Why Vote for PTI and Arif Alvi?

Why Vote for PTI and Arif Alvi?

Being one of the founding members of PTI, ex Secretary-General of PTI’s from 2006 until 2013, Arif Alvi happens to be one of the most dependable candidates standing from the N-250 sector.



Here’s a quick session with him on PTI’s policy and some of the questions around PTI’s ideals and popularity.



1)      Being one of the PTI’s founding members, how do you feel about the inclusion of Hashmis and Qureshis?



Arif Alvi: We feel honored that veteran people like are the part of our PTI family now. They are an asset to our organization and I personally kept trying to convince (Javed) Hashmi sb to join our party for long. He’s a raw political leader whose sacrifices are immeasurable. Being one of the founding leaders you only wish that people of his joining the party. What’s the point of being threatened by their presence?




2)      You fortunately happen to have the best chance of being elected from your seat- what do you propose to do once you get elected?



Arif Alvi: I wouldn’t like to restrict myself to what I’d do for my area but my priority includes a trio of Pakistan, Karachi, and definitely my constituency. It would be too elaborate to mention even the outlines of that plan here but our target areas would be to restore law and order, restrict inflation and increase employments for the people.



Our law and order situation is so worse that parties call for strike on a 30-minute notice and hijack the whole city several times in a month to meet their ends- and that’s one part. Dealing with militant groups and countering terrorism is another problem haunting our country for over a decade now.



3)      Some choose to call Imran Khan’s fall a sympathy stunt- how do you respond to this?



Arif Alvi: Well, it’s definitely a sick perception considering he was injured and bruised in it. Rise or fall- it’s Allah’s wish. (smirked) If they think it to be a stunt, it may be Allah’s wish too and definitely not a planned strategy.



4)      If time calls for PTI to form coalition government with MQM, would it be willing to do so?



Arif Alvi: We will form coalition strictly on the basis of ideology and not because we want to sit in parliament. If that’s not the case, we’d rather sit at home. If MQM abolish their militant cell and prove to us their sincerity towards the nation building cause, then we would definitely seek their support. It’s democracy and co-operation of all the parties is required for true welfare of the nation.



5)      It’s claimed that PTI appears to have a soft corner for TTP and chooses not to speak about or against them. To what extent is this true?



Arif Alvi: It’s definitely not true. Fanaticism and terrorism to achieve one’s ends can never be tolerated let alone supported or entertained. For more than 10 years, we have been embroiled in bloody battle – war of terror – that’s not even ours. Tell me of all the counter terror strikes, which single militant has ever been brought in front of the court of law? None. Then, what sort of war is it against terror?



6)      Isn’t it true that PTI is merely a one-man show? It appears there’s another cult after Bhutto- Imran Khan. Your take on this?



Arif Alvi: Yes, people are ardent supporters of Imran Khan because one he has earned it for him and second because it’s only natural for people to be inspired by personality, like people were inspired by Jinnah who led All India Muslim League.



But calling it a cult would be wrong, because we are one party that’s not based on any cult. PML has an N in it for Nawaz Sharif and family, PPP is all about Bhutto; we believe in a democratic set up where even Imran Khan could be replaced after completing his tenure as a chairman.



7)      If your party comes into power, how do you plan to ensure accountability?


Arif Alvi: Accountability is possible when transparency is ensured. When PTI’s chairperson is willing to offer the scrutiny of his income and assets, what bigger stand can we take on ensuring the accountability? Can Mian Nawaz Sharif or Asif Ali Zardri offer the same? No. When the top leadership keeps an accountability of his or her action and set the system as such, then everyone becomes responsible for the country.


8)      What do you think accounts for PTI’s phenomenal popularity in the last twelve months? Did it have something to do with the new campaigning strategies or else?



Arif Alvi: We have Asif Ali Zardari and all those who have enjoyed long reign and still cry about their inability to give country anything, to thank for our popularity. At least, they can’t blame us for the damage that has been done to the country, but we can surely blame them for it.

Madeeha Ishtiaque

The content writer & person-in-charge of the The News/Geo International Blog. She monitors the social media activity on The News. Follow her on twitter @charmed0000

  • M.Saeed

    Can Imran be a born-again Saddam? Anything less than that is bound to fall, head-first. Saddam is the only authoritarian head of state that at an early age of 42 started his Government with a one point manifest. “Death by firing squad to corrupt” and applied it without slightest reservation for any. He even executed one of his top Ministers on a charge of corruption. The type of hard-nuts we are, nothing less than that would work.

