Karachi Can Not be Hijacked

Karachi Can Not be Hijacked

If any party presumes that they have propriety rights to Karachi, it’s about time they get a reality check and in one word, “Back off”. Our beautiful metropolis, an eclectic fusion of cultures, which truly shows signs of a prevalent urban mindset is now roiled by strikes, target killings and suicide bombing.  What more is taken from us is even our right to decide for ourselves.


Living in Karachi in the past 5 years has been nothing less than living in a purgatory- in constant fear for life, hopelessness and endless inadequacies right from electricity to water to gas to CNG to home and employment. The heart of Pakistan’s trade has been looted, derailed and abused by many former governments. But ever since the last democratic regime, we’ve been hoping for 11th May- the day where our voice will finally make a difference.


But No, Karachiites won’t even have the privilege to have  that freedom of thought, expression and action. Because Karachi is allegedly nothing more than a property of a few parties who have not only chosen it as a looting ground to fill up their pockets but also as their bait to climb up in their political hierarchy.


Not surprisingly, rigging during the elections was obscene. The worst was little children aged 8-10 taken to the polling stations for their thumb impressions and stamps. Party- urchins rushing inside the polling stations declaring on people to vote for their party. Where was ECP and army then? All there was in the name of security were two incapable policemen snorting tea outside the station.


Even if one vote is forged, it opens ground for re-election. Are we in the clutches of a few parties, one that always wins from Sindh and one from Karachi- by hook or by crook? Is that how it’s always going to be? What could a party possibly give us- one that takes away from us our primary right to freedom to decide for ourselves? How long can we live at a place where we are bullied into following what they want us to follow so they could plunder our rights and destroy our future.


However good a party may be, if it claims to hijack our city, we would Not stop until we force them Out!


Madeeha Ishtiaque

The content writer & person-in-charge of the The News/Geo International Blog. She monitors the social media activity on The News. Follow her on twitter @charmed0000

  • Taj Ahmad

    Well said Madeeha, I totally agreed with your comments and would like to add
    few lines….I think, it is time now to add more new provinces in Pakistan, it is not
    1947 or 1971……it is 2013 and Pakistan total population today is over 180 million,
    if you look back the history of Pakistan, a resolution act passed in 1951 to have
    Pakistan into 9-units/province but no government ever acted on this historical
    act of 1951 until now, Why….?

    • M.Saeed

      We cannot sustain 3-tiers of governments with several over-stepping roles to fight for and much more unproductive functions consuming
      biggest chunk of the already meager financial and other resources. The best option would be a liberal delegation of powers to the lower echelons of
      governance at Divisional level and dispensing with the provincial governments completely.

  • One from Karachi

    Dear Madeeha,

    You are living in Karachi from last 5 years. Guess what, I was born here and living here from past 28 years. And as per my experience, MQM is the only party representing the majority of URDU speaking community. You may dont like them but that is the truth.

    The other parties, like Jamat-e-Islami, PTI or ANP have to mandate in Karachi and thats why they always claim that MQM do rigging. May be they do, I dont know, but I know one thing and that is, I support MQM and all my friends, colleagues and people around me are all supporter of MQM.

    Why are you under impression that every Karachiites is with PTI. Why you cant accept your defeat. There is no Tsunami coming. Dont be a sore loser.

    • Anonymous

      Why are you under the impression that every Karachiite is with MQM – urdu speaking or not?! As an intelligent person, close to 100% vote consistently favouring any one party over years (be it MQM, PML, PPP), should worry you, or perhaps you are happy living in a controlled state of mind.

    • Zain Sha

      Ponka! My uncle was assistant presiding officer and he counted 500+ votes in just one polling booth of MQM’s strongest constituency in District Central Karachi. When results came, PTI got zero votes from whole constituency. Have an election under strict army control in Karachi and you will know how many are with MQM. Even if MQM wins the whole Karachi again, people will get to know how many are actually against MQM and MQM is not the only one representing Urdu speaking people as you assume. That is why even under severe threats from TTP, MQM did not accept army control in Karachi.

  • Proud Pakistani

    A matchless piece of work Madeeha!
    Excellent masterpiece!
    Pakistan Zindabad!

  • Guest

    Altaf!!! keep in your mind, Karachi is inseparable part of sindh and Pakistan.

    • MQM Supporter

      Stop this nonsense. If the attitude of not respecting mandate of a group continues then what Altaf said would happen. You did the same to Bengalis and they kicked your back side, threw the two nation theory in trash can and got their state and after 40-50 years your anchors like hamid mir go there and ask trial of youe generals. You have no character as nation and you are continuing same mindset.

