Naya Pakistan or the Same Old?

Naya Pakistan or the Same Old?

The election fever is fading away as the whole country is getting geared up for a new Pakistan. But is it the one people were expecting or the one which we had lived before, during the 90s, before General Pervez Musharaf rose to prominence? I am sad but instead of taking a step forward, the country has taken a step that has taken them back by 15 years.


Analysts believe that Nawaz Sharif would return a wise man this time around, and would serve the country better in his third tenure as the Prime Minister. But wasn’t he sacked, jailed and then exiled because he got a huge mandate and exercised his powers in the most senseless manner? Didn’t his advisors give him the wrong advice and he blamed them rather than himself for the way he handled things. Yes he did and one doesn’t become wiser when not in practice, and Nawaz Sharif has been out of practice for 15 years now!


I sincerely hope that as Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif is able to steer Pakistan towards betterment. People expect him to be their savior and he has the capability to fulfill their dreams because he has a huge mandate this time around. But didn’t he have 2/3 majority in 1997 as well? Wasn’t he termed as a savior even then when he asked people to pay in his Qarz Utaro Mulk Sanwaroscheme which didn’t make Pakistan any better?


And then there were the comments by his younger brother Nawaz Sharif who kept saying that Karachi is using the electricity of Punjab, and when he gets reelected, he would ensure that Punjab gets its fair share, meaning Karachi would once again become ‘former city of lights!’ It is stupid comments like these that have made people cautious of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), and Nawaz Sharif will have to make sure that he doesn’t lose his popularity in the country. After all, he is now the Prime Minister of Pakistan, not the Prime Minister of Punjab!


Pakistan has suffered a lot during the last 5 years where the government was least bothered about the very people it was supposed to serve. People have elected Nawaz Sharif and his party not because they believed in their mandate but because they wanted to get rid of Pakistan People’s Party. That’s the truth otherwise PPP would have salvaged some of their former seats in Punjab where they used to be popular. One sincerely hopes that Nawaz Sharif doesn’t repeat the mistakes his predecessors made, and take steps to get rid of drone attacks, load shedding, power shortage and above all, the mother of all problems – inflation in a nation of less rich, and more poor!

Omair Alavi

A member of the Geo News team and writing articles on sports and entertainment since 1995.

  • M.Saeed

    Omair, I was dumbfounded to read some of the columns in newspapers today that referred without giving reasons the new “two years tenure” of Nawaz Government. Perhaps they are expecting the repeat his two previous sojourns. Is he really jinxed? Or, is it the treading without watching steps in a hurry?

  • Sana Malik

    In the history we can found traces that people when achieve extraordinory marvellous success they tend to become proudy and do not concentrate for fulfilling promises as they claimed. We hope our new PM will not repeat this historical mistake.

  • M.Saeed

    Personalities are only relevant for running the contest. Once selected, it should be duty of the winner to carry the whole nation along.
    Therefore, Nawaz Sharif for his durable success, must pick-up the promising
    points of the opponents and includes them in his own list. After all he is a Pakistani leader and those who voted to his opponents are also Pakistanis and need to be cared for. This should be a win-win progression for him, as well as the nation.

    • Raj Chouhan

      Saeed Sir, I am very delighted to hear from Miaan Sahab that he would not allow Kargil and Mumbai to happen again from Pakistan soil. Now, hope you would also agree that indeed Mumbai episode was conspired in Pakistan and not was a drama conspired by RAW/CIA/MUSSAD as you have been claiming. Any how, may God bless him strength and courage to keep his words and take the relations with us to new heights. Hope India would also reciprocate in the same manner.

  • Wasif

    Nice Headline for your article. I think it depends on who your asking. For voters its a new Pakistan because they have chosen a brand new government and its a new Pakistan due to large turnout and shows strong support for Nawaz shariff. According to Gallup polls PMLN got more younger votes than PTI. However, for those who wanted Imran to be the next prime minister at any cost its still the old Pakistan.

    • adnan

      yes i think you are right many of the analyst who thought that imran khan would be the prime minister still are not willing to accept the situation and have have started to criticized the new government who have not yet hold the office.The main reason of pti defeat was these types of analyst who try to gauge the people view social media only and fail to understand that Facebook likes can be substituted for the fieldwork.

