict untold harms of such dangers, any where on earth.

    • S Nasrullah

      ” And, there are people who can buy and inflict untold harms of such dangers, any where on earth.” Pure poetic exaggeration! It is only the State obsession to target an individual, set in motion their revenues and resources to track them and eliminate them. USA and Israel have historically performed the perfidy. However, to impute divine attributes to mortal human beings with their rapacious rage reaching the domain of impossibility, is competing and winning 100 yards dash by a lame participant.

      Indeed the family of the victim were faced with a tragedy of mammoth proportions and their sense of grief and desperation one cannot fathom. Whether they seek vengeance or grant pardon is their own lookout, but to rationalize their reactions would be adding misery to misfortune.

  • Quamrul Huda

    I am just waiting for the days when oppressed people of pakistan will get up and start slaughtering all rich people, because most rich became rich by corruption and not with honest earning, but probably oppressed are really tired and they have accepted this evil system. Some British thinker said “behind every fortune there was a crime”

  • aslam minhas

    The impunity with which the guilty assassinated Shahzeb don’t deerve a reprieve. The manner in which the govt officials helped the criminals escape the country is woeful. The manner in which Sindh government acted ever so sympathetic to the feudal kids is shameful. It directly applied to the president for the pardon bypassing the interior ministry. President sent it to the Int minister who did not even bother to forward it for action. Great that CJ has taken notice. Whether the parents of the victim have taken money or not, the criminals should be hanged till death! Let the message go to the fat and filth-rich that justice is for all. Otherwise the society will forfeit its raison d’etre.

  • mumtazkhan

    hell for such people who set wrong precedents for the sake of money

  • S Nasrullah

    Pakistan is not an Islamic State. The half baked combinations of Islamic jurisprudence and conventional norms of justice are contrived to favor the privileged. True, in Pakistan, Justice is trumped by purse, persecution and power. An Indian friend of mine told me the other day that many Pakistanis carry head money on them and even the foreign aggressors have priced the life of their targets. When Pakistanis are killed by foreigners in their own country, they buy their freedom paying monetary compensations to the family. Is it a new strain of culture in Pakistan for the families to seek Money in lieu of the lives of their kith and kin?

  • Abbas

    You completely misunderstood my post. Read it again.
    I actually wrote against this stupid article.

    But in all fairness, guns should be pointed towards Jatoi family or the impotent chief justice who is quick to take suo moto on petty matters like Waheeda Shah slap but fail to even mention the prevalent feudal system. His style is too reactionary. He has no policy and the chief is a taliban apologist. The chief has totally failed the nation who facilitated his restoration twice. Instead of passing judgement, he issues threats that if such and such is not done, that the court would be compelled to pass judgement. Why threaten, just pass the God damn judgement.

    Unfortunately nothing good can be expected from this reactionary CJ in Shahrukh Jatoi case because this CJ is currently the most powerful protector of the status quo.

  • Naveed Ali

    its just matter of getting together and making our move to change the system ,, we should not lose heart and lets make some effort to move things,, just not lip service
    Naveed Ali

  • Ajaz

    you forgive those who ask for forgiveness and not the ones showing victory signs after killing some one.

  • S Nasrullah

    Well said – Wrap it Up!

  • Eman Munir

    Day by day new stories are opening in this case this is making the case more confusing.This case became popular because in this situation it was a exam of ”do justice differentiates between wealthy and poor people or middle-class?” people but everything happened unpredicted.Money and wealth has power as always, money and wealth won the battle at last but still in hope that it is not the conclusion of the crime story.