Information Technology Ministry- a Chaos so far

Information Technology Ministry- a Chaos so far

It has been around a year now I moved back from the Uk and I found everything stand still in Pakistan where I left it off in 2009. The same Corruption from the cleaner of my street to the police men standing at a barrier stopping people for some extra cash.



Literally, Nothing Improved.
What I find astonishing and what has improved over time is the awareness of internet in Pakistan, mobile phone communication level and the point that now almost everyone owns a mobile phone in Pakistan (as reported by ProPakistani 120 Million).



Thanks to Etisalat and PTCL which came across thick and thin and made the broadband services available to almost all the cities in Pakistan as well as hundreds of small towns and tehsils.



My connectivity in the UK was of some next level. With a blackberry connected to a 3G network all the time I could instantly browse for whatever I want to eat, where I want to walk and in the train reading and going through different tech blogs and articles.



Sadly when I moved to Pakistan, I saw whole new dimensions of connectivity because of the fact that 3G services not yet being launched in Pakistan and the silly 90’s service ‘’Edge’’ for Data Transferring still used. Now this maybe a tiny weenie bit of problem for around 90% of Pakistani’s but considering the rest 10% who actually care about this service and want to escalade when it comes to technology and want to actually improve the rest of 90% connectivity level and bringing them to the whole new platform of connectivity, changes the whole picture.



I have been reading about Pakistan’s new IT (information Technology) Minister ‘’Anusha Rehman’’ And I learned that she is an absolute disaster when it comes to knowledge related to IT.


The Fact that she has no background of IT (i.e Computers) and she studied law all her life. From around past 5 years, IT Ministry was being controlled by the PPP (a political party in Pakistan) .The fact that this post was politicized and no work was done over 3G SPECTRUM licenses.



I tried speaking to some of the Telenor as well as Mobilink Personnel’s regarding 3G Services and I was told the companies are desperate for the 3G spectrum Licenses to be issued by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority).



Bear in mind Afghanistan has 3G services from past 2 years, India has around 70 Million daily 3G users.



Now the Story behind is disastrous and saddens me each day reading about it and IT Ministry of Pakistan.



PTA is in around Rs 600 Billion debt. And they want to recover that debt by selling the 3G spectrum license with a huge price tag which cellular companies in Pakistan simply cannot afford.



Because of the previous government blunders and the new one who appointed this astonishing illiterate woman when it comes to IT, Citizens like me suffer because of high prices when it comes to data connectivity which is the slowest in the world and the fact that 3G is still a dream for every single Pakistani.



If I could ever get one wish to be granted in this lifetime, I would appoint a young talented individual for Information Technology, who knows what’s going around the world and what needs to be introduced instantly in the local Pakistani market, what companies should be brought to Pakistan.



Moreover, someone who can ask multibillion Computer Manufacturing Companies to open their flagship store in Pakistan i.e Lenovo, Dell, Hp. So people could buy straight from the manufacturer and get after sales service rather than spending more than they actually cost of the product by purchasing it from a random retailer and getting no after sales services whatsoever.

Haseeb Sohail

An immature lad, learning how this world works every second. 22 year old. English Graduate. Traveller, blogger, Curious soul

  • Anonymous

    Mr Sohail

    If you wnt to rid your self that tag of ‘immature’ in your profile, a bit more analysis of pretty much all your points would help.

    How can ‘everything stand still in Pakistan where I left it off in 2009′ and ‘astonishing and what has improved over time’?

    You worry about 3G services but the masses may have different priority now that they are able to communicate with their 2G. Does a particular ministry require an excellent nd able manager as minister or a a duffer with the relevant degree? If the later was the case, most ministers (many of them able would no longer have a job!

    Have you thought what happens to all the profits, the foreign owned companies make from the masses and why they moan about the higher license cost of 3G spectrum. The Pakistan government has a duty to maximise return from such assets as selling them off cheaply to private entities is the very corruption you refer to. Just do some research and number crunching on why so many foreign owned mobile companies became interested in the sub-continent’s relatively less well-off markets. Just Pakistan’s 120 million mobiles alone should be a hint.

  • Anonymous

    Should I sympathise that you have been in a roller coaster since birth. Perhaps you should be the minister – pre-requisite arrogance seems to be there.