  • hostage

    MQM knew that its survival only through GUNDAGEARY. Karachi citizens will again in hostage during next five years also.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jawad.khan.1023611 Jawad Khan

    mqm stole pti mendat

    • Sameen Bawla

      So did PML-N in Punjab. Stop singling out.

    • Ebrahim

      @ jawad khan! “MANDATE” wow!! who told u that PTI has mandate in Karachi! I know that half of Punjab and KPK lives here coz they cannot light their stoves if they work in their provinces!! respect us and our mandate instead of trying to rule us!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/khurram.rasheed Khurram Rasheed

    It is wise to have repolling in Karachi in the presence of army inside the polling station. And media has to play an important roll once again.

  • Sameen Bawla

    Why always Karachi? Isn’t it the same all over Pakistan? What about Lahore where massive rigging has been alleged? Presiding Officers were arrested for delay of election results. Any idea whose payroll they were on? Its very easy to report on Karachi since its easy to get the report. Did any one even bother to observe the rigging in Balochistan, Interior Sind?. The whole country is divided among regional parties. People trust their regional leadership all over the country. We need a national leader; for eg. Imran Khan; not because he is Imran Khan, but he is trusted all over the country and henceforth got votes all over the country.

  • Free Karachi

    We will Inshallah uproot this menace from Karachi very soon. No more BHAI GIRI acceptable to urdu speaking community.

  • http://www.facebook.com/errupted Ali Raza Khan

    Great job Madeeha, Ineligible is not an appropriate term for ECP, they are clearly exposed as the most corrupted commission so far. Every political party has performed unethical activities against the neutral voters, plus very casual rigging being the God of land. Surprisingly Election commission was not at all shameful while describing their weaknesses that lead to unfair polling in Karachi, He, Fakhruddin added I am a lucky guy today to remain successful in performing fair and free elections around the corners.

  • ateek

    Very true. . God Bless you for writing the truth..

  • Hasan Tasleem

    Correct me if I am wrong, the public has spoken up and given there Mandate to a Single Party, yet others who have no mandate want to Hijack it, So far 16/20 Seats have gone to MQM, with 2 seats Pending with Re-Polls/ Polls Deferred, but those two are set to come to Karachi’s leading political party as well. Its absolutely shamefull that if a party which has 90 % Mandate of the city, people term it has Hijacking. Where-as those who were Rejected still want to feel like they are incharge. About time, people start catching up with REALITY.

    • Anonymous

      what boggles me is the mindset of MQM supporters such as yourself. At least try to think before voting for MQM. This party is in existence for more den 2 decades now & has not been able to grap a single NA seat outside sind (rather khi,hyd). By voting for their MNA’s, you guys are depriving yourself a chance for your representatives to hold federal offices. Support parties who you think have the realistic chance to attain premiership. It could be PPP, PML or even PTI. These three parties have realistic chances to form govt in federal. So why waste ur vote on MQM mna when you know that MQM never gonna form govt in federal? I got no problem if you guys support them for provincial govt but at least for NA, you should support parties who have penetration in other parts of the country. Imagine you guys supporting Imran Khan from karachi, as a thank you he would have represented you guys & raised your concerns effectively in National Assembly. But you missed this chance & let it go.

      I wished that the people of karachi would lay the foundation of NAYA Pakistan but MQM deprived them and KPK people chose Imran and INSHALLAH imran will build a new KPK within his tenure and may be after that you will realize this thing and would ruin the moment when GOD gave you a chance.

      • MQM Supporter

        When MQM was given chance it did lot of good work for Karachi. Stop degrading other’s mandate and learn to respect it.

      • H. Shah

        the problem with pakistan is that illiterate are confident and the literate have doubts.

  • Hasan Tasleem

    Secondly, With complete respect to the writer, I would like to critique and state a little reminder about the event witnessed is past year, author may have forgotten, that PTI had earlier approached to Supreme Court to SCRAP, voter lists of Karachi, and re-do them, that plea was simply rejected. Then PTI, pushed for Door to Door Voter Verification, another attempt to hijack the mandate of Karachi, even though they suceeded, that was followed by UnConstitutional Delimitation after Election Schedule were announced, even though that was suceeded, Polls revealed other wise, the public turned out in large number to show there support for MQM.
    After ALL ATTEMPTS to HIJACK the mandate failed, Dharna (Protest) is the route they’ve taken.

    • MQM Supporter

      Well said. accepting defeat with grace is character of highest order. we lack that in Pakistan. Anyway we will elect MQM again and again. they will only waster tax payer’s money i.e. if anyone pays taxes there

  • waleedahmed

    we own karachi,please not say”i own karachi”

  • tahir

    Madeeha Ishtiaque you are sleeping since last 35 years. Because if your are awake you wouldnt write this sort of article. Karachi is hijacked by MQM for last 35 years. you probably live on some other planet. People cameout for vote on may 11 but when they saw that no one is their to protect them , they left and register their protest. you can say karachi is like africa because no body cares about africa same does with karachi. Please come out of defence and move around in whole city. you will find no protection by any law agency. Military already separate them by living in their contonments. So plz wakeup, ppl are scared and have gun on their head by MQM.

