100 Day KPK Honeymoon is Over

100 Day KPK Honeymoon is Over


The 100 day honeymoon of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has at last come to an end. It will be only fair to state that other than the online FIR system introduced, hardly any note-worthy accomplishments have been made so far, despite the great expectations and the ho-humness with which the first of the Khan’s kingdom started off.


Since clearly, the future of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf will be determined by the performance of the Khattak administration, anything less than scintillating results would push the PTI fan club down the steep road. Hence, as the bright and adroit youth of Pakistan, l believe I have a few guidelines to those who claim to bring in change.



Delegate Power but not Entirely:


Delegating power to the district level is a keen decision. It will empower individuals at grass root level and will lessen the pressure on the provincial cabinet. However, what is to be kept in mind is, that the local governments shouldn’t have superfluous tiers. Currently, it is proposed that the system would have four tiers, which is by any standard a bit too much!


It’s difficult to keep a check on the administration, not to mention it will be financially unyielding. A two-tier government would be ideal, at district and tehsil level, as long as they are empowered. Districts should be given the administration of primary and secondary schools, hospitals and should be made in charge of the rescue services along with transportation and communications.


A Strict Check!:


It should be the provincial governments’ utmost duty to dilute corruption in its jurisdiction. For starters, an antonymous independent authority should be set up for clean accountability and to slacken corruption.


The local governments, bureaucracy and political leadership should be made to understand the ramifications of exploiting their authority, and we all know, this is easier said than done. Why not make an example by pursuing corruption allegations on the former administrations involved in either the bulletproof jacket case or the Fazul-ur-Rehman’s 40-acre land in Dera Ismail Khan.


For a change, let’s make use of the valuable technology in battle against corruption; and computerize the land record for a worthwhile start.


Secure the City:


Where it’s only true that there’s only so much that could be done to fence terrorist activities in Peshawar in a short while, however, austere measures need to be taken now, if they wish to go anywhere with genuinely securing the city.


The province should also set-up an exceedingly trained rapid response security force with presence in every division to counter terrorist assaults.


An intelligence coordination committee is the need of the hour; CID, IB, Special Branch, ISI and all others should be members of the group which would pool up our intelligence and alert law enforcement agencies of any possible attack in a timely fashion.


In addition to this, more check posts should be set up between FATA and K-P to ensure that no weapons or explosives are being transported via and across the province.


Earn Political Mileage:


Every party needs mega projects to flaunt front of the opposition, Shahbaz has the metro bus and Zardari has the income support program, what should PTI have? Small projects like ‘justice on wheels’ is good but not good enough, PTI needs something its frontrunners can use for political profit.


It can’t be a bus! One, it’s Shareef’s trademark’s. Second, a bus is usually seen to do more harm than good. Perhaps, something associated to the health or education sector would be better. Maybe build a world-class university or the country’s largest hospital.


Apart from this PTI should recognize that it will be a competition between Lahore and Peshawar, and therefore they should do everything in their power to upgrade Peshawar in to a world class city.


Market it!:


Even if you accomplish a landmark, it is no use until the entire country knows about it. Let people know your triumphs and not just empty rants and roars of “change”. Boast through your social media the new campaigns you embark on, perhaps,  ‘Naya Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’ could be catchy one.


The provincial leadership should keep the central spokespersons in continuous updates, so they can defend its actions better on national media.


Needless to say the attitude of people of K-P for the incumbent government is harsh, very harsh, so PTI would have to accomplish every milestone to survive electorally. They can on no account be any blunders; everything needs to be just impeccable in KPK for Imran Khan to prove his chants of change were not merely for pooling votes.

Shahrukh Wani

International Development student at LSE, Social Activist and amateur political analyst

  • M.Saeed

    On the toe and shouting “Howzzit”?

  • Anonymous

    Even if two things are implemented during this tenure, much would have achieved on the civil side.

    1) local government with allocated snd disbursed funding to deal with civil amenities on a local level. Devolving health and education to local admin at this stage would yield little benefit without suitable and qualified personnel to run but local devlopment funds utilised by local givernment functionaries should reduce corruption surrounding parliamentarians’ development funds – to added benefit, local government is the incubator for future politicians too.
    2) create a land registry with fully computerised records – the current system is a majir major player in promoting corruption and the huge burden on lower judiciary and yet again that circular corruption. Ek teer se do shikar!

    In a country like Pakistan with the state it is in, ’100 Day’ slogan was a ridiculous slogan to start with for ANY government. Mr Sharif’s address yesterday underpromises with an aim of overdelivering and that should be the policy of all provincial governments too to get the nation out of that cloud cukkoo land where overpromise (and underdlivery) is thought a virtue and everything thought a god given right!

    Even if provincial authority deals with law and order, terrorism being a national menace , has to have a national not provincial strategy. Mr Khan should count his blessings that opponents of his party did not try to capitalise much on the recent jail fiasco and get Mr Khattak to tighten up his government’s basic acts pronto! Incidentally, the numbers of universities in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa increased during Musharaff’s time (and improved standards too with HEC funding and control till funds were restricted). There is even a plan to build a world class instituion at Jallozai and much work has been done on this in the past 10 years with potential international partners and the Planning Commission. Someone has to implement it now.

  • sophiak

    “Apart from this PTI should recognize that it will be a competition between Lahore and Peshawar, and therefore they should do everything in their power to upgrade Peshawar in to a world class city.”

    Dear author have you ever visited lahore? is it a world class city!! Find some GENUINE world class city for your blog.

  • Gohar

    To my knowledge, he only claimed that ‘corruption’ would be wiped out in 90 days not to make the country a country of angels in just 90 days ….Give a born-leader (Imran) a bit of time ..my friend…

  • Gohar

    Don’t you think America also apologist against Taliban ? Opening their office in Qatar and start talking to them in real sounds good to you ?


    You are right — between Rawalpindi and Peshawar Imran Khan is playing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.


    Actually between London and Peshawar Imran Khan acts as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde — the more the Talibans beat his joke of a government in KPK — the harder he shoe shines the Talibans. Politics in Pakistan is no cricket.

  • S Nasrullah

    From similar platform, PML(N) made lofty claims and yet within 9-10 weeks of their governance, there have registered violent deaths of about 900 people. Those lofty and ethereal claims of overcoming Terrorism; controlling Load Shedding within months and putting the national growth and progress back on the rails within weeks stand a wild dream bereft of pragmatic results.
    Rome was not built in a day. It would be premature to judge performances on such short term when the new governments have to take guard and take stock of the situation they inherited.
    Neither PML(N) nor PTI can be judged for their performances of weeks. What the Leaders vociferate from the Election platforms, they find how complicated and cumbersome the political scenario they counter to get into its nitty gritty to resolve issues and start rolling and rollicking.

  • M.Saeed

    A picture reveals many secrets. I can see many clumsy “Lotta Faces” here, listening (not watching) Imran through their wicked façades.

  • Assad

    Do Some thing Special I thinks that is, what it is all about but not the comparison between Lahore and Peshawar.

  • S Nasrullah

    Mr Farooq Hashmi: I respect your judgment. NS is showing extreme caution, bordering on inaction. And then caution and cowardice are just the same. Caution being the brand name. Another factor injected by their new found friends, MQM, requesting Army action in Karachi, should ring alarms, as NS was stung by Military Adventurist in his second tenure cut short brutally by Martial Law. Give them an inch and they will have the ell. PML(N) performance of the past weeks do not bode well and the restive public with low flash point and zero tolerance for the government apathy in providing the civic amenities may explode their way to follow suit the Egyptian counter-revolution.