Welcome to ‘Dangerous’ Pakistan

Welcome to ‘Dangerous’ Pakistan

Call the musicians, distribute the sweets for ‘Roshan Pakistan’ and ‘Naya Pakistan’ i.e. the PMLN and PTI have been voted the 1st and 2nd choice of this country. Apart from all the differences both the parties have one thing in common, both of them want to talk to the Taliban, I mean the Pakistani Taliban, I mean with one of the groups of Pakistani Taliban, I mean the Tribal jirgas. Well I guess we aren’t too sure about who we want to talk to. Since May 11, I have read hundreds of columns mentioning that people of Pakistan have spoken and their choice is ‘Talks’ but is it that simple and does the PMLN and PTI even decide that? Not really – From domestic violence to foreign relations we pretty well know who runs the game and who calls the shots so if both these parties think they can even make the slightest change in the ‘official’ stance I think they are living in a fool’s paradise.



Lets highlight some of the sensitive issues which will decide how strong footed this new government is. Will the PMLN and PTI take a strong stance on the Abbotabad commission? Was it just an error of judgment that the most wanted man in the world was found hundred of kilometers inside Pakistan territory? PTI was one of the first party which advocated talks with the terrorists, will their party leaders seek permission for those talks from those thousands of families who lost their loved ones during those terrorists attacks? Polio workers have been brutally targeted all around KPK, will Imran Khan come out and strongly condemn these attacks?



PMLN was the target of criticism for having a soft corner for LeJ terrorists but just before the elections it masterfully silenced the issue, now when they have the government in the centre and Punjab will they order a full fledged operation against these terrorists? The Hazaras of Quetta and Victims of Abbas Town, Karachi want justice more than the Metro Bus Service. Asghar Khan case is still a skeleton hiding in the closet, will the government act to punish the culprits or will we see a petition submitted in the Supreme Court soon urging the government to take action against these culprits? Pervaiz Musharaf is another issue which demands sensitivity; will Nawaz Sharif (who has been accused of taking a soft stance against him recently) come out strongly against the man who over-threw his government in 1999?



Will Nawaz Sharif go to the extent of prosecuting and punishing an ex-Army Chief through the proper course of law or will we see another deal coming soon if one hasn’t already been signed? Imran Khan during his interviews before the elections always said he had bigger issues to tackle than criticizing MQM in Karachi but after Zahra Shahid’s murder he was quick to point his finger towards Altaf Hussain directly, which PTI Chairman should we follow?  the one who wanted to file cases against Altaf Hussain or the one who didn’t think MQM is not big an issue. India is another crucial issue for Nawaz Sharif, the last time he went on a friendship spree with India, Kargil happened and then ultimately he ended up being over-thrown, will he go to the extent of deciding his own course of action or will the GHQ decide how and when to shake hands with India?



If the coming 5 years will be ‘Roshan Pakistan’ or ‘Naya Pakistan’?  only time will tell but the next 5 years is definitely a ‘Dangerous Pakistan’ because if all these above mentioned issues aren’t tackled in a proper way I am afraid things will be much more difficult for the ordinary citizen for the next 2 decades at least.

Mansoor Ali Khan

A GEO News Anchor..

  • Patriot

    Mr.Mansoor Ali, if war is the only solution to remove terrorism then y the hell terrorism is still alive, from more than 10 years we are wasting our animations, huge money, efforts, time & life but did we achieved our goal? NO, bcz its not our war its so called drama created by USA to enter in this region. We r bearing this bcz we supported USA instead of Afghans, we should be capable engough to stand on our own feets so that there is no need to beg infront of USA and when there is no need to beg infront of USA then USA will not be able to enforce its policies on us, PTI is the first party who jumps in the death valley of Waziristan and take international media in that death region to bring into notice that there r some many innocent people r killing by drone attacks, more drone attacks more terrorist, Imran Khan is the first person who talks about solution instead of problem, imran suggested the policy of negotiation & table talks with Afghans instead of giving ur airbases to USA for attacks on Afghans. So, let hope for the best, we did this so we have to solve this through negotiation bcz tool of war has already been used which resulted in failure now we r using last available tool of negotiation.

  • Anonymous


    Why we are being enforced to die in the blasts of CNG BOMBS
    due to non-certified and non-standard CNG fittings and cylinders in commercial
    vehicles which are also known as CNG BOMBS.

    Because the government which is almost consist of
    “elite class” have no concern for the safety of public.

    If a child or a family belongs to “elite class” is
    killed in such incident then only the law makers will make laws within a few
    hours to stop such incidents caused by these CNG BOMBS.

  • i have been through some of your blogs and looks like you just want to malign Pakistan. you can’t find single good thing about your own Country where you are staying and filling your filthy stomach. Once in a while write someting nice.

  • asamieh

    go make him leader of ur own house…

  • Bilal Saeed

    LOL do you still expect that these indian-paid writers will write some optimistic articles? They only highlight the negativity of our society

  • Vicky

    His strength can only be proven when he will perform & deliver what he has promised. Just getting elected is not a great deal, example is Zardari. No one voted for him but everyone voted for PPP & PPP placed him as the head of our state.

  • Anonymous

    Reminds me of a review a while back (source duckmafia.blogspot.co.uk). Here it goes:

    “Meet the Fockers is an attempt to cash in on the success of Meet the Parents, a far superior film. It uses the same premise, but with wackier, less believable characters (the best sequence involves a baby and Scarface). It would be uninteresting trash if it weren’t for two things. First, the film’s form fits its content. The Fockers celebrate the mediocrity of their son, Gaylord, by erecting a shrine-like wall of fame for him, filled with seventh placed ribbons at disciplines such as bread making. So too Jay Roach’s direction emphasizes its own blandness. Unlike most films, Meet the Fockers accepts its own insignificance. There is also a question of politics, emphasized by the casting of Dustin Hoffman, an outspoken liberal, as Bernie Focker. Pitted against DeNiro’s Jack Byrnes, the two engage in a battle of ideologies that the film plays out on a battleground of child rearing. On a historical scale, Byrnes represents the Cold War style of American foreign policy based on an arms race, represented by the Byrnes RV, and spheres of influence, or “circles of trust”. Focker, on the other hand, is more environmentally conscious and socially aware, while still not being a push over. In a pivotal scene he injures Byrnes by unexpectedly crashing into him during a football game, his arms stretched out like airplane wings. That Byrnes eventually acts, by injecting Gaylord with truth serum, on bad intelligence may also suggest other connections. Overall, Meet the Parents is an unfunny, bad and darn interesting film.


    Now who is who in the Pakistani picture – as the author points out ‘only time will tell’.