  • Arsalan Ahmed

    More power to you!

  • M.Saeed

    Any political party that kills the basic rights of its electorate by any means is not worth any name other than the “XYZ-Terrorist Party”. Terrorized people are already “Hijacked Citizen” and would remain captive till they rise for their basic human
    rights of freedom.

  • S Nasrullah

    True as always, without beating about the bush, Madeeha you have encapsulated the prime picture of Karachi TODAY in one paragraph: ” But No, Karachiites won’t even have the privilege to have even that freedom of thought, expression and action. Because Karachi is allegedly nothing more than a property of a few parties who have not only chosen it as a looting ground to fill up their pockets but also as their bait to climb up in their political hierarchy”.

    With education and enlightenment and with more exposure to Democracy, those slaves of MQM, remote controlled Robots, who do not see anything beyond their noses, would someday realize that Mirage is no Reality.

    • MQM Supporter

      Stop calling people slaves. Stop doubting others. Learn to respect others. The world does not consist of you and your types. Shame on you.

  • http://twitter.com/barudiparatha Farhan Arshad

    Booo hooo Madiha. Pakistan voted on ethnic lines and you want Karachi to take the bait of the biggest no-show called Tsunami?

    • Zain Sha


  • Munir H. Jamall

    Please respect people’s verdict. Despite many hurdles Karachites have given their verdict. MQM represents the majority. It is a party of both educated and uneducated people.

    • Zain Sha


  • En em

    So true , Madeeha, my kids have witnessed their first Pakistan election. It was depressing waking up on Sunday knowing that we have nt beaten the status quo, and life will go on with shutter down strikes and VIP Road rage etc. it is very difficult explaining to your child why there is a strike when they wake up to go to school….we definitely need a change …. I don’t want to go through another five years like this again….prior to 2008 I had a very positive view of The local government … But not today.

  • Anonymous

    Interior Sindh to PPP, Karachi to MQM. Zardari , Altaf Bhai Bahi.

    • ali ahmed

      punjab to Nawas brothers and KP to imran khan

  • Anonymous

    Madeeha, sincerely hope everyone is hearing what your message.

    Any party persuming ” that they have propriety rights to Karachi” or anywhere else in a supposed democracy, can only be a fascist organisation. Just because a party has won a seat in a given election, it cannot be assumed they have acquired proprietary right to that seat. Sadly MQM is most guilty of this arrogance. Upon arriving at two different Karachi polling stations, some family members were informed they need not have troubled themselves as the vote casting service had already been provided – you can guess the rest.

    Miracle, the party moaning about its inability to campaign in Karachi because of being targeted, still manages a huge percentage of its electorate turning up to vote – and at a high bullet train speed of 4 to 5 votes per second….

    • MQM Supporter

      We dont have one polling station where votes were being cast at 4/5 per seconds. We have many stations and voting is done at same time and therefore lacks of votes in 8 hours time.
      use some logic and stop making fool of others. there are smart people out there who can see through your biased mind

  • Anonymous

    Sadly, yet again the Pathetic Pir from London has threathed/hibted at carving away Karachi from Pakistan…….he realises the days are numbered so he goes on the offensive in a stinking manner…

  • http://www.facebook.com/engr.ny Engr NY

    Madeeha’s last three blogs titles ‘Why vote for PTI’, ‘Why vote for PPP’ and ‘Why vote for Jamaat Islaami’ clearly says about her credibility that she is not pro these parties but against MQM so anything she says I would take it with a pinch of salt.
    How ironically she did not have time or reason to write ‘Why vot for MQM’!
    You are an alien to Karachi’s mandate, its population, its needs and issues and basically the reality. You live in posh houses while the MQM voter is a struggler, the common man.
    MQM got its mandate. Now you cant do anything about it except just curse inside.
    Bye the way, isnt it a joke that someone would write about three diversely different parties like PTI, PPP and JI in the same breadth!

    • MQM Supporter

      The problem with these people is that they dream of Karachi voting for their likes. If life was about all wishes coming true then 20 seats of karachi would be distributed between 100 different parties over and over again. They need to learn to respect other.

    • Faraz Imam

      I am an urdu speaking Mahajir, coming from a middle class background and i really regret to state that the fact is a common man needs and issues are no where near to what MQM has been doing. The way MQM has chosen to get its mandate is ironical!!

