Monsters Rule my City

Monsters Rule my City

15 June, 2013 was marked as the worse day in the history of Baluchistan when a female suicide bomber blew her inside bus of Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University Quetta killing 21 female students and 20 got injured.


I was on my way to home when a friend  called me and asked   if there had been a blast in your area. Panic-stricken  I tuned on to  TV to figure out and all the news channel were ablaze with the  of the blast.


I called my cousin who is lecturer over there as she picked her cell, I heard her insane cries that everyone was dead  (sub mar gai hain). My heart went down I could not continue on talking anymore.


News-channels were showing the footage of bus completely destroyed and belongings of the unfortunate students scattered on the ground. It tore our hearts to pieces watching all that happen to our people, especially those out there at the university.


Parents rushed to SBK University to see if their loved ones had survived  while the law enforcing agencies already cordoned-off the area and they were not allowed to enter inside the university premises. But when the Rescue team started to shift the injured students to nearby Bolan Medical Complex Hospital (BMC), parents and relatives hurried towards BMC hospital to get a glimpse of their loved ones.


Rescue work was underway injured students were being shift to BMC emergency, ward was full of relatives of students, paramedic staff, doctors and governments officials.

Meanwhile suicide bomber blew himself or herself outside emergency ward, which was followed by heavy firing. Deputy Commissioner Quetta Abdul Mansoor was also killed in the attack. Chief Secretary Babar Yaqoob was also present on this occasion, but he survived unhurt.

Five gunmen have taken positions on the rooftop of the hospital and they were firing continuously on the innocent people. Doctors were unable to attend the injured patients as hospital was under siege. Dead bodies were scattered in the hospital premises and injured were shouting for help.



Law enforcing agencies started operation to rescue hostages inside hospital, it was very difficult task for them many people’s lives were at risk. In the very beginning they captured one terrorist alive on the identification of the hospital staff and 2nd blew himself in the second floor of hospital.

At the end of the operation at least four terrorists were killed, forces freed dozens of people, who were held hostage inside the building. “The standoff lasted for several hours and ended when security forces stormed the building.

It was one of the tragic day. For some, the day hasn’t ended yet and they are still searching for their lost people. At the end of the day I heard three funeral announcements from my neighborhood “Masjid”. And all I can think now is what was their fault and if not he law enforcing agencies, then who could possibly stop these on their run to kill innocents?

Adnan Baloch

Freelance blogger and writer

  • S Nasrullah

    It is the darkest before dawn. The enemy rank and file are in shambles. The panic stricken traitors and terrorists are gripped by visions of their moribund movement sliding into dungeons of death. Such desperate actions speak of utter hopelessness of enemies who have reached the dead end. BLA and LeJ have visitation of dark and dreary future that rankles their presentiment. Such rank inhuman actions, one can prognosticate as a Requiem for the BLA and the LeJ.

    US and Afghan Administrations are set to announce the change of guards, wherein Afghan Army would replace the US- ISAF forces and facilities. Once the foreign troops cease to have their boots on the ground, the rickety regime of Karzai shall fall like house of cards and the subterfuge network of decoy Consulates run by RAW shall hurriedly pack up and vanish. The Taliban shall have to pass the test of brinkmanship by burying their hatchets with Pakistan and start a fresh chapter of goodwill and amity to gain legitimacy for their prospective fledgling government in Afghanistan.

    BLA shall have to revert back to their London refuge and would have lost considerable traction in Baluchistan. If Dr Maalik and his Team can deliver the promises manifested in their pre-election pledges, there is every likelihood of the insurgency dying its natural death. If the Baluchistan government spearheads policies that solve the mystery of the missing persons, and help lay strong industrial. commercial and Trade foundations that translate into expansive base for employment and investment, it would have positive impact on the general public to partake and participate in the benign efforts of the government.

    LeJ have notorious membership that is an open secret for the Establishment to reach them, nab them and teach them lesson of compassion and civility in Reformative Cells in high security jails in the country.