5 Ways to make Chand Raat Exciting

5 Ways to make Chand Raat Exciting

Chand raat has always borne an intrinsic factor of fun and excitement among Pakistanis. The hype which starts to bud right after Iftari of the last day of Ramadan and continues all night . People cherish each moment of their togetherness by going out and peeping in every shop that comes into sight, not just for window shopping but for the last minute Eid preparations as well.


In a country where every ounce of happiness starts to weigh about a ton, such itty-bitty occasions give us an excuse to take a break and rejoice! Following are 5 exciting ways to celebrate Chand Raat:


  • “Shop till you drop” is one of the many expressions which we, Pakistanis, have taken quite seriously. People head out and try to make the most of this night by visiting markets (especially popular regarding this fanciful notion).


  • Eid without Mehndi is surely incomplete. Spare this task for Chand raat only. But before that, go put the cherry on top, and see if those pretty, glass bangles on the corner of your lane matches your dress best!


  • Go for a late night chand raat dinner. It’s only fair to conclude those all-you-can eat iftari’s with a grand chand raat dine out.And why not? Why miss on any chance of gorging over food, when the option presents itself handy in front of you!


  • Boys, go out and light firecrackers on streets, and let out those bottled up emotions for some rappy fun. One should definitely do it at least once in their lifetimes. Perhaps, a nice way of catharsis.


  • People.. call your loved ones to wish them on chand raat, revive old memories, chuckle over inside jokes, and better.. plan a stay over at your friends for a shared night of fun and frivolity.


The frenzy which this night brings is a conclusive fact that liveliness and glee can be brought back in a matter of time (read: night).

Maria Zia

A health freak and contributor for The News Blog