Our Politics: Rural and Urban

Our Politics: Rural and Urban

Unsurprisingly, the people of Pakistan are looking for change through ballets, the kind of change which can bring peace and prosperity in their lives; which can provide an equal system of education in every corner of Pakistan. To bring the change Imran Khan is using the formula of bringing young and new people to the Parliament. This is a good stance but not the first time ever taken by anyone in Pakistan. Factually, MQM has always introduced young, educated and new faces under the guidance of some senior leaders like Farooq Sattar in the Parliament.


This time MQM is brining a huge number of new and young parliamentarians. One of the fine example is Ali Raza Abidi, a self made businessman from Karachi who is contesting for NA-251.  Imran Khan’s politics was a direct threat to the vote bank of Nawaz Sharif. Now Sharif is playing the same formula and bringing new people to the parliament. One of their candidate for PP-173 is 37 year old Marh Kashif Padhiar, another self made educationist from Lahore, originally from Noor Mandi.



Interestingly, both Kashif and Ali are foreign graduates, and belong to different dynamics in Pakistan. Kashif is contesting from a rural area which is about 40KM away from Lahore and Ali is the contestant of the biggest metropolitan city, Karachi. Kashif said that he is very hopeful for his winning but reason was the not the typical bardari system of rural area, he said that none of his bradari member lives in his constituency. He said,” I have worked a lot on ground politics, and my style of approaching the people varies with their level of understanding”. When you are in Rome, do as Romans do, this is Kashif’s key of doing his campaign. He said previously PPP won this particular seat but the representative did nothing for the betterment of the area, this is another key that helped me in gaining the momentum. He said the opponent from PTI doesn’t even know the names of the villages that are covered in this constituency but he is trying to get votes on typical bradari system.


In Karachi, with the current unstable situation Ali is running his campaign through social media and corner meetings. He said people are upset but not scared; they are willing to go out and vote. Ali started his political struggle through social media and revolutionized the use of social media in MQM. He held training sessions for workers on sectors and units level. He said we work hard as a team and we can tweet more than 40 thousand tweets for our single event. He said that getting ticket in MQM is not easy, they only consider merit and your hard work towards the party.


Upon asking about what can bridge the gap between urban and rural Pakistan, both of my friends replied”Education”. Kashif said that he has dream of changing the whole education system in Pakistan or at least in Punjab. He said, “I am educationist and I know what is the real essence needed in Pakistan which can change the fate of rural people.” Ali said that equality of education can bring us closer and this unjust system is the root cause of corruption and terrorism in Pakistan. According to Ali, this can only happen if we pursue the ideology of MQM and finish the medieval and feudal system in Pakistan.  Ali said,” I also want to work on tax recovery system, through which we can benefit our government employees like Police and health workers.” Both the candidates emphasized on the need of local body system, the system which can shorten the gaps between the representatives and the public and provide local leadership. They said that local body is the right system to improve the infrastructure, health and education.


Kashif said that I am totally against the Patwari system, this system has brought lots of corruption in rural areas and because of that corruption people and suffering and patwaris are enjoying the power which people like us can’t challenge.  Ali said, “I want to change the perception of the system which calls dual nationals and overseas Pakistanis as disloyal.” “I myself is an example who had all the opportunities after finishing the Masters degree in Boston but I chose to come back to serve Pakistan.  So did Kashif, after finishing his education first from Canada then from UK, he returned with the passion of working in education system.


If they get elected, their job will be legislation the system, for infrastructure, Pakistan needs a proper local body system. After seeing these new and young faces in different parties, we can hope to see a better Pakistan for our future generations; only if the ruling elite will let them work the way they want and let them use their young and fresh ideas in system.

Farheen Rizvi

A masters in International Management from University of Maryland, a social worker and a blogger.

  • M.Saeed

    This is Pakistan and nobody has ever worked to make according to the Quaid’s vision.
    Every mean of divide, rural, urban, ethnic, religious or geo-political would simply add to the pace of its fast-forwarding balkanization. And, don’t ever forget who gains from the fragmentation of the dream of Iqbal and solid foundations laid by the Quaid for its materialization.