    Can Imran be a born-again Saddam? Anything less than that is
    bound to fall, head-first. Saddam is the only authoritarian head of state that
    at an early age of 42 started his Government with a one point manifest.
    “Death by firing squad to corrupt” and applied it without slightest
    reservation for any. He even executed one of his top Ministers on a charge of
    corruption. The type of hard-nuts we are, nothing less than that would work.

    • ZAK

      I think those days are gone. Change can be achieved without bloodshed and it has been happened but public has to pay important role in achieving change. Public has to say goodbye to religious, ethnic and all previous corrupt elected government candidates. They have to think who is divider and who is uniter, who is sincere and who is corrupt, who has militant wing and does not have militant wing. I think public has given chance to everyone so this time IK deserve his chance. Public is not going to lose anything and IK is the best of all tested parties anyway.

  • http://twitter.com/FarriRizvi Farheen Rizvi

    What a poor choice by PTI for NA 250..a person who couldn’t make maembers for party from there and couldn’t win Intra Prty election, what would he do to work for the public of that area? NOTHING

    • Ali

      for your kind info working for the area is not a responsibility of MNA or MPA. MPA MNA’s job is to only participate in the legislation and other related activities within parliament. its local government that is responsible for the development of any area. this tells the so called political maturity you mqm so called educated people have na?

  • Fawad Rehman

    Disagree with blogger, Mr Alive is not dependable
    candidates, He lost his seat in #PTI intra party election which means majority
    of #PTI already disapproved him. People of Karachi are more educated and responsible than rest of Pakistan. Fake change won’t change Karachi.

    • ZAK

      May be he is not one of the PTI best candidate but He is still way better than any of MQM criminal and Battah khor candidates.

      • http://www.facebook.com/alircc1 Ali Sardar

        I concur with ZAK.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Fa5ih Fasih Shah

      Too educated and responsible to be suppressed by Thug parties like MQM..

  • Dawar Naqvi

    The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be cared. Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan Tuesday sustained injuries on his head and back after falling from a lifter during climbing up the stage installed for an election rally in Lahore. He falls along with several PTI workers but unfortunately so far no one cared about them. Even during the live interview from the hospital bed Imran Khan did not say any concern about them.

    This reminds me world cup 92 final ceremony. Pakistan won the cricket world cup and Imran Khan was awarded the World Cup Trophy. In his live interview at the final ceremony IK dedicated world cup trophy to Shaukat Khanum Hospital. Not a single sentence he said about the efforts of his team mates who won the world cup for Pakistan. Legendary Javed Miandad was a best batsman of the tournament. Pakistan won only five matches in this world cup and Javed scored over 50 runs in each match. There was a Tremendous bowling display from Wasim Akram and match winning innings from Inzimam ul haq in the semifinal and the final of the WC. But Imran Khan did not say performance of his outstanding players in the final ceremony.

    Even Imran Khan mentioned in his autobiography that players were afraid that all the prize money from the World Cup victory would be donated to Khan’s cancer hospital, and so they were not willing to allow Khan to play in that England series. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imran_Khan

    He forgot it was a team who won the world cup for Pakistan not only the Captain. Please remember Imran Khan was also a captain in previous world cup when Pakistan lost in the semifinal in Lahore. Did anyone blame captain for it?

    Many Critics still criticized inclusion of Saleem jaffer and Mansoor Akhtar in the world cup 87 team. Imran Khan picked both of them. Even in the final over IK preferred Saleem jaffer over Pakistan number one finest bowler of all time Wasim Akram.

    Today once again Imran Khan and PTI leaders showed similar display. Imran Khan did not change. From last 36 hours all channels telecasting news about injury of Imran Khan but no one talked about welfare of the people who were injured along with IK. All PTI leaders, Anchors and political leaders are also responsible for this act. Especially high command of PTI and IK himself. Already PTI member lashes out over ticket in many constituencies of the country.

    Where is a New Pakistan?

    • Ahmriaz

      Guards fell on him and didnt have major injuries. They were given first aid and other required treatment. How can you say IK didnt inquire about them? They were his personal guards. Obviously, he would have. Its just that nobody mentioned it. That doesnt allow anyone to make a statement about IK that he didnt care for anyone. As far as the supporters are concerned, I saw a dozens of posts on fb saying prayers for the guards. Blame it on the media that it didnt bother about them.

    • Mazhar Hussain

      Dawar, you are out of your mind. Again search any failure against tiger Imran khan and you will come back with your stupid judgement / logic with empty stomach that no one even cares. Now tell me how how’s your ‘pir’ Altaf doing in target killing, extortionism? Have they stopped it until elections ?

