Child Rape in Lahore: We Demand Justice

Child Rape in Lahore: We Demand Justice

A blurred image of a young child is printed across the screen. Newspaper reports describe how the child is traumatised often closing and opening her eyes; unable to speak.



Her torturous experience? She was raped brutally at the gentle age of five by unidentified men.



The young girl’s story is one of only a few that comes to the surface. Most rape incidents go undiscovered in Pakistan as the victim is faced with the prospect of bringing ‘dishonour’ upon her family or in other cases, they are blackmailed or threatened into remaining silent. Unfortunately, bounded by their family and the patriarchal society, women seal their lips as they continued to be perceived as perpetrators where they are in fact the victims.



The main problems stem from the Hudood Ordinances that came into law during General Zia’s regime. According to those laws, a woman must bring testimonies of four witnesses in order to prove she was raped. However, the question is – how on earth is a woman supposed to bring four witnesses to prove this? No-one carries out this dreadful act in the eyes of the world. Rather than using DNA examples and tests to prove who the culprit is, the law is created in such a way that – even before the case begins – the matter weighs immediately into the favour of men.



Obviously, the woman can’t arrange for four witnesses and often is charged with zina – having premarital sex and are forced to endure punishment for something they never committed while the real perpetrator goes free; ready to strike the next unfortunate victim.



It is time the government and we, people took a stand against this heinous crime. What happened to this innocent child is one of the most horrific and sickening crimes against humanity and womanhood and now we ought to do everything in our power to make sure that it does not happen to anybody else.



Just a few days ago, four men who gang-raped the 23-year-old student last year were given the death sentence. Now and now is our chance to raise our voices so justice can be delivered to this child too. If we try and urge the government to take a step, maybe in the future this child’s perpetrators could be punished. But it all begins with a drop. Remember, it took a lot of effort and billions of drops of water to make those oceans out there. We can make a change for all women in our country if we raise our voices together.



Aneka is a freelance journalist and human rights activist.

  • M.Saeed

    Geographical boundaries cannot confine humanity.
    Feelings of pains and pleasures of happiness are universal.
    Therefore, there should be no shame in sharing hard learnt lessons in humanity of others.

    India has recently been through a very painful experience of Nirbhaya and have taken an unprecedented decisions against the savages in the shape of humans. There is an urgent need to follow the proceedings in the identical Indian case and make it a precedent for our own suitable corrections in rules.
    We must save time and many lives waiting to live with honour through timely introduction of such amended rules.

    • Anonymous

      Saeed Sir, with due respect here I do not agree with you 100%. Mere making tough laws and by hanging the culprits the problem is not going to be solved. After shameful incident with hapless “Nirbhaya”, have these heinous crimes stopped, NO, recently the same type of incident has happened here in Mumbai with a press photographer. Sir, for tackling with such crimes we have to go into the root of the problem and have to treat it from there. That is illiteracy & unemployment. I do not say that tough laws should not be there BUT I think till you do tackle the main cause we would not be able to control it. You give education to all and employment then only crimes can be controlled. These are my personal views, I may be wrong. Any how, these types of incidents make us shameful not only in the eyes of world community but before our women too. It gives very adverse psychological impression in the mind of growing girls against the common men.

  • S Nasrullah

    Almighty Allah in the Holy Quran narrated how the evil doers were punished by hale of rocks that pierced their bodies into painful deaths. On one occasion, it was to describe the defeat of Abraha with his army of Elephants; and on the other, when the Nation of Lot was subjected to unprecedented punishment with raining of rocks that decapitated them threadbare.

    In the clash of Cultures, the Electronic Media have played their perfidious role in promoting eroticism and sexual depravity. The closed door, restrictive and self abnegating attributes of misinterpreted Islamic culture seemed prohibitive compared to the open door, free and ecstatic life where no holds are barred, in the Western societies and where the freedom of women meant her willing consent to uninhibited pleasures of body with anyone of her liking. But then, the Law of the land mandates the minimum age limits. Child molestation is an offence condemned with long and hard jail sentences.

    Both India and Pakistan seem to be gripped in the atrocious malady of lust and rape. While India showed its determination to stamp out the endemic public disorder with deterrent punishment, Pakistan has not been able to cover the loophole of the Hudood Ordinance with four witnesses to the crime. Since Pakistan is not a Islamic State, it is simply futile to stick to conventions of Islamic society that does not exist. Instead, it ought to focus on the inevitable scientific system of Forensic investigations. Greater the malady, stronger the medicine.

  • ahsan

    i wonder if any member of THE JATOYEE family from Sindh had committed this crime, would the state machinery/media still hunt them the same way??
    justice is only for the privileged in our so called ISLAMIC republic…

  • Eman Munir

    these type of cases are becoming so common in Pak and India….now how we can say that Pakistan is based on Islam and justice, no one folllows it.Today in Pakistan neither men are safe nor women.Why our country’s situation is getting hilarious??

  • Eman Munir

    These type of cases are becoming common in Pak and India both.Today in Pakistan no one is safe, any time anywhere any mishap can happen then how we can say that Pakistan is based on Islam and Justice…no one is protected neither man nor woman.Pakistan’s first priority should be JUSTICE.