    The private corporations would be glad to have you there looking after their interests instead of the Pakistani tax payers’ interests. Indian government raised in excess of USD 18 billion from its 3G license auction and I guess you want Pakistan to give it away for a million rupees, whilst the corporate revenues grow huge every year. Or is corruption too, defined another way.

    Comparing utitilities privatisation by the British Government with that of Pakistan – thank you for teaching this 2 year old a lesson in economics – this paindoo is ever obliged to your devine and well travelled knowledgeness!

    Please do put me out of my misery by ketting me know where your ancestors are from as well as clarifying ‘English Graduate’ status – does this mean your are a graduate from an English college or one with a degree in English. In either case, it appears your alma mater has a lot to answer for my friend.

  • Anonymous

    Hashim Sb

    Sadly we all fall prey to intolerance and intemperate language in a debate – unfortunatly, it seems to have become the norm in Pakistan.

    The new media, in its quest for ratings, has latched on that age old practice of pimping – in this case its the ‘reality tv’ type political debates where our beloved political leaders in-waiting, have slnging/slanging matches with the opponents whilst the anchors sit there as the puppet masters, pulling those chords and the masses become more cynical about the political class.

    Peculiar thing is that MQM and PTI youngsters seem to be the most intolerant to critique and this from parties with allegedly the most educated follow followers…I’d hazard a guess that this young buck follows on of these parties.

    Back to the topic – interesting thing is the ongoing case about 3G spectrum in the Supreme Court – it will be interesting what the verdict is (yet again the government left a vacuum and insppropriately its being filled by the SC! ). The mibile sector puts a lot of indirect bread on FBR table and produces a lot of revenue for the investors. An interesting model – perhaps you will provide a take on this with your experience of the World Bank.

  • M.Saeed

    Leadership is a skill to delegate with wisdom.
    The whole problem emanates from our own misconception about people we call “rulers”.
    From our schools we get the concept of a “wazir” (Minister) being something super-human. Imagine our PM or President for Shah-en-Shah Akbar and his Cabinet akin to Akbar’s Naurattans and then do the evaluation. Are they anywhere near? Obviously, elephants cannot be counted with apples.
    We are in a horrible system that rejects merits, distributes responsibilities like candies and rubbishes the norms of due processes.
    What else to expect from people who come from nowhere through fake credentials to dictate the top brains who come through the rigors of the mill to their positions of top responsibilities in the Ministries. They are being ridiculed and insulted by their Ministers who depend upon their P.A’s, even to write simple notes on files and still have courage to fix a Honda water pump engine for pulling a train and say: “Engine tou engine hota hai, Honda ho yah locomotive”???

  • Pill

    Let me fill you in on a few other problems Pakistan faces.

    We rank 137 on the Corruption Perception Index.
    We rank 146 on the Human Development Index.
    Our GDP per capita is not even $2,900 whereas that of your precious United Kingdom is close to $36,000.
    We’re plagued by fundamentalism and militancy.
    Education is a joke in this country.
    Female empowerment is an even bigger joke.
    Oops…that was probably blasphemous. But may God bless the Blasphemy Law for which Salman Taseer was murdered in cold blood.

    Now lets put your blog post which was “published” (hurray! It’s quite possibly the most poorly-worded piece of writing I’ve ever had the misfortune to come across but who cares? HashSohail is published!) into perspective. Context is crucial when it comes to opinions and debates. You don’t have 3G connectivity in Islamabad? That’s sad, agonizing really. But you know what? If you move into rural areas, you’ll find they don’t have electricity. If you come to Karachi, you’ll find we don’t have law and order. We don’t have security. We don’t have electricity either come to think of it, and this is the economic dynamo that keeps Pakistan running. This country has bigger problems to worry about so why don’t you take your #firstworldproblems and shove them where the sun don’t shine. Harsh? Maybe. You’ll forgive me for that though. I made up my mind about you when you said “Drama Queen country. Burn the fcking pakistan down. NOW.”

    A little grammar tip for future reference, by the way. Pakistan is a proper noun, an article preceding it is incorrect. Since you’re such a UK lover, you should probably try and learn their language.