      By the way people who fell with Imran Khan, all of them are alright and they are @ home..so before speak get some knowledge.

      • http://twitter.com/fahed_world Fahed

        you r at height of ignorance ..the persons who got injured with #IK r in general hospital n #IK in SKMH …is that the change u were talking abt or #killing of 20 #PMLn working in rawalpindi ….#PityforPTI

    • Mahira Afridi

      Are you serious? your going to mention the 92′ cricket world cup when all of this is about politics? get over it that was more than a decade ago, How he acted then has nothing to do with what he’s going to do for Pakistan

    • ZAK

      Well, I don’t think you have any idea or you don’t even know what are you even talking about. I don’t think you seen video.

  • Hasan Tasleem

    Arif Alvi, is nothing but a compiled story of failures. 11th May will further add to his ranks. Those chanting for change forget, his back ground as a member of Jammat E Islami, and then with PTI 3 failed campaigns to get elected from Karachi for various seats. And then latest stint came as his failure in PTI intra-party elections. I have my doubts about the integrity of those elections, but putting that thought aside, he brutally lost by a significant margin. His incomptency as a leader & worker, abilities and decision making skills were questioned by his own party workers and leaders. If there own workers didn’t support him, why & how in thr right mind would the public support him???

  • Crusader


    • M.Saeed

      Now only PITY the PTI!

  • Taj Ahmad

    I fully support PTI and Imran Khan, he should be given a chance to serve his
    country – Pakistan.

  • http://twitter.com/fahed_world Fahed

    n the fore most important reason is #MQM is also supporting their brother party …wot other reason could be better than this one ….#shame #pityforPti …

  • Asif Saleem

    If you vote for MQM, your supporting everything that is happening in Karachi…

  • BAST

    What the hell is going??? I went and voted early morning… But now the MQM people entered my appartments buildings and closed the main gates and not letting anyone to go out and vote. Please somebody suggest some way out.

  • M.Saeed

    Have-heart dear countrymen, the result is speaking loud and clear. We are not yet fit for this type of democracy where fake people with fake credentials win and real honest with pain for the nation get tsunamiied by the illiterate mega-mass of voters. We need education much before democracy and till then, just work to eradicate illiteracy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Fa5ih Fasih Shah

    i can’t believe and don’t understand that there are people who support MQM by their OWN will. A corrupt party which has merely won few seats with the help of Thugs, Thieves and Killers..

    • Badruddin

      Dear not a single corruption charge against MQM…. :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/Fa5ih Fasih Shah

    Incompetence has nothing to do with win or loss. And neither being a majority has ever been a proof of being righteous. If you count rigging to be a part of competence, then i pity for the future of Pakistan. PMLN electables were very strong in their area and no one could have given them such tough time. and if you see on the most 2nd position seats PMLN was defending its seat against PTI. So, it’s just a start. They know their strength now and will be more capable the next time.

  • Muhammad Adil

    In the end of the day everyone knows that 3 polling stations of DHA cant win NA250, Even if Army is going to be allocated to these stations MQM is going to win.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ahsan.mstq Ahsan Mstq

    i agree with you its very bad to see the situation created by PTI supporters last day if they have any objection regarding rigging in election they should approach supreme court rather doing protest on streets, today pakistan is facing many problems and after long time a true democracy come mian nawaz sharif after all is a mature politician and he knows how to deal with such crisis which pakistan is facing today where as PTI have no such experience .playing cricket and doing politics are totally different .

  • Momi

    PTI is a social media group, no real roots in the ground, they needs to be bit liberal but how they can…where ever they are loosing, they think its was not fair, but there is lot happend in KP, but no media coverage, ….

    • Ali

      ok if PTI has not the real roots in ground than how come in their first full appearace, they have dusted the traditional parties in kpk? have emerged as second largest party in NA? if there is no media coverage in kpk than how you came to know that what lot happened in kpk?

    • M.Saeed

      PTI a social media Group? What are the other arms of that Group? Or you meant PTV? But, even PTV is not a part of any Group, although it was a part of the former ruling clique.

  • M. Shafiq

    Sure we all see how well mannerd you are. World is watching us and we should act as a responsible nation not a bunch of jokers. You have no right to declare anybody mentally unfit and garbage. The filth is inside you. Keep it out and live a hapy life.

  • Wasif

    MQM is the only reason the people of karachi have an identity. If the people of Karachi who cannot identify themselves as anyone other than only Pakistanis (Punjabi, Pakhtoon, Balooch and Sindhi) then they should be ready to face a future without any prospects of a political identity at all. The options are either that of the constituencies of South Punjab which are endlessly manipulated at the hands of the PML and PPP and their politicians are the poster child of despondence. The other bleaker yet realistic scenario/option is to be treated like the many other faceless / voiceless minorities of Pakistan vis-a-vis the Hazaras.

