Man of Steel, but with no Emotions

Man of Steel, but with no Emotions

Superman cult has endured cinematic success for over decades. From 1978, a crop of directors have tried to resurrect the DC comic characters with justice or perhaps without it, but the fact is, it never fails to appeal our fancy and imagination. A hero, with supernatural abilities and phenomenal powers to whack all who try to inflict world with evil, surely has an endless fascination for all of us in need of a savior. And this time, as David S. Goyer,Christopher Nolan (writers) and Zack Snyder (director) attempt to bring around “superman”, they have not surprisingly, made him stand in a similar light as the true savior – Jesus (as per Christian beliefs).



The first premier of Man of Steel presented by Geo Films on Wednesday, 19th June, was no less than a privilege . High levels of anticipation, an ambitious girding up for an adventurous and thrilling trip, and a backlog of earlier images and stories of superman.



It’s a guarantee that the story of krypton, of an artificially engineered generation with a pre-designed destiny, rather than the natural birth or selection, will tickle your fantasy. And then a boy with transcendental powers yet clueless of his identity and of the fact, if his uniqueness would be even accepted by the world sets a story  that manages to lure all our attention and sympathy to him.



Incredibly touching in its earlier part, where we see Clark’s affections for his foster parents, not to forget, the death of his father who feared world would not accept for his powers. Clark lets him die, for his father refused to be saved at the expense of his exposure. And all those back-flashes of childhood where Clark struggles to control his powers are heard-touching . What’s amazing, is the sort of power he has to even bend iron yet determinedly contains it so he harms none.



What more, this flick is one power-dose of spectacular sci-fi action, whip-pans and crash zooms so powerful you’d feel you’re almost living it. It feels like one roller coaster trip to Krypton and back on the venture to save the world from the cruel Zod.



But for the predisposed generation of watchers, there’s something essentially missing. And that is the intense chemistry between Lois Lane (Amy Adams ) and Clark (Henry Cavill ). Besides the habitual cheerfulness of Lois and an even more insistence of Clark to stay staid and sober, there’s hardly much profound between the two.



The platonic love maintained until the end lets audience dwell in anticipation each time “the kiss” is just a breath away. And what disappointment, that was even after the magical kiss of love, Lois doesn’t even faintly recognize Clark clad and suit and all bespectacled. Alas, we thought true love recognizes each other from underneath heaps, and here a suit could send the signals off. Not just that, the movie got incredibly hilarious towards the end, where one of the US army officer gapes at Superman with an awe, “He looks hot!”



Anyway, since it easily qualifies for the best watched movie of 2013 after Avengers and of course a treat for die-hard superman fans, it’s definitely a must watcher!

Madeeha Ishtiaque

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  • Inam Illahi

    “And disappointment was even after the magical kiss of love, Louis doesn’t even faintly recognize Clark clad and suit and bespectacled.”

    Sorry to act like a geek, but a) its Lois, not Louis;

    and b) she definilty reconizes who Clark / Kal-El is at the very end of the film. She plays along with him, aiding him in keeping his identity a secret.