    • Waqar Khan

      hahaha funny thing some places got over 100% votes…rigging? Also, I don’t think Nawaz is a bad person, and he has many hopes for Pakistan; it’s in his own interest to make Pakistani economy better, because he is one of few people who has invest in Pakistan at a large proportion. All the parties should sit aside their differences, and work on the common goals that will make Pakistan an better place to live. I don’t know if he got more youngers votes or not, but PTI ate his votes at a great deal….Now Imran should work with Nawaz, this way the central government is strong, and so it can achieve its goals, as well being not taken by the Army again, and I hope not. 2nd, it will allow Imran to work his muscles in KPK, and at a micro-level make his Naya Pakistan’s dream come true…..
      We all are Pakistani we should all work toward the same goals to make Pakistan a better place to live, either you are Pukhtoon, Punjabi, Sindhi or Balochi, you are part of a One Body, and sheltering one part of your body, while leaving the other wouldn’t make the cold go away, you have to manage whatever resources you have and try your best to stretch to cover the whole body equally, in hope for a warm Pakistan.
      I per one, lived in the US, since I was just 8 years old, and have visited Pakistan only once, for just a week…but believe me, I have so much love for that country, and even stayed the whole night/days to follow up the election coverage on Geo Tv News.
      Best of Luck Pakistan, show us a reason to come back and invest…thanks.

  • Ali Humayun

    I do not fear old Pakistan, rather Sold Pakistan is what makes me tremble.
    Nawaz Sharif is going to build strong relations with US & India that means he will rollback gawadar and IPI ,so whats seems to be the light at the end of the tunnel is actually an approaching train and we are tied to the track . May Allah save us from us ameen.

  • asamieh

    wait it out and u will change ur statement that Pakistan has gone back a decade :)

  • umer hayat

    We hope that nawaz sharif has learned from his past mistakes and shall not act like a stubborn child this time and follow the politics of reconciliation and move among all power hubs in pakistan including Pak Army for the sake of national interest. Alas he started the first day by making announcement of inviting Indian prime minister on his oath taking ceremony which has already produced feeling of discontent among the egoistic establishment.

    And we hope that Shahbaz sharif instead of distributing laptops and yellow taxis among his voters and making few infrastructures in Lahore igonoring the rest of Punjab would take some concrete steps towards the real issues of power shortage, health and education.

  • Razzaa Ali

    actually PPP gave this turn for government to NS as per they decided year back and i quote Dr Mubashir Hassan he said they have turns to govern Pakistan and Pakistan is like a factory for them they come to collect money and then go abroad to invest it and it is very true

  • Farooq Mazhar

    Bro all i can think of is that Pakistan needed Imran not because He is a seasoned politician but he represented hope more than nawaz sharif Imran was…is the reason that all of the the young generation as well as our generation were not only interested in politics but also wanted to be a proud pakistani. Now the realization that we are forever under corrupt political parties and their corrupt influence has led us to believe that Pakistan politics is a lost cause. We know that karachi will suffer under nawaz beacuse nawaz saab can only think about punjab and his invested interest in it.

  • Naeem

    the material coming out regarding rigging cannot be ignored. it is alright if pmln won but crux of free and fair election is to give each party its due mandate which has not been done and massive rigging has taken place irrespective of any party. it would have been far better for pmln to have won the seats normally as it was already leading instead of trying to get heavy majority. i believe depriving people of their due mandate amounts to ‘high treason’ and we are all aware who are responsible for this. just to be fair i think it would be appreciable if re-elections are held in constituencies where genuine complaints of mismanagement are available. all said and done the jinx of ns and his pmln will not go far and beyond some 18 months.

  • Razzaa Ali

    And yes Media in Pakistan is only know how to worship rising sun and they are incompetent immature and non-serious

  • Mystic

    Money triumphs morality. EVERYWHERE. Not in Pakistan alone.

  • Azam

    good one

  • Faraz Qureshi

    Good Article Omair… Welcome to Political Analysis…

  • Abu ALi

    … incompetence breeds incompetence, corruption breeds corruption… its a new Pakistan by the old ways..god help us..

  • SR

    Why we are in habit of being biased in advance. It is true that you wanted IK to be PM but matter of the fact is he couldn’t.

    So accept this reality and let the country move forward. It is very strange that people like you seems to be “PRAYING” that he should fail, just for the sake of your justification that NS can’t do any thing and nation got the fooled again… Very pity on such wishes of few people around us.

    Let the Pakistan to progress and let the PTI to prove his worth in KPK and as part of opposition. Why not we in totality move forward…..or we dont want to proceed till PTI gets in driving seat???????????

  • Abbas

    First a fall i will congrats to entire PML N , ragging is there in election and its a part of every election in Pakistan History. So i was personally known that ragging will be there, it was a script which was written and well executed.

    But i really favour the script and its a good move that there will be healthy competition between I.K and N.S.government. I will described by example. That you never gives your car to new driver because its a matter of your family who will be in your car with new driver.

    So for I.K. they given the task to backup the youth and create a people to come out and vote which they never make before. It has to be credit given to I.K. and in reward they gives KPK for a trial. In whole competition will helps Pakistan peoples to get develop and make the model of real Pakistan.

