Consider CNG Gone?

Consider CNG Gone?

Though the sanctity of CNG has not truly affected the affluent who can afford petrol, the whole nation screams out each alternate day when there is CNG strike. While some recently claimed on TV that if only some ministers and CNG pump owners renounce corrpuption, there might still be CNG enough to cater one third demand of the county. With CNG turning as holy as a “tabarruk”, what is going to be the common man’s alternative fuel system?


Solar energy, though seems to be a very probable option and one that may eventually take us out of the dearth of energy and the crisis situation, would take longer than its expected. But if worked on speedily, may yeiild long term and fruitful results. But the question is does the government realise the seriousness of the situation and how exactly is government going about this plan.


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  • M.Saeed

    Pakistan is blessed with uncounted god-gifted goodies and natural gas is one of them. If we fail to appreciate, who is at fault?

    It need to be remembered that, on gas discovery at Sui in early 50′s, it was widely projected being enough to meet rising and developing needs of the country for the “next 150 years”!!!

    We regularly discover new gas fields and total gas reserves other than Sui are almost 5 times of Sui! Even there was an entire gas field reserved for “Pak-Arab Fertilizer”!

    Machinated gas shortage is just an eye-wash to do all nasty anti-state self-serving deals by the incorrigible crooked-goons.

    Today, world is keenly developing “Shale Gas” to follow-up fast depleting natural gas and Pakistan is still blessed with large technically recoverable deposits of Shale-gas, which is the “9th largest in the world”!!!

    Now, why are we in such a miserable CNG/ Gas situation?

    Answer is very simple. The “distribution quota-grabbing mafia” of middle-men sleeping-profiteers controls everything that concerns the welfare of masses. We shall have to ruthlessly eliminate them at all costs.