Why should Students suffer CIE Security Breach?

Why should Students suffer CIE Security Breach?

This Year the C.I.E (Cambridge International Exams) that started off from May 2013 unfolded an ignominious surprise for the students appearing from Pakistan. Where there are different numbers of papers for different grades, 10th graders have to sit for in 6 papers for 3 subjects. The problem began when on 3rd June after 19 days of dead silence, the British Council atrociously revealed that there was security breach in Islamiat and Pakistan Studies papers and they had already been leaked. And so consequently, there would be re-exams for these papers.


The news hit the students more like a thunderbolt and they were hugely outraged on this decision. Why should everyone suffer if there was a dire mistake supposedly on the part of British Council Pakistan?


The statement given by the British Council why they deem re-exams necessary was, “ To ensure the continuing integrity of our exams and results, students are required to take re-take examinations for the two subjects.”


Let’s carry out a fair analysis of the situation. Everyone knew that something went incredibly wrong with the handling of question papers and that they had gotten leaked. This was malfunction on the part of the British Council and not the students. What should be done is to scrutinize the security department and re-design a system, which ensures the safety of the system rather than making students suffer for no rhyme or reason.


Forcing the students to re appear for the exam will not mend the loopholes in the structure structure. They should try and find out who the actual culprits were and strictly penalize them to put off anyone who ever thinks of committing such an act in the future.


Making the entire 10 graders suffer for the mistake of the few would be another mistake. The security of the papers was their responsibility, not ours then why should we bear even an iota of brunt because of it. Many of us had already donated our books to others, and sold off the notes. Not just that, what about the exam pressure that structures one’s mind to focusing on the papers ahead and not on those already taken. How could we ever be in the best state of mind in our re-exams (two papers in one day), the way we were originally?


This injustice has led to registration of many petitions at www.change.org and 4-5 pages have also been made against it on facbook. Small protests were held throughout the country and even in some places like in Karachi police also took the protestors to police station for doing so.


In all fairness, the re-examinations should be called off, as this act is clearly the wrong solution for the bigger problem at hand. But the sadder part is, neither our school nor our government has taken any effective measure so far and are standing quite when their student’s right are being maligned. At the end I would request the schools, media and specially the government to take steps against this injustice or at least try to reschedule the papers as there are 4 papers being held in 2 day. How could we ever hope for good grades now? However, this is the least that could be done. It’s my request from all students, parents, school administrations and the government to stand firm against this very unfair decision.

M.Daniyal Tariq

An 10th grade O level student at The City School Karachi

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  • Anonymous

    “Many of us had already donated our books to others, and sold off the notes. Not just that, what about the exam pressure that structures one’s mind…”

    Good to know Islamiat and Pakistan Studies books were donated but ‘sold off the notes’ ?!

    One would have thought living in an Islamic country named Pakistan, Islamiat and Pakistan studies should not trouble a smart youngster like you. In sny case I would not lose much sleep over this storm in a tea cup.

    Rest assured, passes in these teo subjects are not going to get you much credit in international circles but it would be good that you have good knowledge of these out of personal passion and not exams.


    “there was security breach in Islamiat and Pakistan Studies.” — are we sure President Obama was not involved?

    • Anonymous

      NASAH Sb

      I bet Obama will get 100% in both exams and without the need to revise too!

  • Mystic

    bharay pait ki baatain :-)

  • Baber

    We suffer b/c we bow to them …just a modern day slavery..

    • Anonymous

      You don’t have to bow – just take the Pakistani system exams.