      So this excuse what Karachities give that people dont know of our struggle and needs of common man justifying the actions of MQM is no more acceptable to people of Pakistan.

      It is really a shame of how MQM has taken it mandate from Karachi. Iam sure other parties have also been involved in rigging but the point of discussion over here is MQM.
      Some Karachities hiding behind the excuse that other dont know whats happening with us and what are our needs doesnot justify terrorism, deception and shameless attitude of any political party

    • samKhan

      100 percent agreed the writer is biased perhaps too much in love with PTI! wonder if she is related to Arif Alvi

    • Munawar Hussain

      What she tried to depict is 100% correct! MQM is not and never been people’s choice so, they did not win instead they hijacked it. they are ruling by brute force which would definitely end soon or later.

    • Anonymous

      At least speak the truth, something MQM never does. If MQM truly had the mandate of the people of Karachi then why resort to intimidation and harrassment during polling. All the polling staff who are MQM workers or whose jobs and lives depend on their allegiance to MQM.

      The fear of god and answering to him has left the hearts of MQM members, as they kill and pillage on Altaf’s name. 50,000 people have been murdered in target killings since MQM came into being. How many more will it take to satisfy Altaf’s hunger, infinite.

      Why follow a mass murderer, who has spilled the blood of thousands of innocent Pakistanis. In the end we will all have to answer for our deeds.

  • B. B. Nazeer

    MQM leaders failed math in school and became street thugs. So they did not realize too much of rigging may expose them. Sounds like PP in 1977. Many polling stations reported more than 100% and 300% of possible votes. Those thumb impression which are duplicate can be traced and then water boarded to find out who organized them. Full force of law should follow all the way to London. Time these thugs are sent to jail and their leaders to the gallows for terrorism. it is important to secure all polling boxes immediately.

  • MQM Supporter

    Everyone voted for MQM and will vote for them a thousand times over.

    You are free to vote for anyone however you have no right to speak on behalf of all people of Karachi. Over past 30 years MQM has won again and again and in all sorts of conditions and after all efforts to take away theri mandate. You can try another time and we will make them winner again. The other easy and lest costly option is to respect people’s mandate. There is no conspiracy going on, there is no thappa mafia, there is no whole sale rigging. Simple people electing who the like. Learn to live with it.

  • MQM Supporter

    They are not elites. They are intolerant bunch who cannot see other wins. They cant assimilate the fact that their favored party has lost. The real rigging happened in Punjab where overnight people lost. The Karachi 250 drama was conducted to divert media attention. Anyway they can do election again and again and we will elect MQM again InshAllah.

  • MQM Supporter

    We stand for out rights and we rejected PTI. Now accept this and move on. You can bring American Army and conduct it. The result will be the same.

  • Taqvi

    Totally agree with Madeeha.

    People verdict needs to be respected provided it would be the true reflection of individual votes . If multiple time votes are stamp by the party workers only , then it shouldn’t be respected at any cost .

    Please give the right to the people to cast their votes . Stop dirty practices . You guys need to work to rebuild your loosing status into the mind of the people . You can’t now force people to act according to your views . Revisit the actions , otherwise , MQM would have to dealt with the massive dent in the next elections.

  • http://lifeansuccess.blogspot.com/ azhar

    …”Living in Karachi in the past 5 years has been nothing less than living in a purgatory- in constant fear for life, hopelessness and endless inadequacies right from electricity to water to gas to CNG to home and employment”…. explains a lot!

  • khan

    where should we go, nobody to listen us, re-election must be there in Karachi. I also question to media, if a poor person is caught in bazar stealing a minor thing, whole media cameras reach their and shows the poor person to the whole world, where this coward media went on such a historic day, why they were not monitoring Karachi. shame shame shame on media,

  • Bilal Qureshi

    200% agree ! MQM should be given seats on reserve basis so that they get what they want in any case coz they have no idea of democracy neither they believe on it thats what we saw on 11th May in Karachi !

  • Wasif

    ummm – which one of the democratic leaders have managed to survive death?

  • Vicky


    I guess MQM was the only party who has done great development in karachi, built new roads, laid new water & waste pipelines & Mustafa Kamal did great developments in the areas where there was no water & electricity for years. They have built hospitals & upgraded the city completely. This was all done during Musharraf era. Though there was no such progress during PPP era as PPP never funded for the development.

  • Ebrahim

    Yes, exactly what we are saying! nobody can hijack Karachi by gathering 1000 “Yo Yo” elites just enjoying “beverages” and sitting in their luxury cars. Karachi has given its mandate and that should be respected as done for KPK and rest of the [email protected]:disqus Sir, you should be educated enough to know that if ur vote was already polled you can vote again!! stop scratching the post! when PTI failed in Punjab despite spending billions, how do u expect them to even win a UC council election in Karachi

  • Ebrahim

    @zulfi, keep on dreaming brother…MQM is invincible! Karachi is not in Defence…Defence is in Karachi!! you cannot win Karachi if u just win defence!!

