Budget Drones

Budget Drones

Do you think common man could ever be benefited from the so-called intelligent budget revisions each time? A comonner on the cross-fires of the ever-rising inflation and taxes usually doesn’t get any immunity from the revised budgets that come with such ho-humness.


What do you think the coming budget would rescue the common man hopelessly struggling against inflation? If yes, how? If not, then why not?


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  • Anonymous

    How will inflation come under control if the government spends more than it takes in and not many want to (or actually) pay taxes?!

    The Pakistani government ends up relying on indirect taxation (that too inefficiently as systems have many loopholes ) even this is threathened. Some demand tax breaks and duty free imports (of hybrid for example because they are poor and cannot afford rising petrol price). To top it all, masses see government as some kind of an employment agency with job fir EVERYONE and welfare benfits too like BISP.

    No taxes on capital gains – so that only growth gets seen in land prices without much value addition. Stock market sees a new potential bubble because of an ordinance allowing what could possibly be a huge money laundering operation. Even if it bring black money into white economy, unless it gets to be in the tax regime, a bigger disaster is inthe waiting.

    TV anchors pronounce judgements on interest element in electricity bills while in the same breath expecting no loadshedding.

    Time for all to move to reality!