    The real option and political challenge that the middle class sanitised escapists of Karachi should take up is to engage and challenge the MQM representatives and ask for improvement in the party’s approach to politics. There are many ways to this and the Local District Government system proved that there is hope and merit in that kind of engagement.

    Rest assured that the alternative will be abandonment at the hands of PTI as soon as it establishes it firm roots in KPK and Punjab by the next election. Karachi and its people will be overlooked and marginalized in the same exact manner that was done by PPP in the post Bhutto debacle. We are too young of a nation and too fragile of a democracy to organize ourselves and our politics on pure idealism (which is true for the mature western democracies) Our evolution is at a stage where tribal, linguistic, cultural and territorial associations will shape the political landscape for the foreseeable future (at least during the next 25 to 30 years).

    I do not support the status quo nor the martyrism mindset of MQM hard-liners. However, political identity is worth the struggle and grind that it requires.

    • Ali

      ok and how exactly they gave identity to people of karachi? by introducing the culture of terrorism in politics? by killing people of each and every other ethnicity?

      • Wasif

        MQM did not introduce the the culture of terrorism in Pakistani politics. Terrorism if defined as the use of unlawful coercion has been the hallmark of Pakistani politics since inception. MQM has to their credit or discredit (depending on which side of the political ideology one decides to fall) merely embraced it on an incredibly scientific basis of political organization. This is the real issue; whereas most of the political thuggery has been traditionally instigated by individual stalwarts of mainstream politics in the mainly rural areas of the remaining provinces; MQM has given the same concept unparalleled organizational prowess. So the question remains is one against MQM (which is absolutely acceptable) or against political terrorism and thuggery – please decide!

        Also remember, the purveyors of the MQM’s hard-lined ideology were not eligible to vote in the 1962 elections, which redefined tenets of political thuggery in Pakistan.

        • Vicky

          Agree, but still you can see people from outside karachi & sindh can easily work here with no problems at all. But now Urdu speaking people are facing this problem of restriction to travel & work at certain places like Kati Pahari, Banaras etc etc. And this violence increase so much during PPP era specially when Mirza Sb jumped in and called Mohajirs “Bhookay Nangay”. Since then this wall of hatred has been built b/w mohajirs & other people.

          People talk s**t about mohajirs & karachi. Last time I met a guy from lahore. He said that life in karachi is a mess. Then I asked him why do you work in karachi if there are problems. Well, he said he is here because he can earn good enough. So, people from all over Pakistan come just to earn here & this earning is the real reason why everyone wants to take hold of karachi. But we as karachians respect others & welcome them to work together.

          Go to bolten market, pan manddi & soldier bazar etc. There the aman committe gang members (Zulfiqar Mirza group) demand extortion minimum in lac rupees. And if anyone fails to supply the demanded extortion, they kill him. One of my far relative was shot dead because he failed to supply the demanded extortion of 5 lac rupees to the aman committe. They have been working for 30+ years & owned several shops worth millions. Now they cannot work there since the families are scared to send them back to run their family business. Now they came to know that the locks of their shops have been replaced by other locks. Means, their shops & stock has been hijacked / snatched.

          MQM may not be 100% clean. There have been good & bad people in it. But it is not as bad as the others. They represent us & once in a year they come to ask for the fitra with is a very reasonable amount.

          Yes, MQM should work on the political training of its workers. Improvement is needed at the lower level. The higher command of MQM is educated & decent. Farooq Sattar, Mustafa Kamal, Raza Haroon etc are the decent personalities in the party & they did great work for the development of karachi when they were given a chance. And all these people of MQM live in oridnary homes among common people of karachi, not in mansion & palaces.

      • Vicky

        A Pathan can easily work in the areas of MQM (see the number of tea hotels & resturants, all owned by Pathan) but a Urdu speaker / Mohajir cant work at Pathans area i.e KATI PAHARI, BANARAS etc. If they try, they either get killed or their car & phones / money are stolen. Even police & rangers cannot go at Kati Pahari which is in control of Pathans.

        Can you tell why?

  • Ali

    why would karachi need talibans when mqm is there. these indian terrorists are way worst than talibans. and btw interestingly why talibans didn’t attack on mqm on elections day tell the whole story that who actually the real talibans of karachi.

