Manchester United: New manager, New Challanges

Manchester United: New manager, New Challanges

Manchester United won the Barclays Premier League 2012-2013 and marked the end of Sir Alex Ferguson’s magnificent 25 year career at Old Trafford. Soon after his departure from the club, David Moyes was appointed the manager . And there are no two opinions that Moyes certainly has a lot of challenges lying ahead of him.


New Manager, New Tactics:


The first thing we have to point out that the club will be playing under a new manager after more than two decades. Adjusting to Moyes’ new tactics will be the first task for the team. Sir Ryan Giggs, the heart and soul of Manchester United, is appointed as the coach of the Red Devils to assist Moyes during his tenure at Old Trafford. The Red Devils will play against Swansea City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Crystal Palace and their derby rivals: Manchester City. It’s going to be a tough test for the new manager.


No Big Guns Yet:


Manchester United has also not managed to sign any big guns in the transfer market at this moment. The team had made a bid for Cesc Fabregas (one of Arsenal’s main players), Gareth Bale (the spearhead of Tottenham Hotspur’s attack). On Friday, there were reports coming that United were making a bid for Cristiano Ronaldo after he refused to sign a new contract with Real Madrid. It will be huge bonus for the defending champions if the deal goes successful. However,  Wayne Rooney has expressed his desire to move out of Old Trafford and play elsewhere from this season on and United is trying to make him stay for the season . It will be interesting to see how the duo- Robin Van Persie and Javier Hernandez would work together if Rooney leaves and they are unable to sign Ronaldo onto the team. However, undoubtedtly both are playing exceptionally well for the team so far.


Feeble Defense:


In the last season, Manchester United’s defense was a let down as well. In the Champions League second leg clash with Real Madrid, the weak defense was the reason of United’s loss. In the Premier League itself, United was struggling with their defense. Moyes has to reform the defense of the team and devise new strategy tactics which can help in conceding less goals than last season. Rio Ferdinand, one of the team’s best defenders, has retired alongside Paul Scholes; another one of United’s legends. Ferdinand’s retirement has to be filled with a good defender in the team.


No doubt, Manchester United will be having a tough test under the new manager. It will be a different side since Sir Alex left the club and appointed his handpicked successor . David Moyes has to live up to the expectations of the fans and peers alike. The Red Devils indeed have challenges lying ahead of them in the upcoming season and they have to overcome them in order to defend their crown as the “Champions of England”.

Muhammad Raza Haidery

An avid sports fan with a degree in Social Sciences

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