What Goes Around Comes Around

What Goes Around Comes Around

MQM (the biggest stakeholder of Karachi), PPP (the biggest stakeholder of Sindh), and ANP (the smallest stakeholder in Karachi) have been facing a string of deadly attacks following explicit threats for the same by the Pakistani Taliban. These assaults, being extremely barbaric, cannot be condemned more strongly. Consequently, these parties’ electioneering has come to a grinding halt. This too deserves highest degree of condemnation.

But, as is being said in the media, at least the recent Taliban assaults have brought these staunchest political rivals to a stage where they can be seen not only giving each other a shoulder to cry on but launching a joint campaign to mobilize the masses against the real and present danger.

These parties, in a show of rare unity which can simply be described as a marriage of convenience yet again, have vociferously demanded in one voice a level playing field in the run-up to what is being dubbed as the most unpredictable ballot exercise of Pakistan.

Pakistanis, especially, the citizens of Karachi are not only startled on their coming together but feel betrayed at the same time at the hands of this trio. Their supporters not just voted these parties to power but also continued to favor them during their latest stint in power for five years which seemed to have stretched much longer than just five times multiplication of 365 days.

During their half-a-decade-long tenure at the helm, these three partners in the government did hardly anything for the city of Karachi except for profusely spitting venom against each other both on TV screens as well as, presumably, behind the scene (or we were so led to believe).

None of these parties can boast of commencing, let alone bringing to a fruition, even a single mentionable development project in the metropolis – the largest city of Pakistan and the epicenter of its economic and trade activities.

They even turned a deaf ear to the citizens’ cries demanding nothing more but a single and most basic of the rights guaranteed in the Constitution of Pakistan to its every adult man and woman and their children — to live in peace.  Even this single demand of the peace-loving citizens proved too difficult for them to fulfill.

What used to be known as the city of lights was mercilessly and selfishly turned into a battleground that in a course of five years witnessed bloodiest game of death, resulting in killings whose number runs much higher than those resulted from all the terrorist attacks including drone strikes and other natural calamities across the rest of the country.

Bloodshed continued on the streets of Karachi day in and day out throughout the five years of the trio’s coalition government but these parties, which came to power through electorate’s vote, couldn’t find a single way to sort out this issue.

Now, these parties are demanding of the caretaker government, which is also of their own choosing, to ensure them the exact right that the citizens had been desperately asking them for – to live in peace.

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Mazhar Bughio

Web journalist/ writer associated with Geo News/ The News International.

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  • M.Saeed

    They all join again for the kill before fighting for their bigger bites of the game!

  • Hasan Tasleem

    Sir, Instead of combing the acts of all three in ONE. Picture the 03-08 Era, where MQM had TOTAL control of Karachi, if they wanted to do such mess. Couldn’t they do it then? There was no one to respond, but instead they took Karachi to its RISES, invested in Karachi, Jobs, Foreign Investment, Security, Development, etc. It has been the trend seen py previous parties in power to de-stabilized Karachi, to full-fill their cause, purposely hold back budget of Karachi, so stop it from Growing.

    Furthermore, you obviously left out a clear point which is that, from Day 1, MQM & Altaf Hussain have been against terrorism, ANP on other hand, was had provided protection to banned outfits, but when it got too much for them to handled, they abandoned them, so they retaliated, PPP on the other had kept up. Post-Musharraf dealing within America, army operations with regular interval, Drones continued.

    Whereas Parties like PMLN, PTI & PPP, have openly supported banned outfits, providing them protection within its wings. They’ve open recognized those outfits as our own, who disown the country, does not believe in democracy. So why wouldn’t such people be favorable to banned outfits.

    As a child we are taught to read between the lines and develop our own meaning, but it seems to be that you’ve only read within the lines, with talking an analytical approach.

    • Vicky

      Agree with you completely.