  • Mystic

    Power lies in the hands of gun holder.

  • Kashif Khan

    This is hilarious. So Madeeha who’s lived in the bubble of DHA and Clifton, for just 5 years, is now an expert on the complex politics of Karachi. Do some research, and then understand why the overwhelming majority of Urdu speaker have been voting for MQM instead of whining like a sore loser. Why do you think that even after 2 Army operations of ethnic cleansing and oppression have the people of Karachi voted in the MQM time and time again? Oh by the way since, you’re relatively new to Karachi, those flyovers and roads you use everyday, you can thank MQMs Syed Mustafa Kamal for them.

  • Mo85

    In same way you so called superior West Pakistanis use to
    make fun of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, never accepted his authority in Bengal and
    never given Bengalis there legitimate right, blame them for rigging elections
    and consider them inferior .result was lost of half of the Pakistan, worst
    defeat in modern history by the surrender of 96,000 Pakistani soliders, and
    genocide of innocent 4 million Bengalis which Pakistani till this day not
    willing to accept.

    Mqm is political power of Karachi, people of Karachi have
    love Altaf and voted for him , accept that fact. and stop blame game. Learn
    from history because histories have bad habit of repeating itself!

  • Abid Ali

    This writer is completely bias, she stop my earlier comments about IK.
    This IK philanthropist incash world cup for hospital and incash hospital for power, where this philanthropist was when Pak got worst earth quake?. Where he was at the time of worst flood.
    This so called philanthropist Invest all of his collected fund in the name of hospital on his election campaign.

  • http://www.facebook.com/khurram.rasheed Khurram Rasheed

    i have been reading replies and reactions of people and can only pray for those who still hold their faith on parties like MQM. i have myself witnessed so called strugglers stamping fake votes. i myself was once a strong supporter of MQM but with growing age and changes i have seen it changed my view. I might be wrong to some people but i am satisfied.

  • Wajahat

    I don’t know why people are so scared of this facist MQM, call a spade a spade! Since 1985 MQM had hijacked this port city by employing all sorts of Gunda Techniques. My parents migrated from East-Punjab and they just got to Lahore barely saving their lives. They left everything back in India and spend few months as refugees in a Walton Camp.
    These so called Mohajirs came from UP/CP/Bihar etc. after 1947 and used to sell their properties etc. and came at their own free will and time.
    Who really sacrificed! They or us who lost even near and dear ones.

    Let us stop this all nonsence, I have lived almost all my 58 years in Karachi, I’m Pakistani and Karachi is for all of us not of MQM.

    The Pir Sahib of London Town has no right to call for secssion, he doen’t have any right to call himself a Karachi citizen because he is enjoying himself in the UK as its citizen. He should be brought to justice for saying such things.

  • Imran Ali Rizvi

    Why do not you dare to write about Election rigging in Punjab???? Imran Khan could not got even single seat from Lahore and even from Faisalabad ……..

    Why only specific Party always rule in the Punjab…. Why Punjab always choose Shareef family to be ruled over…. but you cant dare to ask this question ….you can only write against Karachites just because of your inner prejudice.

  • Abbas

    @ One of Karachi make liner that Karachi is for only Urdu Speaking.

    I am also Urdu Speaking and respect your words but there is only problem that I cannot sit with those people how killed your brothers in 1992 operation by Nasrullah Baber in the tenor of PPP.

    You know our lot of Urdu Speaking brothers and friends, they are not in any case, they are very decent and good family belongs was killed in this shameless incident and now if i says for colution and make power in Sindh they will sit with PPP government. Where is our courage our self respect. Why we dont stand on our words always, You know better what MQM has done in last 5 years, We are killed by the policies of Zardari, Now again we like to sit with them in Sindh Govenment, sorry to say its a rediclous.

    It was better that we sit in opposition, but our leaders needs power because as they use too of it now. We got Power in Musharraf tenour and we did only build roads and bridges but we did’nt build our trust into people of MQM. thats why now all these are going to vote PTI, If we sit in opposition and again we build our people trust so that would be more better so nobody will make point on us that we are a Deshatgard tanzeem. Dear everything cannot come with power, Dil jeeto awaam ka, So we don’t have to make any ragging in election.

    Khao Quran Shreef ki Qasam, ke humlogo ne Ragging nahin ki. her ek ko apne kaber mein jaana hai. Kisi aur ko point na karo apni baat batao.

    We have to make ourself as a role model for other Pakistanis. We are very peacefull people of Pakistan but unfortunately we going to wrong path now.

