Will PTI be a Success in KPK?

Will PTI be a Success in KPK?

Thank God! The ‘tsunami’ has hit KPK with all its fury and fervor, where PTI has emerged as the most popular party in this province by bagging biggest chunk of provincial assembly seats. The people of KPK have given high mandate to Imran Khan for ensuring a true change and hope, which was created by him and now it should grow.



As IK is also vowing that an ideal government would be formed within few days…….waiting immediately for an ideal province……still lots of confusions….but hopes for the best!

Let’s see what happens in KPK……how the new government of PTI would face the problems, resolve the issues and control the situation with iron hands and the true hopes for bright future would turn into reality??? The adoption of sound policies by PTI is necessary….



Because long term and unsettled issues are there, and being seen from last five years. But nothing has been done effectively. Everyone knows that problems are there and also in severe condition, but now it’s a heavy burden on PTI to bring true reforms in its structure with big changes…… as it has been promised with Pakhtoons.

No doubt here people are facing bloody terrorism for the last ten years and now they are tired picking the dead bodies of their kith and kin. Our government proved itself as a front line ally in “war against terrorism” but its own street has become battle ground and terror prevailed everywhere, resultantly more than 4900 thousands civilians and army men have lost their lives in this war from 2001 to 2013 but still it did nothing in the eyes of world community who repeated their mantra of “Do more”.




But this war against terrorism has mostly affected the areas of KPK and the tribal belt. Their infrastructure has been damaged. Their areas and living places (which were rich in natural beauty) gradually molded into place where law and order was fully disorder, healthy environment was dismantled, Social zone became war zone; free areas turned into no-go areas. And finally everyone is worried about his life, so the ’sustainable peace’ became as a biggest concerning issue for all the segments of the this society Peace is the pre-requisite of the people here, because they aren’t safe into their homes, in schools or colleges and even in the mosques or hospitals. They demand for security because they want to be safe and secure on the roads, in functions, meetings, traditional events, religious practices, as well as in public gatherings or at funeral places. With this sense of security every one can easily take part in all social, political or educational activities without any danger or fear of losing their lives.

So PTI knows clearly that their utmost desire is that efforts should be done for restoring peace and stability into their homes, streets, bazaars, public places, commercial markets, etc. Actually this factor can never be neglected that in KPK people are fed up with their so-called leaders, incapable politicians, and mismanagement in every sector, bad governance, and poor infrastructure. They consequently chose a new party, which can give them a better future.

So a province where people are just willing to restore peace and stability into their areas.In last five years they were not seen to be protesting for economic growth, sustainable development in their structure, good life stander, pure water, safe food, and even founded less interested in metro bus facilities, laptops or solar energy lamps for their energetic youth. No doubt within a democratic setup they can demand for all these and have the right too, but they always appeared with their strong hate towards bomb blasts, drown attacks, suicide killings, and ongoing terrorist activities.

It’s the fundamental duty of a democratic government to ensure the basic necessities of life for its masses especially good education, proper health treatment, free and fair justice, quality in their eating material and facility of living in a peaceful way. In other words this was the manifesto of PPP (Roti, Kapra aur Makan) but very sad! It couldn’t provide even these basic rights during the last five years.

Now what is essential for an ideal government in KPK? For this firstly PTI will have to restore the peace in conflict-hit areas and it is clear (as Imran Khan has vowed many times) that only dialogue will be the sole penance to the on-going unrest in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa. PTI will have to struggle for providing a peaceful environment to its inhabitants where they can utilize their potential for sustainable development and to stress the need for maintaining stability to ensure accelerated repatriation and rehabilitation on for displaced peoples. In short, the people of KPK have given the platform to PTI……to implement its policies…..yes!




They have chosen IK to be their ruler…..now go ahead….problems are there…….and yet unsolved problems……But firstly law and order, then education, health, agriculture, police, foreign investment, free justice, energy, tourism, tax collection, social uplifting and infrastructure to be improved……..Imran has created the hope and now let us see how it grows.

Khurram Khan

A public relations officer with keen interest in health and socio-political issues in Pakistan

  • http://www.facebook.com/asp.khan.1 Asp Khan

    well written… PTI will deliver in KPK InshAllah


    My question: should we expect no suicide bombing in KPK since PTI is in-charge there now – not the ANP? And the entire Punjab free of Terrorism since NS will be unchallenged emperor of the province?

