Ameer Sahib, Please Wait

Ameer Sahib, Please Wait

Let’s call another APC. We should not give a damn to that Islamabad journalist, who criticizes our political leadership for being fond of the All Parties Conferences to keep the things sweeping under the carpet.


We will call APC again to find a way to offer peace to Ameer Mohtaram Hakimullah Mehsud, who is still hell-bent on making us feel vulnerable despite our tacit surrender to his fidayeen and suicide bombers who intermittently pour out of “Emirates of Waziristan”.


Emirates of Waziristan? Yes , I mean we should also not give a damn to another columnist from a leading English daily who appears to be going overboard in slamming  “the boys”. The boys from Pindi.


The Islamabad columnist I mentioned is a resident of Chakwal, a Punjab district from where “the boys” recruit a large number of soldiers, unnecessarily doubts skills of Sharifs to tackle the menace of terrorism.


He gives lessons from the history as how Joseph Stalin defeated Nazis and  Mustafa Kemal Ataturk put a heroic fight at Gallipoli without calling APCs.


In my view, our leaders are much better than Stalin and Ataturk as they believe in lengthy deliberations at APCs. No matter if the enemy may be at the gates of Pindi and Islamabad and about to slit their throats. Understand?


Dear sir, you have been wrong since the day one. Haven’t you seen the fidayeen have diverted their focus to “infidels” after the APC?


The bombers didn’t strike a market or a mosque to kill the faithful this time around. The Lord be praised!


Alas! The APC worked this time. And the monsters kill over 80 Christians in a devastating attack on the community’s 130-year old Church in Peshawar.


Won’t you consider it a great achievement by our leaders to divert the bombers to a minority? How could the militants have used the fidayeen against believers, when they were offering talks?  After all, terrorists need innocent blood to quench their thirst. So they did it against the Christians.


APC was not a complete failure. Dear veteran journalist, the party you have left is not that bad. Please don’t mention killing of one of “the boys” in Upper Dir after the APC to corroborate your claim.


Sir, the militants wouldn’t have killed Major General Sanaullah Khan Niazi after the APC, if only they knew “the boy” was a Muslim.


It was a mistake on part of the TTP and rest assured, Ameer Hakimullah Mehsud won’t allow his soldiers to repeat that blunder.


The other columnist is fond of criticizing General K and his boys. He says the boys are not serious in holding talks with the TTP as long as the Afghan End Game is over and the boys are on the driving seat in Kabul, using their clout with Ameerul Momineen Mullah Omar.


Dear columnist, I think it was you, who provoked TTP to target one of the boys in Dir. Though you are a senior guy, you need to be updated on militant targets after the APC.


Dear sirs, now I will suggest another APC to send a message to the Ameer of Emirates of Waziristan that the “illegal state of Pakistan” is ready to accept your hegemony and will pay Jazya to protect  Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, etc.  We are scared enough after seeing men, women and children lying in a pool of blood at the Peshawar church.


I am sure the Ameer will not pay heed to our senior columnists who criticize the APCs for nothing. Dear Ameer, we are not going after you in Waziristan.


Just wait, we are going to hold another APC. We are going to cut a deal. Come hell or high water.


Abdul Hafeez

A sub-editor on the Online Editorial desk of The News/Geo and an avid reader on local and international politics

  • Gohar

    Mr. blogger, there is NO other way except holding talks with Taliban – even the most powerful power country on this earth (USA) are fed up with fighting against taliban. APC should continue making an effort to talk to taliban – the american made warriors of 70s.

    • HE MAN

      Bow before them and surrender whole of your Pakistan to them. Then be prepared to see your females concealed in the four walls of your house and you wearing dirty filthy turban on your head with an AK-47 in your hands hiding in caves of Tora Bora. COWARDS

  • M.Saeed

    This is no time to satire!
    Killers are changing gears but the mode of operation is the same. It does not matter to name someone names but the crux lies in the kill of the patriotism.
    We should not forget that, Taliban are the product of utter neglect of the “children born in refugee camps” and orphaned in Pakistan. Now, we have another type of orphans being passed through the the same recipe. Are we not being ignorant of history? Don’t we know what it means to say “Tang aamand-bajang aamand”?
    Alas, our slumbering leadership!

  • S Nasrullah

    Dr Khan, whatever be your expertise, your symbol of a straight bat in the circle, may reflect your lust for hitting hard round the ropes marking the boundary.. Surely, the corrupt and the greedy Leadership have generated the plethora of problems that our neighbors in the East have done well to avoid the pitfalls and led their country to progress and peace. Taliban are a recent occurrence. An offshoot of an event to fill-in a void created in the aftermath of Russian invasion and retreat. When ZAB vowed that we would eat grass but make the country invulnerable with the security of Nuclear arsenal, the expression may have been exuberant, but the determination was iron clad.

    Taliban are proven menace towards the Peace and Progress of Pakistan, but it is also true that those hundreds of Karachiites dying daily from ruthless murderers, target killers and extortionists, are certainly not the veritable species of Taliban. Call a dog by a bad name ONLY to hang him. Every perceivable malady in the society and political scenario in Pakistan is credited to the raving mad Taliban. Under the instinct of survival, the fierce tribals of FATA and Waziristan along with their comrades across the porous border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, have been fighting a war of attrition – defending against the onslaught of foreign forces joined by the erstwhile friendly Pakistan military. To top it all, in their war of survival,they are being helped and assisted by sworn enemies of Pakistan. Once the calamity of a catastrophic war is over and the TTP coolly ponders their locus standi, they would begin to realize the difference between time servers and sincere associates – between friends and foes. The war hardened army of volunteers – Taliban – would only listen to reason when there are manifestly, no compression, no pressures, no trigger-at-the-temple situation.

  • M.Saeed

    Why the site is deserted?