    And its my Imaan that if we on right path no body can beat us in any election and no body can point us that we done a ragging.

    Regards and hope for better always from Almighty Allah.

    I beg to my MQM leader to build the trust of our People despite to apply more power on them.

  • shakil khan

    There is very little time and the capacities of PTI will surface like anything. I all the speeches Imran simply played on the mistakes of Nawaz League and the corruption of PPP but could not give even a single plan how he would tackle the issues which are the most important issues on earth. Simply by defaming others elections cannot be won. If Pakistani public is so naive and innocent then Allah is the great judge. Karachites are the most literate people in Pakistan and they all have decided to remain with their party. Whosoever has the confusion still lives in EUTOPIA.

  • AK

    To all our Urdu Speaking friends who are supporting PTI, will soon realise that their dear PTI has become hostage of people belonging to Bara Suba, which is happening everywhere, in every public sector organization and they are just supporter rather all decision making position resting with ppl of Bara Suba. We all will see you soon back in MQM’s support.


    What is MQM, A Crop which was seeded by a dictator, grown up spreading violence and terror. A symbol of dictatorship and Thugs which had and has no mandate what’s so ever. This is a Poisonous crop and should be burnt down as soon as possible before it spreads across Sindh and Pakistan. You are done ALTAF BHAI…….BHAI Means DADA and DADA Means GHUNDA….BACK OFF………


    Altaf Bhai You are done……..No more violence and terror……My message to MQM is “SADDA HAQ AITHAY RAKH”………….PEACE

  • A Pakistani

    You are true and courageous Pakistani. Salaam ti you. MQM should be declared a terrorist organization for what they have done to Karachi. Altaf is a criminal and hiding in UK. He must be brought to Pakistan and punished for what he has done. He is a traitor.


    WHAT IS MQM…….Seeded by a dictator with no public mandate…..that is the difference between other three parties and this party and that is the reason Madeeha hasn’t mentioned this party for Why Vote PTI,PPP,JI.

  • http://www.facebook.com/saqib.mohiuddin Saqib Mohiuddin

    Come on, wake up, Reality Check……… PTI signed the Jirga Recommendation, WOMEN HAS NOT RIGHT TO VOTE IN LOWER DEER……..PTI who you have been openly supporting in your past few articles, and the party that was supposed to bring Change has nominated its first Chief Minister in KPK a 62 year old youngster. PTI is the party about to get into coalition Government with PMLN.
    PTI is the party crying out loud for 20 seats of Karachi but is getting silent over the above 50 they lost in Punjab where the evidence is all over the social media how brutally PMLN has rigged.

    Coming back to Karachi, PTI might be popular in few Phases of Defence and few youngsters. Where is PTI standing about NA 248??????????????

    Why have you not mentioned anything what happened in Lyari?

    Why your article does not cover that in 21 days of campaign MQM lost 93 workers, supporters and Electoral Candidates?

    Keep your eyes close and follow PTI. Reality is going to struck pretty soon. Probably as soon as three to four days.

  • ali ahmed

    why target Karachi only, fisrt violation of act 0f 1974 on delimitation b/c ECP failed to explain to the courts realities on ground..then verification of voter list in karachi..so called 3 million missing voters.. and verification it proved wrong…where as 4 districts of punjab account for around 1 milion unverified voters enrolled in the electrol rolls..but it was never verified..and according to FAFEN there were irregulsrities in 49 polling station..of which in punjab out of 31,,7 in Lahore 11 in sindh.3 in karachi and.. 6 in KP..in NA 250 rangers were found helping PTI…Imran needs to teach youth how to respectfully lose ..and learn to accept majority mandate.this is democracy
    ..For every voter living in posh area there are 10 voters who are illiterate ,poor jobless and intellectually challenged..PTI should realised who is the voter and what are the demographic of the society..whole Pakistan was fooled in to watch NA250 and the real drama was going on in Punjab..b/c media is dominated by punjab…and in the last election are not won through social media…

  • http://www.facebook.com/obaidullah2150 Sonu Nigam Khan

    11th May was supposed to be a day of change…but NO! There is no change and the country will even go lower in the coming months. The N league is in favor of Zardari and all you can say for now is that the Prime Minister is the only change. The rest is all the same.

