Why Dream of Eurasian Union?

Why Dream of Eurasian Union?

Eurasian Union (EAU), is without a doubt the dream of Russian President Vladimir Putin who proposed forming a Eurasian Union with Kazakhstan and Belarus and in November 2011, the presidents of these three countries signed an agreement, a key breakthrough, to launch and make it fully operational by 2015. The idea behind this move disclosed by founders is to create a supranational regulatory framework inspired on the European Union and later on to shape it to a economic reality of Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) to safeguard regional economical interests and to facilitate trade and business within member countries.


Its Success- a question mark? :


The Western critics of this plan express doubts on its success as they say it is merely a dream plan of few leaders and in grass-root level of their countries there is no such desire or support. They also say that bureaucracy of these countries are not ready for such major operational and regulatory changes in infrastructure and will certainly resist.


Moreover they also make a prediction that although EAU is proposed to be based upon mutual economic regulatory cooperation of trade, capital and labor movement but if it is successful then most likely later on when more regional countries will take interest to join this plan, EAU will also be shaped into military defense strategic alliance to endanger neighborhood and U.S. interests. American officials realize that this Russian move is in reaction to expansion in NATO which they now treat a biggest mistake but now has given Russia a chance to resurrect the Soviet Union but are confident that the America will “figure out effective ways to slow down or prevent it.”


Cold War about to Begin?


This obviously means that a new cold war is going to begin. No doubt, Russia is still a super power and has its military, political and economical interests in different parts of the World side by side with arch-rivals USA and Europe and collisions in mutual interests may push them back to past era of forming political and military blocks and supporting favorite groups and this has started happening in Central Asia and Middle East. Strategic experts say Eurasian Union is a Moscow’s teeth crushing reply to USA on NATO expansion in Eastern Europe and central states will come in a position to bargain whether to look towards Europe or enter into Eurasian Union to grab maximum economical and financial benefits offered to them.



Integration of Ex-Soviet State:



This plan looks like a “new higher level of integration of ex-Soviet States” and as Putin said his new project would not resemble the Soviet Union but a new union as a supra-national body which would coordinate “economic and currency policy” between its members.

Opens Vast Opportunities for Russian Neighborhood:

No matter, what intentions are inside founder’s mind but if it remains into the framework of what it has been disclosed and described then there should be no objection to anybody about this plan as the success will open vast opportunities to not only Russia’s neighborhoods but for other Asian countries as well for their economic growth, prosperity and extension in mutual regional co-operation that will ultimately prevent this region from sever conflicts and destructions from wars and bringing its share in global peace.

Syed Shahzad Alam

A content developer at Jang Group of Companies. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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