Look Beyond Mohammad Amir

Look Beyond Mohammad Amir

Pakistan’s current bowling resources are rated highly by many cricket pundits. How good or bad are the quality of available resources, there is  always room for improvement. To make this improvement, PCB thought out a strategy to try & waive the ban ICC imposed on fast bowler Mohammad Amir who was one of the three players involved in spot fixing during 2010 tour of England.



As a follower of game, I am against this leniency PCB showed towards Amir. My argument is that Amir was not alone in this sin & if his ban is reduced then other two players will also ask for the same treatment. The confession of Salman Butt immediately after PCB Chairman’s statement in favor of Amir is part of the broader strategy to demand reprieve for all at a later stage.



PCB’s tilt in favor of Amir is a compromise on discipline. PCB in past also compromised on discipline and that compromise strengthen player power in our structure. A recent example of this compromise on discipline was Australia’s tour of 2009-10, when many players were banned and fined for indiscipline but all players were later left scot-free as fine was waived & ban was lifted.



When Shoaib Akhter & Mohammad Asif failed drug test, rather than punishing them severely, they were acquitted, this send a wrong message especially to Mohammad Asif who continued to violate discipline and finally landed in this spot fixing scandal.

g in national colors. PCB’s double standards viz a viz different player hurt the game of cricket severely.



PCB even if they think that Mohammad Amir is inevitable for Pakistan cricket, should silently let him serve the ban and then draft him in the team on the basis of domestic performance & fitness. By asking in the reduction of Amir’s ban, board is giving the player a feeling that whatever good or bad you did we are not concerned about it & all we want is to make you part of the team.



On a concluding note, I want to say that PCB should stop compromising on discipline. No player should be allowed to go scot free if found involved in discipline violation. In this regard PCB should follow example of Australian cricket board who always shown an uncompromising attitude towards discipline violation.



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I am working as a public relations consultant for last 10 years. I am fond of writing and so far wrote articles on various topics. I try to watch most of the TV talk shows and also read newspapers columns.  All this help me in forming my own independent opini


A lot of people who argue in favor of Amir please tell me will you appoint a convicted burglar to work in your house or office?



Pakistan is fast becoming a land of hypocrite where we use one principle for ourselves but not apply the same principle to others.



Pakistan is full of talent & re selection of Amir in squad will send a message that if you are talented you can do whatever you want to do but we will not punish you .PCB should look beyond Amir. This strategy of looking backward hurt Pakistan cricket a lot in recent past as timely changes were not made in team due to fear of defeat although team continued to loss frequently even with its age old experience players.



Pakistan is a land of pure raw talent. Mohammad Amir was a raw talent who was drafted in the team not because of his domestic performance but because Wasim Akram recommended him to PCB & he impressed team management when called for trials. In past also players like Wasim Akram, Waqar Younus ,Tauseef Ahmed & many others were made part of team as they were spotted by captain or selector in their first year of domestic  cricket. Rather than going backwards, PCB should think forward & honestly launch a player search across the length & breadth of country.



There is no talent drought in country; all we need are visionary people at the helm of affair who can spot the talent & draft him in the team as and when required Shoaib Akhter while making analysis on a television show name few fast bowlers who in his view are complete bowlers with ability to ball at express pace. PCB should get in touch with him & invite those players to national academy to horn their skills further in order to draft them in team at a later stage.



PCB should also act fairly when it comes to dealing different players as PCB not showing any mercy for Danish Kaneria who was involved in fixing at county level but are anxious to get a player drafted in team who was involved in fixin on.

Khurram Khan

A public relations officer with keen interest in health and socio-political issues in Pakistan

  • Simple Pakistani

    Dear Author, you cannot compare Amir’s case with the other two criminals like Salman Butt and Muhammad Asif. Amir was just 17 years old and was forced as well as convinced by Salman Butt to do this crime. Also Amir admitted his crime right in the beginning which is considered as a positive step in jurisdiction. The remaining two criminals went till the CAS Switzerland to prove themselves innocent but when rejected, they were left with no option other than to admit. This shows their greed.
    That is why Najam Sethi said, that Salman’s apology has no weight.
    Also, it is always good to support your players as they are the asset of your country. For a child like Amir, such a huge ban is a severe loss already.
    Also that raw talent which you are mentioning to… Can you name me a few bowlers who can atleast show a potential to become future Shoaib Akhtar, Waseem Akram or Waqar Younis? You cannot go to tests after playing Faisal Bank T20 Tournament. There are only few players who can really withstand International Pressure. Rest just go down. See the example of Muhammad Tanvir, Zahid Ali, etc… They all are super stars of our domestic cricket but sorry to say they have no potential of becoming international super stars.
    Wasim Akram couldn’t find a bowler in Pakistan who can bowl at 145kph. Come on man! this is an alarm for us… Look at the International cricket nowadays…And we dont have a 145kph bowler in our country?
    That is why i beleive that PCB policy of supporting Amir is absolutelty fine and should be seen with respect.