A Rat Race for Admission Tests

A Rat Race for Admission Tests

In a couple months from now, our country is going to witness a magnificent feat where the participants are nation’s young breed who are to be sieved through. The successful, rather lucky ones, will be awarded a dire necessity-for free. Wondering what is it? The show is called ECAT(Engineering College Admission Test) & MCAT(Medical College Admission Test) and the participants are young, immature, volatile, semi-scientific oriented incomplete personalities who spent their previous life hours in cramming pages that are of no worth for themselves and nation. And the ‘dire necessity’ is Higher Education.


First MCAT & ECAT conducted in year 2004-2005, was on the principle to contain the heavy flux of students in limited institutions who wished to get higher and specialized education in order to ensure goodness towards themselves and nation in today’s living world of industrialization. While the nation’s policy maker mischieved us by propagating that through this act(entry test) a bright and a dull student can be sifted and the right candidate can be awarded the almost-free higher education.



I still cant understand that how people justify that a 70% score holding student cannot study what a 80% student study despite both share the same brain weight. In professional studies, it is the systematic channel through which a candidate is refined to become a defined specialist. Anyhow, the real reason is of monetary imbalance due to artificially created limited resources, myopic visions and colonial brainwashed attitudes. Most people justify the ‘containing of heavy flux of students’ and ‘limited academic resources’ on monetary and budget allocation perspective but
I consider the real cause to next deeper level on the basis of a defining question- ”Education a commodity?” or “Education a necessity?”


With the advent of capitalisto-democratic world of governance, state policy makers took education as an economic issue-entity for investment stating ‘how to provide education in a given economic
priority.’ Such reform concluded that state is only responsible for providing a fertile environment for investors to invest on institutions and infrastructure while state acts as a regulatory body.



Thus, a complex hierarchical system arises in which various investors are stakeholders resulting in different syllabi, levels of educations, institution standards and student’s mindsets, as we all
witness. Policy outlined on the basis of costliness means defining nation’s brain on the basis of rupee-note! Acknowledge yourself how we all deal our practical life problems around rupee-note either it is of physical, mental, social, martial, religious or friendship values, state studies and implements through cost-benefit lens, tax to GDP ratio, % of budget allocation and capitalization of schools and universities markets rather than gauging how many philosopher, leaders, thinkers,policy makers are made to genesis. And adding to misery,we, 3rd world country becomes prey of developed countries who buy our few sieved-through trained specialists by attracting them to mirage of high-wages which in reality is a cheap wage!In this whole scenario,
state becomes a rubber-stamp.


But a rational mind declares food, shelter, clothes, health and education a necessity. In this perspective, it becomes state responsibility since a bond between citizen and state is of rights and responsibilities.State lays emphasis to necessities as responsibility and shifts its focus from monetary aspect to attempts in compiling a system through which each strata of society receives one syllabi and a uniform personality oriented citizens are developed which can deal with their realms of lives on a ideology, thought and cultures which a society laid its foundation on.




State will calculate precisely the need of trained specialists, revolutionizing and resourceful candidates which will help in building state infrastructures and institutions. Definitely, monetary and resources are entities to be considered for developing a progressive education system but state will intelligently use its given resources and economic situations to fulfill its education responsibility giving quality priority rather rupee-note.




In a nutshell, in a commodity perspective state escapes itself from its sole utmost responsibility and so creates such types of hurdles and barriers (MCAT & ECAT) limiting the development and
boosting arenas.


Thus, the etiology of education dispute is vision and source of guidance. In today’s scientific world, nations and societies have considered ‘human brain’ as a source of guidance either in the form of genius personality or majority rule or scientific thinking for incoming problems. Yet another perspective that has been either all together rejected or neglected is guidance providence is Creator’s job. My above whole discussion derives from just a saying in Islam:



”Education is obligation(necessity) for every man and woman.”

Usman Khalil

A contributor for The News/Geo blogs

  • M.Saeed

    In this nation of glorified fakeries, MCAT& ECATare the balancing acts for filtering the copy-CATs out.
    By the way, your rigmarole of presentation above could be have been made simply by confining to the concept of “Appropriate Education” based upon the latent potentialities of a student. Nature has distributed talents consistent with the universal demands and apptitudes are required to be explored and developed at right places. Imagine the scenario where every student wants and becomes a doctor and there are no other professionals to cater to the needs in other fields!