How Fauzia Kasuri Left PTI…

How Fauzia Kasuri Left PTI…

Fauzia Kasuri lost her otherwise very strong case in my eyes the way she chose to quit. No one but she herself is to be blamed for the
unceremonious exit that it came to be at the end.


She no longer is part of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf- a party that she co-founded,17 years ago, with its chairman Imran khan.


Why she has resigned is no secret by now. The opinion looks divided on whether she did the right thing by resigning from the party that she so vociferously campaigned for for far too long. But that’s not what this piece is about. This is rather about the how-she-resigned part that -methinks – she couldn’t get quite right.


She wailed ad nauseam about it on the social media and particularly television channels to the extent that shafqat mehmood, the PTI Information secretary, had to say to her to not publicly do it. She made so much of it like it felt it was the end of life for her which should not be the case considering her resume.

Political opponents got the chance to take a jibe at PTI for ignoring the old guard like her in the party.

Many an anchor on private channels blew it out of proportions and made an issue out of it. They empathized with Kasuri for even sacrificing the green card for the party, something that every second Pakistani consider as something like a ticket to heaven. A big sacrifice by any standards.


That she has been a great support to the party is acknowledged by Imran khan himself and others like Shah Mehmood Qureshi. But that wasn’t obviously enough for Kasuri who deservedly was waiting to be awarded a ticket on the reserved seats for women.


Humiliated as she felt by being constantly kept out of the party inner circles, If I were her, I would simply have written a resignation letter in the name of the party chairman. And simple two-liner to the media to the effect that I have resigned . Reasons are personal and I would not like to talk about it any further.


That would have left chances of return alive for her to the party fold in case someone in the party had realised their mistake of not listening to a party worker as old (not in years but in terms of association with party) as her.


She may get a chance in other parties as some reports suggest that she has been approached by the PML-N but it might be a little too difficult for her to adjust too quickly with a new narrative. That won’t be possible at least before a couple of months of weaning away from the old ideology and getting to know the new one.


After all the mud slinging even if she makes a return to PTI like Shireen Mazari did, it will take a while for her and party to wipe the bad taste left from the acrimonious comments off their palates.

Tariq Masood Malik

A contributor for The News/Geo blogs

  • Anonymous

    May be usefull to remind readers, whether one agrees with Ms Mazari’s ideology or not, she left PTI on a matter of principle. Ms Kasuri may claim the same. The difference being, Ms Mazari’s principle was ideological (party deviating from its base and taking in opportunistic turncoats) and Ms Kasuri’s a selfish one (not getting a reserved seat)! The manner of resignation varies too – a short low key versus publicity seeking one… crass – I guess its all about seats in tge end and not about change.

  • S Nasrullah

    There is always a curtain drop for such melodramatic tantrums of anyone who is imbued in the Party colors, to protest only to draw attention of the hierarchy for one’s perceived grievances and certainly Ms Kasuri is no exception. After a meeting with Party Chairman, Imran Khan, Ms Kasuri decided to withdraw her resignation and continue her affiliation with PTI she co-founded with IK. In an enlightened society and more so in democratic governments, Leaders of both sides of the divide are patriotic and their difference of views do not alter their zest for leading the nation to its glory. There are no personal grudges involved, there is gravity of principles.

    Welcome back Ms Fauzia Kasuri. Merit is always recognized – sooner or later.

  • Pukhtan

    Glad she left, and Ms. Kasuri, don’t let the door hit you on your way out. It’s just plain greed and PTI should not budge to that. Anyone who joins the party for self centered interests, should not be negotiated with.

  • M.Saeed

    Only crooked fingers can carry the sticking!

  • M.Saeed

    “Perform your good deeds to the best of your abilities and leave the rewards to ME because a man cannot reward you and I alone can give sufficient reward but, when, where and how much? you cannot know.”
    A reward demanded from a mortal man is no reward.