  • Mazhar Hussain

    MQM, being in the govt ALL the time whether if it is a democratic or an autocratic martial law, enjoyed all sorts of benefits/amenities.ministries – and this party not just started politics of violence, target killings, they spoiled the whole generation of Mohajirs in Karachi (btw, I m mohajir). This is the same Karachi which 20 years ago whole Pakistan was proud of in terms of education but now MQM took all that away. In upcoming election Karachittes should open their eyes and vote to PTI – a party of a true and genuine leader Imran Khan otherwise – hamari dastaan bhi na ho gi dastaanoon mai.

    I m sure MQM can’t leave their amenities, ministries behind and for ANY cost they will participate in this upcoming elections. Their bubbling is just a drama as always MQM’s self exiled leader called Zardari after numerous times they were out of the govt and all of sudden joined the govt. This is not the politics of principle and integrity but to achieve their own benefits.

  • http://www.facebook.com/amin.arab.357 Amin Arab

    these bhat khor parties closed the shops of others now they cant even open thier election offices.

    • ahsan

      their own SHOPS you mean to say… second that!!

  • Fawad Rehman

    Surprisingly,Blogger justified the killing of innocents, bomb blast, Talibanazation and extremism. Instead of condemn these brutal attacks author trying to legitimize these attacks. No wonder Taliban mindset has penetrated in Pakistan’s print media.

    • Anonymous

      Every one condemn these attacks but they were in power for last 5 years but haven’t done anything practicaly to resolve situation. So what goes around comes around. None like killings but there are reaction of every action. If they had done something about it, they might not have been crying babies.

    • http://www.geo.tv Mazhar Bughio

      The first para of the blog goes: “MQM (the biggest stakeholder of Karachi), PPP (the biggest stakeholder of Sindh), and ANP (the smallest stakeholder in Karachi) have been facing a string of deadly attacks following explicit threats for the same by the Pakistani Taliban. These assaults, being extremely barbaric, cannot be condemned more strongly. Consequently, these parties’ electioneering has come to a grinding halt. This too deserves highest degree of condemnation.”

    • M.Saeed

      English is not my mother-tongue and I fail to find a head or
      a tail in this blog. I don’t know what the B(l)ogger means to say in his executive statement: “Bloodshed continued on the streets of Karachi day in and day out throughout the five years of the trio’s coalition government but these parties, which came to power through electorate’s vote, couldn’t find a single way to sort out this issue.”

      To me the term “trio” used by the writer means “Taliban” who
      continued bloodshed in Karachi for 5-horrible years!?!?

  • Simple Pakistani

    I termed all these three parties as the most character-less parties in the world. They absolutely possess no character and are ready to do anything for being in the government. The author is right when he says that the City of Light Karachi is darkened by the mischiveous activities of these three parties. A few months before they were the arch rivals of each other and now sitting together and swearing of living and dying together. I think that this is something the result of their own deeds.

  • Nadeem Raja

    Dear Fawad, I don’t think blogger has jusified talibanization any any shape or form, it just tried to explain “MAFAQAT-e-AMAL” senorio. When ever anyone sneek in to power through violence, that’s what exactly happens to them. I believe the peole who vote for these ruthless politians, are equally responsible. Have we got short memory, can’t we remember the history of Altaf Bhai, “BHAI” it self is a well known term in Bombay and Karachi for gang-masters. in the press conference they look like “THREE STOOGES” to me, who are striving for thier existance. I am sure this should be wake up call for us, when you see them together.

  • Farhan

    What a shameful blog by an educated Pakistani, sitting here where world can read him and justifying the killings of innocent political workers. Only if three parties were involved in some conflicts does this mean that their workers and supporters should be killed by terrorists? You are urself a terrorist if you can’t condemn their act

  • Iqbal hussain

    The writer is a supporter of killers, he is simply supporting the killing of innocent workers and supporters of democratic process.

  • Jaani rao

    I wonder how much this writer got paid about the pro-Taliban blog from PMLN.

    • Well wisher

      Do you have any factual point to present?

  • Shakoor hussain

    I can smell the hatred for liberals from this blog..You will be treated the same way , wait for ur turn !

