Aashiqui 2- a story beyond comprehension

Aashiqui 2- a story beyond comprehension

Clearly, Rahul Jaykar and Hamlet share something profound in common. Their consuming grief and pain is too great a reaction to their circumstances. At least Hamlet had a motive- his father’s murder and mother supposed betrayal, what’s beyond rhyme and reason is what share of misery  Rahul Jaykar (Aditya Rai Kapoor) has in store to turn him into a drunkard on the way of madness?


Nothing that I could see, except for the fact that he’s an alcohol addicted NRI who attracts troubles naturally. Surely, he has a “masti” in his voice that has earned him the fame to have a stadium full of people waiting for him shortly after he is hit by a motive-less hater. I could not make out the hatred he had for Rahul in his eyes-but No- he just abhorred the man because he was drunk! Sounds strange! All that time I kept waiting for the film to unfold and reveal the reason for RJ’s incurable grief that has led him to tatters.


And just when I felt the wait was about to be over, I figured out that a pretty girl, Aarohi (Shraddha Kapoor), just escapes a hit by his car. Tried hard to believe this was a flashback of the past memory of  the girl whose loss perhaps had made Rahul look the way he looks- inevitably grief-ridden. But this was only a beginning to things going even more worse.


Aarohi- what a beauty clad in poverty yet bent upon teaching the rich and arrogant Rahul a lesson in humbleness by asking him to collect smashed tomatoes from under the car. Wow..Nice try. And then as she appears singing the melodious RJ inspired song, Manzilain Ruswa Hain (Sun Raha Hay) we already know Rahul has found another addiction for himself.


Turns out, he’s not faithless to what Aarohi calls his first love (Wine)and to tell the truth his favorite hideout place is still pub. He’s helplessly catapulted towards it in the middle of everything. He pulls all his contacts to help the Nightingale of his dreams. And even though, nowhere, he appears to make a competition for himself- of course Aarohi is a female singer- how could she possibly be competition to a male singer-the movie insists on portraying the hard-to-gulp truth that Rahul gave up all to make way for Aarohi.


Aarohi rises from ashes to gold dust in no time and meanwhile also rises above her middle-class values to form a proper romantic relationship with Rahul without any bounds- giving him herself so he could relinquish drinking. Rahul decides to quit booze too but his successive failures leave no place for him than to turn to the first and forever love- guess who? Bottle! (Wink)


Another pain in Rahul’s life are the allegations posed on his and Aarohi’s relationship. People (a man in bar and a journalist) assume Rahul’s only using Aarohi as a return for his favors, and there’s almost nothing Rahul could do save Aarohi’s respect. Marriage? Who marries these days- that’s no option. All that the poor Rahul could think of doing was to leave her. Sad!


At last he’s reduced to being an impediment in Aarohi’s success and as soon as he understands that just as booze, his first love ruined him, He- Aarohi’s first love would not serve similar purpose. He decides to take his life after being jailed a night before. He eventually immortalizes his love by taking his life to save Aarohi from him. Wish he could have only loved her enough to give up on booze, but No RJ is no quitter- once he loves he doesn’t leave. And if the hard choice has to be made, he’d rather take his life. Fair enough!


His suicide immortalizes his love and after Aarohi’s initial dismissal of perusing her career, she’s convinced to live up to the sacrifice Rahul had made for her. And there she stands, in a bustling stadium as a beautiful Nightingale and later signs an autograph as Aarohi Rahul Jaykar. Woaah…Hats off to Mukesh Bhatt for producing his densely real plot. However, there’s no denial of the fact that the songs were soulfully lyrical and hauntingly melodious and not to forget the sensual and emotive acting of the two stars left audience teary-aired despite the wafer-thin plot.


Madeeha Ishtiaque

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  • devi

    Bollywood romeo and juliet… Shraddha kapoor is heaven sent. Love her so muchhh <333 what fairy lass

  • anahi

    Shraddha is perfect for humanlike heartfel romantic films. best wishes to her career and findind a prince charming in due times… stay humble darling.

  • Patriot

    Whole film was good except the last 30 mins , i totally disagree with the conclusion of this film, i hv done love marriage, but my love made me an educated person, so i believe “Habit or Addiction can be left for Love but Love cannot be left for addiction or habit” so in this movie RJ left his love for his addiction, although Aroohi tried her level best to make RJ like a normal man but RJ committs suicide which shows that he loves wine more than aroohi. Conclusion is totally hopeless otherwise whole movie was good songs r excellent awesome.

  • Pukhtan

    The worst acting by both. Absolutely nil plot. And totally zero curiosity. What else shraddha is hot but talentless. Or at least in this movie. And my belief in Indian movies goes stronger that they are made for extremely clueless audience who does not care for detail, intelligentsia and talent.

    Tho I have to tell you the songs were amazing. The singers were great. Thumbs up for them. But I was expecting way more from mahesh bhatt than this nonsense. Fail!

  • Abdul Hameed

    So, you want to say that One must have a reason to become alcohal addict and you missed the scene of that guy with music director. Otherwise you could have understood his motive against Rahaul and he narrates again and again that I am alcohl addicted and unable to get rid of this bad habbit so you must leave me for your betterness but she stays due to her love for him and sacrifices himself for her as understands that he can not get rid of Alcohal. Over all a great movie with many lessons and wonderfull acting.

  • Hassan Wali

    Ahh.. our suffering Ummah’s issues and this “beloved” bollywood.. we Muslims are strongly trapped in the beautiful deceptions of this world :(

  • Baber

    What a wastage of time and on top of that to discuss about ‘this waste’. May Allah(swt) bless you the real wisdom of living your finite life. ameen.

  • Parag shah

    I loved this movie..an amazing hard core luv story..<3
    Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte, tere bina kya wajood mera………..and so on…..awesome song..watch the instrumental version on youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VF_JiUVlvYA