    A Terror-free zone? What a relief!

  • MMA

    PTI will surely produce something visible on KPK scenario in 2-3 years. Everyone will see a difference and some factors will feel like controlled and improved in PTI govt. Reasons?.Not only PTI itself or its governance. Biggest thing we are missing is scenario coming up in 2014/2015 in this region. The reasons for giving this provincial govt in IK’s hand also has reasons (foresee moves from establishment).
    PTI will be counted as a difference maker to drone attacks (may reduce a lot) and reduction in violence in disturbed areas and PMLN govt will also share little bit benefits from that scenario along with PTI (PMLN is being wise to support PTI in KPK anyways).
    What are the reasons and scenario I”m talking about?. Biggest difference making thing is “NATO/USA” vacating Afghanistan by end of 2014 inshaAllah or atleast reduce power presence to nominal level.:). What comes next?. reduced support to “so called Taliban groups created in Pakistan to destroy peace like Fazal-Ullah in swat, Mehsud in waziristan etc.”. Less power n presence in Afghanistan may result in less drone attacks, a direct point scoring time for PTI. Secondly it may help mending relations to those drone victims who have become full of anger against Pakistan bcoz of their loved ones died in drones (supported by Pakistan earlier n upto some extent may be now too). By mentioning “so called Taliban”, I’m not talking about main Taliban (Haqqanis etc) in Afghanistan area”. Those Haqqani group etc are mainly pro-Pakistan or atleast pro-pakistan army because created, trained and initially funded by them to take reign before 2001 (9/11). So what will be next move in such NATO/USA reduced influence is, PTI govt and PMLN govt on support from army will surely build better terms with Taliban in Afghanistan (who are already kinda pro-Pakistan). Even that will be a set back to NATO/USA (and they are already fearing it alot – we can see it in their demands and moves) secondly such support and stronghold of Afghan Taliban may result in reduced interference in Pakistan by american/indian supported/created groups. So another addition to less violence and terrorism in Pakistan area inshaAllah. People will see it as a good difference created by this govt bcoz all this scenario is actually coming in this govt’s tenure. Less violence, less problems may lead to better economic growth and bigger projects in KPK area inshaAllah (few of which are pending since years). Alot more to add in this scenario to show how KPK condition (Pakistan condition) will improve inshaAllah in coming days if NATO/USA actually pull out (which they are trying their best to find such a way out that they get some role in region but take main army out from here). Anyways, in all this situation, PTI mainly and a bit of PMLN will cash the benefit. (and in my opinion, the division set by establishment somehow supports the coming scenario as PMLN always look for infrastructure and industrial projects and PTI will try to show best performance of governance, terrorism reduction and economic improvement (projects along with PMLN), so overall this tenure looks like difference making time after a long trial time of Pakistan who fought an american war against russia, then against america (with diplmoacy and dual role) and then against their taliban which they created to disturb Pakistan itself to stop Pakistan’s activities to somehow stop and make them busy in Afghanistan.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=726752590 Scott Jaz

    refurbish all schools in KP, and initiate a teachers program where good
    quality teachers are employed

  • Mehboob khan

    Imran khan is a proven winner !! .Give him time and inshallah he will deliver in KPK.

  • Karachian

    USA and NATO doesn’t set the standards. They are hypocrites and liars. This entire was on terror is a lie. So don’t even mention them. If they are talking to Taliban now, its because they want a safe exit. They have achieved what they had wanted to achieve and now they want out of Afghinistan. It is too costly for them to stay there. They are desperate. But we are different. I am not against talking, I am against talking from a weak position. We should talk from a position of strength. Set demands. I have specifically mentioned it in my last comment. I’ll repeat it again. Lay down your arms, accept the writ of army and government, denounce violence, apologize to the nation and army for your actions and make a pledge that you would never do that again, surrender. Only then we should have a dialogue with them. Not begging them for that.