  • Hasan Tasleem

    Fine Example of how Overseas Pakistani’s have continued to contribute into Pakistan’s political framework. Although, not a PMLN, supporter but do wish for Mr Kashif’s sucess, on the otherhand, as a follower of Ali Raza Abidi, on Socail Media, he has always been vocal and often MQM’s lead voice on core essentric issues that our nation faces. as Pakistan needs vision and Hard Work, driven by young motivated leaders, like Kashif & Ali.

  • M.Saeed

    In Pakistan , nobody believes in Quid’s visionary guidance to make it a heaven on earth.
    We must have faith in our young generation and give them support to revive our ailing nation. But, these enthusiastic young Pakistanis must find the killing virus in the ailing body first before injecting fresh and appropriately matched blood. Without removing them, there is every reason to believe that rejection process against the “foreign bodies” would set-in which could defeat their efforts. Such negative reactions could only be managed effectively through well-conceived, developed and tested procedures.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing will happen even if we bring new faces in the elections or later on in the parliament These old people were once entered in politics were young too. None of them entered in politics at the age of 50,55,60 …….Nawaz Sharif entered in politics when he was 25 or so, same wise Benazir Bhutto and rest of their party leaders.
    Even we bring new people, they will have not their voice to raise because they have to adhere the party or its president policy. They even can not oppose party policy or bill presented by the party in the assembly. They become the law maker but their right to free speech and freedom of expression is basically suppressed due to party/it’s president policies.

    We will not see any change till the time their own leader is not young and they get their constitutional right of free speech and right to express in their respective parties.

  • Farooq Hashmi

    Kashifs and Alis are not limited to MQM and Muslim League( N). In every political party, there are millions of them, imbued with the national spirit, anxious to bring about a revolution in the eco-political structure of the country.Thanks to the electronic media which have opened on the Pakistan’s youth,new avenues of scientific knowledge.The moribund, fusty and festering ethos of dogmatism is bleeding profusely at the altar of scientific discoveries . Unlike the previous generations, today’s Pakistan’s youth is accustomed to passing every issue through the alembic of reason, and it no longer swallows the dogmatic beliefs blind-folded. As most of the problems of the Pakistan nation emanate from feudalism and bigotry, Pakistan’s foreign-educated youth need to work against them.The eco-political problems can be solved only with the abrogation of feudalism. Unless, feudalism is done away with, the wish that the masses enjoy freedom to have their say in the national matters, will be only an oneiric matter. The mundane issues can be solved only with the mundane knowledge, not with the frightful eschatological doctrines. It’s against his very nature that a maulana urges upon a youth to acquire the knowledge of science to keep pace with the changing times. With a view to transforming Pakistan into a state as envisaged by the Quaid, Pakistan’s youth need to form a non-political national organization to arrange a door-to- door campaign to indoctrinate people with the true interpretation of the ideology of Pakistan as formulated by the Quaid, which.is no other than liberalism, freedom of all its citizens and equal opportunities for their economic growth, irrespective of their faith, ethnicity, color,caste and creed.

  • ZAK

    Farheen Rizvi: With due respect MQM is not a political party, it is a cruel gang. and was started by cruel and uneducated people. Urdu speakers were educated when they were part of JI but now JI and MQM both are the same.Well, Karachi people are still educated. If someone supports a language base or religious base party, I think that person is not educated in my opinion. The slogan ” Qayed ka jo ghadar hay wo Goli ha haqdar hay”may be forgotten by media or MQM workers or Karachi’s people but I have seen it with my own eyes when I was in Karachi in early 90s. I may have pics of the walls with these slogans written on it. People were tortured and were forced to join MQM. Look back and think when Karachi used to call a city which never sleep but since MQM creation, Karachi has become a city with everyday strike, killing and Battha.

  • Bilal

    Now a days every politician is mean. They want to make just money. No one is thinking about Quaid ‘s Pakistan.

    From bottom to Top every one wants money…

    No value for Human Life and Values

  • Taj Ahmad

    If elected, make sure serve people of your town/city and country as well.
    Accept result of election in lost or win with open heart and mind, please
    no violent protest or killing of anyone during and after election.