Why are Government bodies such Pain?

Why are Government bodies such Pain?

More than 10 years back I went to NADRA office for my CNIC, it was my first ever visit and experience of NADRA and even at that time too (before going there) I heard lots of complaints how disorganized and mismanaged NADRA office is. So I went there with preconceived mindset. But luckily what I experienced there was completely opposite. I was given a chit from an outside window and immediately afterwards I entered their office and I was on a door when someone pronounced my name and I was immediately taken to their computerized data collecting cell, recorded my information, handed over with another chit on which receiving date of my CNIC was mentioned. All this process took less than 15 minutes. And I got my CNIC on the due date. On my way back I was so impressed by their working and efficiency and I asked to myself is this Pakistan?


Similarly seven years back I went to passport office for my passport and that too was my first experience and visit to passport office. There were three long queues but everyone was disciplined enough to be remained in their queues. I was amazed how everything was so organized there. From one counter to another counter we are moving like an assembly line. And after two weeks I again went there to receive my passport, I showed my receipt to the person on the window he handed me my passport and I took it and went back home. So again I asked this question is this Pakistan as I was totally impressed by the whole experience.


And now last week I casted my vote for the first time, again first experience of a polling station, heard lot about mismanagement of polling stations. But again (call it my luck) I was impressed how things were organized there. From handling over a serial number (after verifying it from the voters list), to the verification of CNIC (twice) to the stamping of ballot papers.  I honestly do not found any rigging or any mismanagement. Everything went so smooth.


So now what should I call myself “an exceptional case” or simply lucky or I can say we too have a good side.

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  • Taj Ahmad

    Good news, if all goes well in our government control offices, that means
    We are heading to right direction in our country.

  • Taj Ahmad

    Public wants all government control offices such as NADRA, Passport Offices,
    Police Station, PIA, Custom Offices, Land Control Offices, Post Offices,
    Municipal Offices, Water and Gas supplies offices, Electric supplies offices
    do the right things and deliver a good customer service without any hassle
    and bribery.

  • Ibn Hanif

    A few months back I got my passport renewed from Pakistani consulate in Jeddah. I had also heard that I will need to stand in ques for ours but they provided tokens number right after the opening of the office and there were enough chairs to accommodate all the applicants . Some one from officials also announced the complete procedure. I was amazed to see that each staff member was working at its best speed, MashaAllah. I got the passport in time really impressed by the services and the respect I had seen for the fellow Pakistanis. “Nahi Na Ummeed Iqbal Apni Kisht-e-Veeran Se Zara Nam Ho To Yeah Matti Bari Zarkhez Hai Saki”. I appreciate the blog and certainly we should appreciate good as well but unfortunately most of the time our reporters assume that a good news is not even a news.
    This article is an exception but the rest of the media reminds me the following quote of an American president:
    [If one morning I walked on top of the water across the Potomac River,
    the headline that afternoon would read: 'President Can't Swim.'
    Lyndon B. Johnson]

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