  • H. Shah

    All we need is another Nasrullah Babar and Shoaib Suddle… And about that dog barking from England …. its about time to stop him bark ..for good

  • Nadim Mallick

    Engr NY’s argument is same as Jews who say that, if you
    criticize the state of Israel for their occupation cruelties, then, you are an anti-Semite.
    Obviously, it is not true. So, what Madeeha has written is totally valid. Well,
    let me tell you my reasons for doing the same. Although, Madeeha has lived in
    Karachi for the last five years only but, I was born in Karachi. I went to the
    same school where Altaf went to study, I went to the same college where Farooq
    Sattar went to study, in fact the same years, and, I lived a street away from
    Farooq Sattar’s residence. So, I was part of the discussion which went in to
    the formation of this group of some select people. However, we had excellent
    relations with our neighbours and I have some of the best memories from those
    early days of my life in the city of Karachi. And I also remember, vividly, all
    the garbage being left behind our house to be collected by all the households
    of the street; even though, ours house was in the middle of the row of houses
    not at the end of it. Was it because, I still wonder, that ours was the only Punjabi
    home of the neighbourhood, forty houses in any direction. Hatred begets hatred.
    I want nothing to do with that select group of twisted minds like Madeeha. Go

  • Auzan

    Nawaz wins from punjab and lost in every provice He is punjabi party prime minister punjab seleted punjabi why thye don’t select PTI? punjabi wants to be rule in pakistan and they have leverage of 150 plus national assmeble seats who ever wins in punjab can make form the Govt. No one seeing this punjabi ghunda gardee. person lost in every provice and becoem PM from one provice. 75 percent or revenues to pak punjabi army earining from karachi. No Blast in Shareef campaign no punjabi get killed in blast all blast for karachies and their local parties… is everyone deaf blind they dont see how karachi get exploited by these punjabi ministers. why cant we seprated ? what we have in pakistan where everything has already taken by punjab?Karachi is already divided in Sindh Rural and Sindh Urban and Sindh Urban has NO NO RIGHTS in pakistan … what ths point to be attach with pakistan .. Nawaz said several occasion karachi uses our electicity ,, he doesnt know punjab eat all karachi revenues.. its a black day and an eye opening for karachies thay punjabi pm will again gonna mascar them like he did in 1992,, Allah seprate us with this punjabi pakistan .. Ameen!!

    • Anonymous

      Racist vomit….if NS is wrong in promoting ethnic provincialism, your racist exposure is not better….more so with quotation of highly flawed economic figures to justify bigotry and attempts to breakup the country….what if the Sindhis tell all Urdu speaking to go back to where they came from and leave their province?!

  • Mohajir

    All of my life I have been living in Karachi and in 80s, 90s I supported MQM b/c of its right demands but this party has been hugely corrupted since then. Not just in this polls MQM did huge ‘dhandli’ but the whole education system in karachi has been destroyed by MQM. I passed my matriculation, inter, bachelors and even masters witnessing that APMSO (MQM’s student organization) allowed all the centers to support cheating otherwise get ready to face severe consequences. At one time Karachi was at height to produce best educated people now the bachelors or even masters from karachi not eligible to do their day to day job. Sadly, MQM mostly comprising of the people always want their illegal demand to be enforced by force and I see now not many educated people support MQM so as a result like PPP MQM is in decline.

    Disclaimer: I was born in karachi and my parents are mohajirs

  • Erwin Sherwin

    Being an Urdu speaking mohajir, I am ashamed that such a murderous, anti-pakistan, and dramabaaz person thinks he represents us. Look at all the people sitting there, most of them appear uneducated whom he is cashing.

    MQM and Altaf means = death, loot maar, and forced decisions through rigged votes on all the urdu speaking people of karachi. MQM also means continued politics of hate between us and our brothers from other communities of pakistan. MQM should be removed from Karachi with a swift operation (and no I am not a PTI fan either.

    Pakistan Zindabad.

  • Auzan

    To all those brothers who are urdu speaking when operation starts on MQM it will start on every urdu speaking of karachi Army Rangers wont indentify MQM from its flag. Its only be identify from langugage Operation will never be on MQM it will be on Urdu speakings of karachi. No matter how much you hate MQM , army rangers has their own way to treet every urdu speaking as a MQM supporter like you can not isolate Taliban from Pashtoons US rockets are hitting to pashtoons populated areas they don’t have time to isolate segrated Taliban from Pashtoons they attack on majority populated supported areas.

    Same as the way Urdu speaking will be treeted weather they support MQM or not Urdu speaking guys has no hope in this country.

    Operation on MQM will not starts from punjab it will start in Karachi and its not easy to isolate MQM from Urdu Speaking.