    In secondly N.S. is very experience leader and he know this time if he fails so there is no way to make again for him. So he will do full justice with his mandate given by People of Pakistan.

    One thing is very good that N.S. got full supports of there other countries also.

    But N.S. have to be careful that he have to make the policy which makes Pakistan economy better and also don’t have to create any negative commitments with other countries.

    I am very much hopefull this time Pakistan Nation will build. Insha Allah.

    And a request to both of Leaders of PTI and PML N that to build the education department on city basis and give them task to make possible them education available in all lower areas and all Cheif Minister takes regular reports from there Education ministry department and there will be 0 % Torrence

    Only one thing can change entire Pakistan. Is only Equal and Free Education for all. And make strictly implement on it for each and every house in Pakistan, hence i would like if they will make amend in our constitution for Education to be gives there kids is strictly necessary.

    Regards to all our National and hope for always best.

  • Tash

    Generally I agree but what stopped MSS to go ahead and produce electricity, they could have used your Thermal power expertise to do so. Didn’t do anything for 5 years and you and others still say that hey did good in the past 5 years in Punjab nay Lahore only, I think.

  • Tash

    Mr. Nasrullah, I would suggest that you not to be judgmental. How is it that you say the that what Musharraf sowed he is reaping now? Why were MNS tenures cut short twice not once? There were very valid reasons to do that both times, once by the Military and the first time by the civilian president. I only agree with the very last part of your comment above about a strong opposition.

    I have grave doubts about the promises made by MNS vis a vis; Bullet Trains, Loans to youngsters and Emperor Shahjehan mentality of making roads.

    How could you forget his many lapses while in Government and how can you pre judge and assume that he will not do so again. Going by his latest comments about army and Kargil and the latest snuggling up to India, I do not think he has learnt much in the past 14 years.

  • Raj Chouhan

    Heartiest congratulations to all my Pakistani brothers and sisters for defeating the terrorists by coming out in large and choosing a democratic Govt of your choice. May God allow to flourish Pakistan under the dynamic leadership of Miaan Sahab and allow him to take the relations between India and Pakistan forward from where an insane goon sabotaged it in 1999. Ameen

    Dear friends where is Dr.NASAH? I have not seen any comments from his side from the last many days. Hope he is all right. May God bless him a healthy life.

    Raj Chouhan, MUMBAI

  • Hussain

    Peeli Taxi , Loan to open PAAN shop and workshop … its called NAYA pakistan

  • Sonu Nigam Khan

    I seriously doubt the analysis people boast about. How did Musharraf push back the country 15 years? The price of dollar was kept constant by this great man. Petrol never rose more than Rs. 55. There were enough jobs then and as I started my job at the stock exchange I know how much money was available to carry out trades.

    Look at the situation now, how good are we? The country has not been pushed back by Musharraf but by these plunders and looters who get kicked out always by a military man. They sing songs of democracy but what good has it done to us?

  • Auzan

    nahee rehna iss panjabi pakistan may , seprate karachi we karachies has no rights in this punjabi pakistani country its already divided in Karachi Rural and Karachi Urban and Karachi Urban has nothing in pakitan and Now Shareef will Mascar all Karachies same as he did in 1992 ,,, punjab has slected shareef he should remain in punjab ,, he is not a pm for karachies he will never be welcome in karachi

  • Najam Zia

    I believe it still is same old same old, and I am afraid it’s not going to get any better (Although I do sincerely hope I am wrong here, but……………… we have all been here before).
    The question is not that we, as people, have re- elected the most opportunistic and self serving group of people (Nawaz Sharif and Brother and Family and Co.) as a major power in the parliament, the question is what we have done in rest of the country.
    Apart from KPK, the voting pattern is the same all over as for last 50 years (last 30 years in Karachi since the emergence of MQM). Not only this parliament is full of criminals, crooks, tax avoiders, gangsters, killers, and u- turners, yet again, there are tens of independent elected members and “Ulama” from all over the country, especially from South Punjab. These “Electables” represent the darkest face of our country’s repressive rural regime and their “people” have voted them in again in the name of Bradri or what have you.
    Wouldn’t you agree that apart from a selected few, most of them would be behind bars for long times in any civilised society and country for involvement in a range of Criminal activities?
    If answer is Yes, then guys and gals, we the great nation of Pakistanis have done it again. Same old Same old. Perhaps this is no more than we deserve. We are a nation in freefall morally and socially. Not only that, we are also violent in the name of our peaceful religion. This is our fate.
    Remember Quran? Like people, like rulers.

