New Trends with a Bang

New Trends with a Bang

Trendy clothing is something, which every individual desires to wear. When it comes to formal gatherings or party fun, usually girls spend a lot of time to pick an appropriate outfit. There is hardly a girl who doesn’t pay special attention to her dressing on any occasion and it is all because they desire to look perfect on any such occasion.

Fashion trends in party dresses keep evolving rapidly and one has to be very well informed of the prevailing clothing trends if one wants to look perfect.

Party dresses are normally something in between casual and formal wear but they certainly vary for different sort of parties as well.
The most recent trend in party dresses going on for quite long in Pakistan, has witnessed long shirts or Anarkali frocks with Churidaar pajamas. These party wears got immensely popular among girls and a huge variety has been introduced in the fashion market after the great success.

The long shirts with churidaar pajamas can also be sleeveless or long-sleeved, completely depending upon the preference of the wearer. Party shirts in Pakistan are normally embroidered; especially the young girls highly prefer to wear such shirts, rather than the plain ones.

With heavily embroidered shirts, the latest party wear trend demands you to have plain churidaars and plain dopattas. However, the borders of the dopattas are slightly embroidered to give a more elegant look and to match with the shirt you are wearing.Chiffon, georgette, silk and banarsi fabrics are widely used to make the party dresses in Pakistan these days. However, there is no restriction to the use of fabric and you can choose the one of your liking but the above mentioned are the ones mostly used by the top fashion designers of the country.



Since everyone is short of time these days, the fashion designers have launched their wide ranges of ready-made party wear, especially for the females. It is also notable that the fashion trend in party wear in 2013 hasn’t changed too much from the one prevailing in the year 2012. Only slight modifications have been noticed but the core theme of the party clothing is pretty much the same.
You can also order such party dresses off the rack but it is better to choose the tailor-made ones so you can include your personal preferences in your perfect party dress. However, tailor-made women dresses normally involve a lot of hassles and girls prefer to buy the ready-made ones.

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  • M.Saeed

    There was a visionary lady in 60′s who felt pain for the ever increasing financial pinch of the poor and introduced according to the ground realities, very appropriate ladies’ shirts that some one rightly named “Coca-Cola shirts” and the tight-fit shalwars, for saving costs of cloths. That lady was Mrs. Manzur Qadir and the present highly costly and extravagant beyond comprehension, shape-less trend of baloony-dresses are completely opposite of what the reality of present time demands. It definitely calls for another Mrs. Manzur Qadir.