Don’t Blame Mothers for Not Giving Sons

Don’t Blame Mothers for Not Giving Sons

Sadly, the birth of a girl is unwelcomed and far from being celebrated in our country. Ironic as it might seem to anyone with basic sensibilities, it’s only the same gender through which life holds possibility, and to those with twisted biases, it’s the women only who provide our patriarchal society the exalted gender- Men.

People take reckless measures to ensure it’s a son! To begin with, they use unsafe methods of abortion to get around the anti-abortion laws of Pakistan, after the figure out it’s a girl in the womb. If a mother’s child comes in danger with it, so be it! A girl should not be allowed in this world.



If, after all the precautions, it’s a baby girl, she calls for the wrath of the in-laws and the husband, who in turn, ruthlessly beat their women while making attempts to murder them for committing the inexcusable crime. While statistics are excessive to go into, let’s see a couple of cases of the similar nature. In Lahore, a woman was beaten to death by her husband for giving birth to a baby girl. In Khanewal, a man tried to kill his wife after ultrasound reports revealed that she was about to give birth to their third daughter.



If giving birth to a daughter is such a heinous crime, shouldn’t we at least know for sure who’s really responsible of committing it? Is it really the mothers?



I’m no doctor or scientist. In fact, my knowledge of science is limited to A level biology alone. But do we really need any rocket science for that? Even an O level student could answer this question with utmost authority.



Technically speaking, it takes an X and Y (XY) to make the revered sex-male. And while the X factor, women (XX) have only X chromosomes to contribute in any case, it’s the man (XY) whose contribution or non-contribution of Y chromosome that can end up to make a baby girl or a baby boy.



Which chromosome combines with which one, it’s God’s work, who’s planned for all lives to come in this world, if we really are desperate to play the blame game here and exact our anger on someone, then it has got to be the Man.



So folks, next time, when you feel the urge to beat someone or kill someone for that matter, hold the father by his collar, for he the century- veiled enemy is to be blamed for the gross wrong!


But since we live in a crazy society where women are blamed for rape, attempted for them, and responsible for men’s leering stares because they look desirable, it would still make sense if people find a way around science, to blame them for bringing a girl anyways.



The divine chanters of God’s will, mullahs, who kill their wives after the birth of the daughter forget all about the same “will” seeing a baby girl in the cradle, for this is a woman’s will. And even if so, then what’s so terribly wrong with it? Aren’t these men, mother-born or else?



I hope a day will come, even though perhaps we’ll have to wait a couple of centuries for that in our society, when women will not be held reprehensive for disgracing their families with a girl. Even though, I doubt that if women will ever be entitled to any respect from the society that sees only angels in men and witch in women, the least I expect it thousand of women who instead die redeeming for the unforgivable sin, can be saved at last.

Aqsa Sajjad

an A level student and a die-hard feminist

  • M.Saeed

    Gender selection of intended baby is possible and it does not require any nuclear-science. Writer should review her remarks—”a day will come, even though perhaps we’ll have to wait a couple of centuries”. The day is already here but, the procedure is very expensive for being against all moral and religious dictates and for protecting against its misuse. In developed countries, it would cost tens of thousand dollars for a single “engineered baby”.

    But, a simple and much more natural system has been evolved based upon analysing data of abnormal gender populations and finding clues. It has been observed that, some communities of the world present unique examples of heavy tilts in the birth of male, female and even twin baby-births. Reasons behind such cases have been discovered and are found to be true, for almost 80% of cases and are so simple and elementary that, selection of child’s sex is possible with almost 80% surety. It means, 4 out of 5 child births of one’s liking and it almost costs nothing.

    • (Dr.) B.N. Anand

      Mr. Saeed, you are right that it costs early 20,000 dollars to get an engineered baby in western world. Even that is not 100% guaranteed. And then , who knows that such an engineered baby will be without Down syndrome? Because besides ethically wrong, such an effort comes after great scientific manipulations under a microscope. A baby boy born with Down syndrome is going to the pain of parents for life whereas a healthy and promising female baby child is always an asset not only for the country but also for the society as whole.