  • S Nasrullah

    The threadbare analysis – pretty factual – highlights the miserable performances of all the Stakeholders in Sindh and Karachi and how they are being routed by the disillusionment of the electorate and the interjection of an unknown quantity, TTP. As truly described Karachi as the epicenter of Commerce and Industry of Pakistan, the other elements are challenging the Mafia rule of MQM with their monopoly on Extortion(Bhatta) funds and torture techniques. The marriage of convenience banded the bandits together in their looting spree. If Karachi has lost its golden touch and is deprived of Foreign Investment and expertise, these stakeholders are to be blamed. The days of Mafia are numbered. Mafia has lost its credence and credibility everywhere in the world. Education has instilled civility and culture and force is out-maneuvered and outdated. Karachi is mini Pakistan and can NEVER be monopolized by any linguistic or clannish political entity.

    Imran Khan has publicly declared his stance for independent Pakistan, free from external machinations and manipulations. Why then a Party subsisting on telephonic leadership of an absconding accused, luxuriating in the lavish environments funded by the Bhatta money ingested by its tentacles from MQM sympathizers spread across Pakistan and the West, parasitically hanging onto the power base with any and every Party in Power, should pose INNOCENCE?

  • Talha Hashmi

    Great blog! It shows the true face of killers who are trying to fool the innocent people in the garb of so-called liberal politicians. They have turned the city into a lawless jungle by looting the people in the form of extortion, land grabbing, drug trafficking and above all target killing.

    More than 3000 people were killed and 1500 injured in target killings in Karachi during their five years (2008 to 2013) in government. I had voted one of these parties in the hope that they bring about a positive in Karachiites but all their acts were aimed at furthering personal interests.

    What is one single achievement of these parties?

  • http://www.facebook.com/obaidullah2150 Sonu Nigam Khan

    This simply points out the fact….Vote For Change

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Asif-Ali/100003211172282 Asif Ali

    Now these corrupt people will decide the fate of pakistan. They need to recognize their own fate first then think about Pakistan…. These politicians need to be hide some where bcz the god has decided their judgement day for them. Wake up Pakistan, decide ur own destiny and fate..do not trust any single politicians… Above all try to love people of the world

  • Anonymous

    Vote for Muzlumiat. PPP got vote for Muzlumiat of Banazir Bhooto and occupied the government and looted the country and remaining two joined hand with PPP for vote of Muzlumial. Remember their slogans were Muzloom ZAB and Banazir, other one Muzlumoon Ka Sathi hai……… (Muzloom Mahajirs) and the third one Muzloom Pathan. They killed thousand innocent peoples of Karachi. When they kills a common man of Karachi they lay their flag on his dead body according to his appearance, if he is mahajir MQM claim his right of flag, if he is Pukhtoon ANP got his right of flag and if he is a Sindhi or Baluch PPP has a right to raise their flag. How that dead person tell that he was not a part in any case of these party and tell he was a common man and came out from his home to earn bread for his children? Now they got excuse of Taliban and joined together to beg for Vote of Muzlumiat.

    • S Nasrullah

      @ MMBSaani: Karachi, as the capital of Sindh, is the capital of Commerce and Industry for Pakistan, as such is Mini Pakistan and certainly not the exclusive fiefdom of Muhajirs, Peopleyas and Pathans. A cosmopolitan City with arabesque of ethnicity, Karachi is a city of opportunities, a cauldron where the social diversity beautifully blend to project suave and sophisticated Pakistanis.

      The previous Ruling Coalition of PPP-MQM-ANP spelled disaster for Karachi and the endemic looting, killing and extortion became the culture cult of Sindh. Hundreds of innocent lives were lost owing to target killings, ransom rowdyism, extortion (Bhutta), and blatant murderous mayhem. The goons – Members of the Ruling Mafia – created havoc with the Peace and Tranquility of Karachi (once the City of Lights) and in the process Karachi was deprived of the Capital, the expertise and the Entrepreneur of the Business class who migrated to safer havens abroad.

      Even after 65+ years of the Existence of Pakistan, it is a pity that some people still pride themselves calling Muhajirs , especially when their new generations are born Pakistanis. If that classification gives them a distinction ,let them enjoy their hallowed individuality.