PTI is Leading, Not Pleading (Rebuttal)

PTI is Leading, Not Pleading (Rebuttal)

I couldn’t help smiling after I read the scholarly article “PTI- leading for Votes”. Starting off again with the trademark line of my rebuttals:

“Thou art not a writer? Pick up a pen, flay Imran and so shalt thou become a writer.”

A stamp was imposed that PTI’s “Tabdeli Razakar Program” isn’t bringing fruitful results. May be it was quite easy for our dear writer to sit back in a comfortable couch and ascertain the viability of this scheme. TRP is producing exceptional results. TRs are trained youngsters. The main benefit that TRP is causing is answering different questions which were lurking in the minds of many floating voters who could have gone either way. Additionally, by viewing the processions of PML-N and PTI on the TV one can very easily conclude that who is beseeching for votes and who is storming towards a success.

TRs are exerting their efforts for a noble cause of canvassing for the slogan of change. These TRs are young people who are doing it out of their passion and love for PTI. Unlike paid and venal campaign coordinators of other political parties these TRs are working day in and day out and spending their own money for PTI’s cause. So stop
babbling and check the tenor of your speech while calling it a charity show.

PTI lost a TR named Muzafar in PP-9 due to electrocution (all should pray for the repose of the deceased). Still the spirits are high. Such zealot is unprecedented. For the first time in history of Pakistani politics a paradigm shift has occurred. For the time in Pakistan a party is running counter to traditional politics.

The crux of the matter is that if you feel irked by the TRs then simply don’t vote for PTI. Hurling criticism at them is totally untenable. Don’t try to indoctrinate the masses into a narrow set of political beliefs and hatred. Not all are ignorant peasants here in Pakistan. Naysayers will always remain there dipping their pens of thought into the ink of hatred. Not that Imran and PTI have to worry much about it!

Muhammad Talha

A Final year student of Electrical Engineering at UET, Lahore

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  • zakir Mehmood

    I can see what these writer are trying to do. These writers are trying to sway voters from PTI. Writers are trying hard to scare voters but they will not be succeeded. Young fellows, you have a chance and don’t let this go or you (we) all will be sorry for 4 more years probably for the rest of your life.

  • Sonu Nigam Khan

    The race for the prime minister’s seat is raging, but what I am still not aware of, who will be the president from PTI?

  • ahsan

    clean bold kar diya bhai g..

  • Hisham Idris

    We can’t allow “junoonis’ fanatics to come into power they will ruin everything. PMLN still the best bet. Love you Sher Khan

  • NZ

    ‘Support PTI to change Pakistan means similar to what Zia Ul
    Haq said “If you want Islam then I shall remain your President”. Why can change
    only come through PTI &/or Imran becoming the next PM? Change is a slow
    & gradual process, it does not happen overnight or in a short period of 5
    years. What comes in a clean sweep &/or as Tsunami is called “revolution
    & disaster”. We should be careful & not let our anger to take over our sensibility.
    Let’s stick & work together , no
    matter which party comes into power, & support each other through a common
    objective, i.e., a better tomorrow for all.

  • Hisham Idris

    Pick up the change slogan, flay NS and so shalt junooni khan become a politician” :) )

  • Nabeel

    Well Friends, Most of you are praising for PTI. Agreed IK is giving very tough Time to PML-N but keeping the Seats for each party as in most opinion polls. If a strong wave of change would blow PTI would take 60-70 Seats not more than that. I would say there will surely be a hung Parliament and you will agree that too will not be a strong Government and PPP and Zardari is master of getting an alliance for his good. I think whether PTI Supporters on PML-N supports nor the majority of People in Pakistan would like a Zaradari’s Government. Having said that IK clearly mentioned he will not do a alliance with any Party so would they form a government. So my idea is that vote for PML-N so at least we get less corrupt government as compare to Zardari’s Govt and there will be a strong opposition in the form of Tehreek e Insaaf keeping in mind after 11th October PML-N and Shahbaz Sharif do whatever they can to bring something bright to see for the people.
    I am not supporting PML-N but i am supporting good strong Government in Pakistan. Think Over it neutrally and as a Pakistani not like a die hard fan of any Political Party. Thanks

  • Hisham Idris

    For the PTI supporters IK is an infallible who is free from all impurities and preserved from liability to error or mistakes. His honesty is unquestionable and his intentions can not be doubted. Even if he turns ugly, slanderous and illogical his followers out of their blind faith in him take his words as sacred pearls of wisdom.

    This blind hero worshipping of the new found infallible is bound to lead all of us to yet another disastrous situation.

  • NZ

    My Dear friend ZAK, debate is not about who has what & who’s
    running for what? The debate is about, how can we all make Pakistan a better
    & safer place for ourselves & our children? It all comes through a
    process, which lasts long only if is gradual & allows people to mature up with
    that process. I think that the best available option is PML-N as they have
    shown political maturity in leadership & seem to have learnt from the past.
    Nawaz Sharif has openly said that he has made mistakes in the past & he has
    learnt from it & you can see this in his attitude & behavior that he
    has shown throughout his party campaign. Education sector development in Punjab
    is also worth mentioning. Don’t forget, we don’t have any institutions for political
    wisdom, grooming & maturity, the only
    way to learn about national politics is to learn by doing . Pakistan has come
    to a stage where we cannot afford another experiment. It would further drag us backwards.
    I don’t want to lose another generation of our children to the new experiment
    offered by PTI, in spite of the fact that I admire several things about the PTI
    leadership. What we need is to let the experienced & mature leadership of
    PML-N to steer us with heavy mandate & strong & constructive opposition
    form PTI, which would also get necessary training through this process. We can then use the next term for taking us forward.
    We have to think beyond party affiliation as a nation to figure out what is
    best for us. Let’s give a final chance to PML-N, keep them under strict check
    with the strong PTI opposition, fair media accountability & an active &
    a wide awaken civil society. If PML-N makes any mistake in their next term, I
    will be with you protesting against them & would not protect them at all
    through my blind party affiliation. My position on PML-N is same as has been suggested
    by Nabeel.