Why Vote for JI and Naimatullah Khan?

Why Vote for JI and Naimatullah Khan?


Former mayor- a safe contestant for the best one in the history of Karachi  and a very senior member of Jamat-e-Islami, Naimatullah Khan, has perhaps a quite categorical claim for the sector NA-250 he’s contesting for. To add, it is claimed that he was also shortlisted for the World Mayor  of the Year owing to his remarkable achievements but had  to resign before completing his tenure, and therefore could not contest for the title.


In order to bring out for our people why should they vote or not vote for him this time, we conducted his exclusive  interview,  pertinent to his election campaign and his ideals for serving once he’s elected.


1)How do you evaluate your chances against Khush Bakht Shujaat,  considering she won the last time?


Naimatullah Khan: Last time, I never stood from the sector-we had boycotted the elections- so it can’t be claimed that I lost against her. Hence I’m not threatened by anyone and hopefully this time Inshallah, we will have our win.


2) With an excellent record of your reign as the mayor of Karachi,which achievements would you like to highlight now?


Naimatullah Khan: I believe my achievements as Karachi’s mayor especially in terms of governance and development are unparalleled. My sincere and relentless efforts to improve the infrastructure of Karachi by passing18 flyovers, several underpasses,the water supply scheme and uncountable developmental projects need  no reminders.

3) What do you plan to do for your area if you win?

Naimatullah Khan:Inshallah when I win, the top-priority task for me would be to restore the law and order of the area. There can be nothing more important than the safety and security of our people- their lives and properties which have been cheaper than anything for quite a while now. And so I’ll be on it.


Q4) How do you plan to do away with the menace of weaponisation and terrorism?


Naimatullah Khan: In order to rid a place of  weapons and terrorists, the culprits should be caught and brought to justice, so the rest fear when they even think of attempting it.


And even though I don’t claim, I’d root out terrorism and corruption completely, but when there’s a sincere person on the top,  it naturally follows that such evils are reduced to the least.


Q5) Would you care to elaborate on the developmental projects you plan to pursue?

Naimatullah Khan: As far as the developmental projects are concerned in my reign as a mayor, I had almost completed the lease of housing residents of Kachie Abadi  by  granting them the blessing of their  home for only Rs 2 per yard . However, since I could not complete my tenure,this work went in the pipeline. And it’s something I’d still undertake to any extent I can, if I’m elected .

Q6) Since ‘bringing about change’ is everyone’s agenda these days, what’s your ideology of bringing that much needed change?


Ans) Our Book is the tenets of our ideology and the much-talked change can only possibly come by adhering to the ideals of Islam. You can safely  say, Islam is our political philosophy as well.


6) Do you think elections will be fair this time?

Ans) It depends on the authorities like ECP, Police, Rangers and  other government agencies to act neutral and responsible. And to assert- army should be deployed on polling booths to avoid forgery and deceit.


Madeeha Ishtiaque

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  • faisal

    Why Vote for JI?

    Because you are stupid.

    • Ashfaq Khan

      Because you r not stupid.R U not? You don’t like An honest man as compare to a member of land mafia that grabbed and sold playing fields and children parks.

  • Fahad

    What a joke. Self proclaimed Best Mayor! I wonder why NA 250 residents will vote for someone who does not even live in their constituency.

  • Mike

    JI rated the the best political party. You ask by whom? why, Taliban of course. If thats not good enough a reason then I don’t know what is.

  • M.Saeed

    Just see his wiki-profile and decide on merits.

    • Mazhar Hussain

      you mean wiki-leak ? otherwise wiki is dubious too ..

  • ZAK

    Well, I am not JI fan at all but Naimatullah Sahib deserve more credit than Mustafa Kamal Sahib because he laid stones of infrastructure in Karachai and Kamal continued. JI was basically Karachi and Urdu speaker party before MQM creation. They always had strong hold in Karachi than anywhere else in Pakistan.

  • http://www.facebook.com/yaqoob.bnu Syed Yaqoob Shah

    JI is da best political party in PAKISTAN!!!!!!

  • Taj Ahmad

    As Ex. Mayor of Karachi, he did a very good job and later followed by Syed Mustafa Kamal to continue his project on timely manner.

  • Mazhar Hussain

    Aur ‘tabdili’ a chuki hai ..alhamdulillah. PTI zindabad, Pakistan zindabad

  • faisal

    What? Since when stating your opinion make you a Taliban?

    • Anonymous

      “Because you are stupid”, this statement can not be expected from an educated person. This statement makes a person worst then Taliban, who atleast did not disrupt on election day.

      • faisal

        Worse than Taliban? LOL!. Oh you are serious, LOL!

        Taliban didn’t interrupt on election day? That should make them good guy? Typical jamati mindless thought.

  • rahman1ff24

    Only niamatullah khan is enough for karachi…he is honest man …

  • M.Saeed

    Wrong posting eror. It was intended for Sassi.

  • faisal

    A jamati lecturing someone on mentality and approach. Laughable. You boys need to grow a little out of “everything is a conspiracy” mentality before you lecture anyone.

    You just displayed a typical, needless, useless jamati approach by dragging MQM in the discussion.

    Are you really a jamati? Cause last I heard you boys were buddies with Taliban, now you are equating them with MQM, something must be broken in your head. What happened? Fingers got burned while feeding your dogs?

    Lets not worry about future armed wing of PTI, we need to first disarm your boys from IJT, Shabbab, TTP etc.

  • Anonymous

    U r from PTI and fighting for MQM…………..LOL…..HAHAHAHAHAHA