  • Ali

    discriminatory behavior? they openly kill people of every other ethnicity, even kill those urdu speakings who are against them and if we raise our voice against their barbaric terrorism, that is labelled as discrimination. Amazing!

  • Ali

    if PPPP and PMLN have gotten repeated chances for a federal government but have plundered, looted, deprived, mismanaged, etc than what different mqm have done? for your kind info they were part of each and every government to help them out in ruining this country.
    and shame on you people who have nothing to offer accept playing ethnic card and justifying the terrorism of Mqm.

    • Vicky

      Bro, you are missing the main point here. MQM did much development in karachi during Musharraf era. The efforts of MQM & the x-mayor Mustafa Kamal cannot be denied. He used to work 24/7 visiting all sites & projects. New roads, bridges, underpasses etc have been built. They have upgraded & built new hospitals & upgraded the infrastructure of all govt schools & colleges. They have built recreation parks throughout the city for people to enjoy time with their families.

      Yes, there has not been a considerable progress during PPP era as the govt did not provided funds for any projects. Let me tell you still karachi is in the pace of development & if they get proper cooperation, this city will once again rise to new heights.

      The problem of killing & extortion is a huge issue here. But mostly are being done by the other people. They demand huge amount of extortion with a gun in their hand. I have lost one of my relative & the killers were the members of Gang war & Aman Committe. Just ask a business man who is working at Tower, Denso Hall & Bolten Market which is the biggest trading zone of Karachi. He will tell you the truth.

      People have a wrong perception that MQM demands extortion & does all the killings while others are innocent like new born babies. Well, that does not means MQM is 100% innocent, no. But it is not as bad as people think. There are bad people in it but also there are good people, esp educated belonging to middle class community. And go check, these people live in ordinary houses, not in mansions or Palaces like Zardari or Nawaz.

  • Karachian

    I wonder why even common people are so desperate to put a ban on MQM. It is understandable if Establishment wants to do it because it badly hurts their interests of maintaining status quo, but why common people? Why so scared of MQM? Why such hatred against fellow Pakistanis? (If you even consider them Pakistanis). Why shunning completely a very large number of educated, law abiding, tax paying, civilized, moderate, liberal, patriotic citizens of your country who live in properly constructed houses located at properly planned localities with basic amenities like sewerage, water supply, electricity, gas, paying their utility bills on time, have proper jobs or businesses, go to schools and colleges, enjoy living healthy lives with their families and contributing greatly to the economy of Pakistan, generating more than 60% of the total revenue, which is being used to take care of the defense requirements of the country and overall functioning of the government.

    Why exactly do you support people who are fighting and killing Pak Army soldiers and officers on a daily basis, attacking the army headquarters, attacking air bases, naval bases, blowing up strategically important planes, destroying important assets, blowing up innocent women, children and unarmed civilians in suicide attacks, kidnapping for ransom, killing moderate liberal educated people, attacking foreign sports teams and foreign nationals, creating a bad name for Pakistan all over the world, forcing international investors out of the country, making the sports grounds look deserted by scaring the foreign teams away, robbing banks and houses to buy more weapons to kill more soldiers, aligning with the enemies of Pakistan, getting money and training from them, working with them to destroy Pakistan.

    Why do political parties like ANP, PPP, JI, PMLN and PTI support these enemies of Pakistan by turning a blind eye when the supporters of their parties provide safe haven and shelter to them in their controlled areas like Banaras, Katti Pahari, Sohrab Goth, Lyari, Malir, Maripur, etc. Why do these parties encourage their supporters to keep supporting these terrorist. Why do these parties support these people living in unplanned houses, built in slumps, under unhygienic conditions, on illegal lands, with illegal water connections, illegal electricity connections, illegal gas connections, resulting in massive loss and destruction of these government organizations. Why do Shahbaz Sharif requests Taliban not to attack Punjab? Why not entire Pakistan? Why does newly appointed CM of KPK belonging to PTI have to request Taliban to give them a chance and say that PTI has no hard feelings against them.

    MQM leadership and its supporters are traitors despite being strongly aligned with Pakistan. Despite hoisting flag on their houses. Despite supporting the army. Despite being proud of our Army. Despite accepting the writ of the government. Despite Despite following the rules. Despite living peacefully in a civilized manner.

    But Taliban are not traitors Despite being openly against Pakistan. Working against the interests of Pakistan. Despite hating and fighting the army. Despite rejecting the writ of the government. Despite killing, murdering and destroying.

    What do we have to do to prove our loyalty to this nation? What do we have to do to get rid of this stigma of being a traitor? How long do we have to remain a refugee in this country? How long would we be hated for speaking a different language?