  • Samina Razaque

    how dare you say that. I VOTED FOR PMLN NOT TO GET RID OF PPP BUT FOR THIER PERFORMANCE IN PUNJAB FOR THEIR EXPERIENCE AND BECAUSE ALL THE OTHER PARTIES INCLUDING PTI BASED THEIR CAMPAIGNS ON MUD SLINGING. so mr. einstein dont be so sure about the reason of pmln victory. we casted our votes for best we thought, you like it or not we r majority JUST SWALLOW IT UP.

  • Taj Ahmad

    I am fully agreed with the comments of long time blog writer S.Nasrullah and
    M.Saeed and do not agreed with the writer Omair Alavi’s above projected article
    about PML(N) and their leadership for a new Pakistan.

  • Auzan

    What a joke performance of punjab, why not ? sucide bombers supports Nawaz league they can do whatever they want.

    Punjab took Bhata on the name of tax from Karachi and Federal give 70 perecent after giving 70 percent in defence in the remaining 30 perecent to punjab do you know all the revenues generate in Karachi nothing generate in pu, enjab.

    But punjab too all the money this is why they flourish. Mustafa Kamal and Nayazi are they only people in Musharaf time got money from fedrel and they both make the karachi good.

    Nawaz and company will never give money to karachi they put all karaachi money in building punjab. Karachi has no rights in this punjabi country.

    CSS officers go to overseas on the name of education most of them are from punjab they stay in overseas invest their saving in these countries never return to pakistan until they get foreign passport or nationality, they keep on CSS jobs for more than decade on the baisis of foreign eduction on Karachi people tax money. they all have foreign jobs as well, enjoying life on having both jobs living and foreign and their argument ” karachi may mobile choor bohat hain” but what kind of chor dacait they are. This is just on CSS level you can imagine a corruption on local and fed govt level.

    urdu speaking should ready for another Nawaz operation starts on MQM it will start on every urdu speaking of karachi Army Rangers wont indentify MQM from its flag. Its only be identify from langugage Operation will never be on MQM it will be on Urdu speakings of karachi. No matter how much you hate MQM , army rangers has their own way to treet every urdu speaking as a MQM supporter like you can not isolate Taliban from Pashtoons US rockets are hitting to pashtoons populated areas they don’t have time to isolate segrated Taliban from Pashtoons they attack on majority populated supported areas.

    Same as the way Urdu speaking will be treeted weather they support MQM or not Urdu speaking guys has no hope in this country.

    Operation on MQM will not starts from punjab it will start in Karachi and its not easy to isolate MQM from Urdu Speaking.

    Urdu speaking already isolated in 1971 Qotta system Sindh Rural and Sindh Urban but no one wants to speak on this issue equal right even now mqm as well

    There is no place to hide or hope for Urdu Speaking . No matter Imran Nawaz has soft heart for rest of the urdu speaking but they dont have power to save them ones the riots starts break, Urdu speaking will be treated as MQM burned and gun downed like what happen in Bangaladaish its just 40yrs back,

    Imran and Nawaz will join together to fight agains MQM but where is MQM ? who is MQM? how can any urdu speaking isolate from MQM ? Riots always biggens in most populated areas of supporters like Hindu attack on Muslim populated areas can any Muslim hide in Hindu populated area ? if yes how long? at any given time he will be mascarded by any Hindu. Same goes to Urdu Speaking are you feel safe in punjabi or pashtoon populated area? even if you feel safe you will not be welcome they have to look after their own security and urdu speaking might be a Risk for their security. Even if they gave urdu speaking safe passge in those areas urdu speaking will be servent for them like a unwanted guest. They will be living and scare among them poor quallity of life like the same punjabi people living in Balochistan. scared . In these circumstances urdu speakig bound to like closely in their havily popuplate areas with their own trusted security

    Most of the time during riots in days army police clear the areas from weapons and arrest or gun down people who has it. In night other ethinic group attack on that areas because they know they have no weapon left or short of weapon and they do till the morning of few hours whatever they want to do after killing hundreds of people they disappear and again police and army come and control the area. Thats how operation surpress the people. At that point no one know who is urdu speaking mqm supporter or not they just treet as mqm supporter like the same way happen when pakistan came into being Muslim mean muslim league supporter weather they dont want to migrate to pakistan hindu treet them the same way.

    Imaran and Nawaz can only appeal and condem and people cutting each other throats on the basis of language not the basis of MQM and thats what hapening from past 40 yrs bangladaish is an example, Khaybe Pakhtoon , most recent Lal Masjid army can not identify who is terrorist or not? how can they identify every Urdu speakig is not a supporter of Mqm

    IF you want to finish MQM its very easy :Give Equal Rights to Urdu Speaking in education Civil Services and invest their tax money in development of all Karachi youths MQM will be finish by itself. But Nawaz and Imran both are too shallow they just want their country safe at the cost of Karachi people exploitation and they left karachies kids to become decoit, terrorist . snatcher, goons etc.