    No one can bully us educated, free spirited people of Karachi. It is just a perception that has been created to Malign MQM. Stand up to anyone who is bullying and nothing will happen. These are personal acts from ignorant youth. Stand up to it and complain to the relevant people. It happens everywhere in Pakistan. PMLN workers also carry guns. Their candidates belonging to the feudal background also bully the peasants for votes. They use police and patwaris for this purpose. PPP does the same in interior Sindh. Girls are abducted and raped by these jageerdars and waderas belonging to PMLN and PPP. They have their personal jails where they keep these poor “Harees” and “Kisaans”. Honor killing happens in Rural Punjab and Interior SIndh on a daily basis. There is Karo Kari and Satti. No one is bothered about that. But everyone sees so called Bullying on the roads of Karachi in One constituency NA-250.

  • Karachian

    I agree. Karachi should have at least 40+ NA seats and 80+ PA seats based on the population of 20 Million. CJ is a Punjabi, Imran Khan is a Pinjabi, Nawaz Sharif is a Punjabi. Why would they create 40 Constituencies in Karachi and let MQM win 30 seats instead of 15? They would never do that. They can win 137 seats from Punjab alone and form a government without even winning a single seat from other 3 provinces. They want to keep it that way. They want the rule of Punjab on Pakistan. PMLN is in power, you’ll see Quad-e-Azam images will now be replaced with Allama Iqbal soon in Government offices.

    3 Prime ministers killed in Pakistan all belonging to Sindh. One Prime minister jailed, sent to Saudia, returned and become a Prime minister again. Guess where is he from? Punjab.

    • MMA

      May Allah give us higher level of understanding, unbiased analysis and sense of national thinking.:)..Racism, provincialism and extremism (means no logic but anger) always destroy nations…If we start picking good and bad of each leader from any territory of our country, we can name so many things you can not defend. I have been to Karachi enough times for my business trips and I know comments of traders, on street people and regular victims of looting/robbery/bhatta/parchi etc..:)…Something from common people so massively present in their regular daily life can not be denied. Anyways, may Allah make us think for Ummah, our country and best of our generations as living in peace n prosperity with love.

  • Karachian

    Read about Ghazwa-e-Uhad, Badr, Tabook and Khandaq as well.

  • Karachian

    The pattern suggest they are inclined towards Left and center left. Historically, they have never supported rightist political parties like JI, JUI, MMA etc. Even KPK is center left. Sindh is predominantly Leftist. Punjab swings between center right and center left. Balochistan is also leftist (nationalist).

    On a lighter note, they become rightist during Ramadan. They become leftist during EID, marriage ceremonies, while watching TV, attending concerts or fashion shows. They become center right when it comes to making decision about women of their own families, but when it comes to staring at women outside, they become leftist. So overall, the entire society is hypocrite and confused about their identity.

    But my point is, political parties should have a clear inclination. Leaders should be clear about their identities and should stick to it no matter what. They should have an ideology. Politics should be all about ideologies. Unfortunately in Pakistan, its all about power and money.

    It should never be a justification for a political party or a leader to form their political ideology based on the preferences of the people. They should lead people rather than be led by them.

  • MMA

    I may say that whatever you are naming for including VAT surcharge n what so ever…Everyone in my city pays it. According to official surveys and on ground statistics, recovery of electricity or any other utility bills is much higher in my area than any other areas across country.:).. More rule of law is ultimately coming from literacy and participation of common people masses. What i see, in my area people made our landlords and jageerdars a bit controlled with political and common man’s power more than other areas of country. N anywhere in world (India is a recent example) this thing is proven that where common people got literate and acted mature and controlled their political reps a bit earlier they prospered better.

    About bhatta mafia, looting robbery, parchi etc…As i qouted, i have been moving in common people and traders on grounds in Karachi. They know and name which group is the bigger part of this game. I never said that PPP/ANP/PMLN/MQM or any other one is a fair goer. If you see my previous comments in other topics, I always said the no one is to spare the blame for what is happening in karachi. But who is the major player for ruining and making it worse, you can simply find out from “moving and discussing in KARACHI” with common people who are facing n seeing whose gangsters n mafia is playing the game at peak. There are some parties who are born with this game and have a long bloody repute of brought up on bhatta n gangster. A snake brought up on masses blood can never be spared and trusted, neither can be veiled with nice words.:)..Again, If we just go for biased views, we can never get an ultimate growth as nation. Because if we r happy to support a tyrant for short term apperant benefits, the long term loss is much more and ruin of nation (including us who enjoyed short term benefits supporting that tyrant) for sure..May Allah give us unbiased view and more Ummah’s based fikr.