5 ways to collect Handsome Eidi!

5 ways to collect Handsome Eidi!

Have you ever noticed the gleaming eyes of children as they count their Eidi? If not, then you’re missing out! Eid comes with loads of cherishing moments along with Eidi excitement trailing behind. Relatives and family friends exhibit their generosity by distributing money among the children. However, there is another breed of relatives who just seem or at least try to look alien to the concept of ‘Eidi’. In order to lighten their wallets, act upon those 5 golden ways given below:


  •     Hover around:


Always be around the guests. It’s like a constant reminder of ‘Hey! We’re waiting to get our due share.’ This will embarrass them! People will probably tend to forget that you even exist if you just choose to sit in the corner. The trick is to play it cool and do NOT deprive them with your meaningful (wink) presence.


  •     Stare at them:


Lesson# 001- Gestures are important!


Even sitting there quietly might not be helpful. Resort to plan B: Stare at them until they reach for their wallet and give you the greens. Not blinking would add to the effect.


  •     Count your Eidi in front of them:


Take out that little purse or wallet of yours and, strategically, count your eidi in front of the target audience. Whine over the less amount of eidi you’ve received even if it’s more than you originally expected it to be. Sympathy is an under-rated emotion and that’s what comes into play here.



  •     Greet them at the doorstep:


Greet them repeatedly, without taking it into consideration that those guests will doubt your sanity. They’ll eventually get to know the motives behind your relentless efforts and you’ll get what you crave for.


  •     Ask for it:

When nothing seems to work out, go for this last option. Technically, it’s a win-win situation. The guests will not refuse to give you Eidi in ANY case. There’s nothing bad in sounding like a complete reckless child, desperate for money anyway.



If you have any other ideas besides these, go for them. As long as your wallets are heavy with Eidi sum, every tactic- good or bad, does it!

Maria Zia

A health freak and contributor for The News Blog

  • M.Saeed

    Maria, you need to be a small kid and not a hard-boiled crook to try such tricks to extract Eidi from the strangers. Otherwise, your dear ones are always waiting for a simple smiling “Eid Mubarak” greeting to offload their already filled with fresh notes wallets. No need for any tricks because their Eidi is genuine.

  • Anonymous

    Is the author trying to train the next generation on how to extract funds from the IMF?!