Well, This is Pakistan!

Well, This is Pakistan!

It’s hard to put it but we live in a strange country where minors are killed when they take small piece of ice from an ice vendor, an air hostess is slapped when she fails to deliver water on time to MPA. And dogs are set on yet again a minor girl (Geo TV, Online edition June 17, 2013) when she tries to get an  onion from her landlord’s field.


Aren’t we a bunch of intolerant people living in a place where national heritage is put to blaze as a result of terrorist attack, we have become so immune to target killing, suicide attack that if a day or two passes by without it, we start wondering; what darker clouds are looming large on us.


Sadly, the truth is we have lost moral, religious and human values as if we never had these values. Price of human life is just a matter of one random bullet or dagger, we are showing brutal, fighting and killing cartoons to our kids, we give them guns to play with, or costumes of super heroes to disguise them. We never teach them what actually life is all about and there are no super natural heroes, we have a heterogeneous mingling set up our biggest problem is how to and how not to celebrate the valentine’s day and Halloween perhaps obscuring on true religious festivals and carnivals.


In our busy lives, we have reduced our horizons to ourselves alone. Holding on to true values bequeathed by elders? Who cares about that? Who’d be our next president? why care when whoever comes in power only gets blinded by the lust of it.


Where my friends are the bookish values, honesty, faith and hard work. All perhaps we are left with is corruption to the most abject level. And I for one don’t exempt myself from it. The core remains the same, and only faces change.


And I won’t say it is about time we start looking what we hold in our hands and what we could possibly save. Because we’re way past time and all the endless rants on the “change” are but a cliche!

Rabia Ahmed Sikandar

A contributor for The News/Geo blogs

  • Anonymous

    Try to depict some good aspects of #Pakistan. The pessimism you attempted in this post is known by everyone. We need a brighter picture rather sad orientation. Keep cherishing author.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed but Sometimes a bit of introspection and pessimism helps to temper the unrealistic optimism protraying everything as rosey. Helps in progressing towards the goals!

  • Jawaad Khan

    It is true that present socio-economic situation is very bad but we have to realize that we are the people who are responsible for it. Nations are build on very character of justice and equality. We can expect justice when we start delivering the justice.

  • Ehtisham

    One thing I mention clearly to you Ms Rabia that Pakistani people are the world’s tolerant people, because they are continuously tolerating their Politicians, Jagirdar, Waderas…..so your thinking is wrong. The examples you mention above are those people whom have only one object…. what? “To get money by any means and maintain their status”…. Their religion, country and nation is only “Status, bank balance”

    May Allah change their heart and if change will not in their faith then clean them from Pakistan…

  • Nasir Iqbal

    Rasool Sk dear I am totally agree with you. White elephant are eating our 80% budget. You forget about paid Journalists they are also part of them. They are “Nasoor” of our country.

  • Anonymous

    “….you refer to Poetry of Iqbal” . I guess he referred to to you when he wrote :
    ‘Naaz Hai Taaqat-e-Guftaar Pe Insanon Ko, Baat Karne Ka Saliqa Nahin Nadanon Ko!’

  • Farooq Hashmi

    Your language speaks for itself. No comments

  • Anonymous

    Do tell us what “Poetry of Iqbal, Greatness of Quiad, …. genius scholars we had like Ashfaq Ahmad, Ibn E Insha, Qudrat Ullah Shahab ” has taught you my friend.

    If it is your manner of speaking (writing) then they failed miserably and would be turning in their graves. I guess verything is rosey in Pakistan and it does not need improvement or internal critique.

    Education is not just reading books – or carrying them (for reference) or else a donkey carrying a whole library on its back will beat all of us humans!

  • M.Saeed

    @Rabia Ahmed Sikandar

    I am greatly impressed with your straight forward write-up
    and very sensible, honest and decent re-joinder to someone badmouthing and that too against a lady. I feel sorry for the whole issue which should not debase
    your highly commendable and courageous efforts to expose scars of the society for the added knowledge of well-meaning who want to join forces with people like
    you and contribute their part in cleansing society of its ills and re-establishing the long-lost peace and tranquility.

    Although not decent, still in the face of trends being set, I tend to give a link below which speaks for itself and would explain to some extent the extent of frustration of those who feel pained. Subject of the link is not a moot point here but, would show the extent of brutality getting engrained in the genes of some who we want to deal with. I am sure nobody (except those who are actually involved in such crimes) would have some sleepless nights just by clicking the link: Sorry for the weak-hearts.


    • Anonymous

      Saeed Sb

      Links to credible sites are a useful tool to increase/enhance knowledge. With all respect for your illuminating posts over the years, Your link in this instance is inappropriate as it was not needed to support your otherwise well made point and does not add value to it. Perhaps such images, which appear abundantly on media at times, makes many immune to the pain if humanity (almost dehumanises us!).Riz in his post below points out the risks of somethings – such graphic scenes end up being tittilating entertainment instead of being a warning if our state.

      • M.Saeed

        Qalim Sb, you are very correct and I had reluctantly provided the link with a categorical statement that it was not the moot point. However, it was only intended to those who fail to read the message between the lines and throw unqualified aspersions, as they say in Punjabi: “Kehna thhee nowN par maina nouN nouN”. meaning scolding the daughter but intending to the daughter-in-law.
        I hope you get the point.

  • Anonymous

    Nasrullah Sb

    Let play the devil’s advocate here:
    1. Loss of the Eastern part notwithstanding, in which your ‘white elephant’ had a major but not exclusive role, and excluding the financially bloated generals, army in Pakistan has created more upward movement within the different classes of society, directly or indirectly (through its business ventures too!)probably the only government organisation providing useful mass employment with some structured training.
    2. Now this may not be the right and efficient way and reflects the inefficiency based on the personally ‘opportunistic’ nature of the political class, which has failed in the past to take a principled stand on providing a check on this and leading in the responsibility of running a government. Their argument the military dictators have not let civilian rule develop is piffle when one considers that publically influential politicians always end up supporting dictators for their very own narrow interest in power (or even their careers are born and developed by dictators!).
    3. With its failings in Pakistan’s internal sense, ISI is quite efficient and competes well like many other international intelligence agencies so don’t knock it for something which it was designed to do. The issue is of credible oversight on their activities by elected governments. Unfortunately, the governments world over are beginning to rely too much on the intelligence gathering mode to govern even internally. Perhaps it reflects upon all of humans and selfish natures! Survival of the fittest with a bit of spin put out.

  • Anonymous

    Total defence spending including pensions etc is closer to 28% of the budget and under 5% of the GDP. What the Military inc (directly through its services ir through its business interests) contributes towards te GDP is another matter.

  • Anonymous

    Just like the US, NASAH Sb…..fighting wars on credit cards!

  • Nadia

    “Price of human life is just a matter of one random bullet or dagger”

    Yes, you are right, even the so-called most civilized nation on earth, human rights champion USA doesn’t consider human life as crucial as it should have been..Drones killed thousands of innocents and even UN is against it but …jis ki lathi us ki bhains …( a law of jungle prevailing here in this world).. injustices being done from all sides …

  • Anonymous

    Nasrullah Sb

    You know well that Pakistan’s (and Iraq’s) history suggests that ‘The civilized world propunds and promotes democracy’ unless it is in their interests to support military dictators….the last two having ruled by consent but not from the Pakistani masses!