    Urdu speaking already isolated in 1971 Qotta system Sindh Rural and Sindh Urban but no one wants to speak on this issue equal right even now mqm as well

    There is no place to hide or hope for Urdu Speaking . No matter Imran Nawaz has soft heart for rest of the urdu speaking but they dont have power to save them ones the riots starts break, Urdu speaking will be treated as MQM burned and gun downed like what happen in Bangaladaish its just 40yrs back,

    Imran and Nawaz will join together to fight agains MQM but where is MQM ? who is MQM? how can any urdu speaking isolate from MQM ? Riots always biggens in most populated areas of supporters like Hindu attack on Muslim populated areas can any Muslim hide in Hindu populated area ? if yes how long? at any given time he will be mascarded by any Hindu. Same goes to Urdu Speaking are you feel safe in punjabi or pashtoon populated area? even if you feel safe you will not be welcome they have to look after their own security and urdu speaking might be a Risk for their security. Even if they gave urdu speaking safe passge in those areas urdu speaking will be servent for them like a unwanted guest. They will be living and scare among them poor quallity of life like the same punjabi people living in Balochistan. scared . In these circumstance urdu speakig bound to like closely in their havily popuplate areas with their own trusted security

    Most of the time during riots in days army police clear the areas from weapons and arrest or gun down people who has it. In night other ethic group attack on that areas because they know they have no weapon left or short of weapon and they do till the morning of few hours whatever they want to do after killing hundreds of people they disappear and again police and army come and control the area. Thats how operation surpress the people. At that point no one know who is urdu speaking mqm supporter or not they just treet as mqm supporter like the same way happen when pakistan came into being Muslim mean muslim league supporter weather they dont want to migrate to pakistan hindu treet them the same way.

    Imaran and Nawaz can only appeal and condem and people cutting each other throats on the basis of language not the basis of MQM and thats what hapening from past 40 yrs bangladaish is an example, Khaybe Pakhtoon , most recent Lal Masjid army can not identify who is terrorist or not? how can they identify every Urdu speakig is not a supporter of Mqm

    IF you want to finish MQM its very easy :Give Equal Rights to Urdu Speaking in education Civil Services and invest their tax money in development of all Karachi youths MQM will be finish by itself. But Nawaz and Imran both are too shallow they just want their country safe at the cost of Karachi people exploitation and they left karachies kids to become decoit, terrorist . snatcher, goons etc.

    • Anonymous

      Disgusting attempt to spread ethnic hatred. Perhaps it missed your attention that a large part of PTI and other parties’ membership in Karachi is Urdu speaking. Whether they have their mafia eksewhere or not, Nawaz or Imran are not running Karachi and neither are they turning kids to dacoits as you claim – that rests with MQM. When matters to be sorted are best dealt with by the MQM sector incharge with his clout and not civil authority, just exposes the state within a state – London Pir’s threats to carve out Karachi just confirm that.

      Hogging the rhetoric is no longer sufficient as PPP found out in recent elections . For the same reason, MQM has lost ground because of the militant wing and mafia style behaviour or else it would have been the ideal party for educated and egalitarian voters….

      • Vicky

        “and if it is observed that all if us bragging about ethnic roots (whatever they may be) have yet to evolve from animals to humans, will be a correct observation.”

        Are you talking about Charles Darwin Theory on “Evolution of man” when human was first an animal & then slowly he became a modern man?

        I am sorry if I am not able to pick what you are trying to say since I am not that perfect in understanding viscos english.

  • ahmad

    Arab spring brought freedom to Egypt. If these 90 comments reach 9 million Karachi can be free from those who have hijacked our souls our minds. Minds which gave birth to Uncle Urfi, Shama, Ankahi, Tanhayyan. We will be free. Youth will be free. A day will come when no one knocks at your door for BHATTA. No one will come to collect your NICs on Election day. You will not live in fear. Don’t you want to be free. Why cant we overcome our fears and do what we want without pressure without fear. Most valuable dream of human mind will come true. I CAN DO WHAT I WANT. Karachi is a city of dreams. Some one has deprived us from dreaming for last 4 decades. Can we get our dreams back. Its not difficult. Time has come. Opportunity has come. If we lose this opportunity. It will go and never comes back.

  • Auzan

    PTI didn’t get vote from punjab and fixing all its frustration on Karachi. Even PTI wins all seats of Karachi they can’t bring change. Punjab has rejeted them

    Punjab belongs to Shareef Shair Brothers and punjab rejects PTI. If PTI wants to bring change ask punjab to vote them karachin voters wont make any difference in pakistan

  • Anonymous

    Misfortune of Karachi that a novice leader of PTI shoots from the hip with accusations without evidence and allegedly well seasoned ‘Dear Leader’ (yes it seems lije North Korea) sitting in the comforts of Lobdon suburbs, uses abusive gutter language and threats himself against all and sundry challenging his hegemony – ……Karachiites stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    • Vicky

      I am not talking about racism or politics. If karachi is nothing & just an island then why everyone is fighting to take control over it? Why so many people from all over Pakistan prefer to work & get education in karachi?

      Obvisouly any country or city or town needs manpower & investment to keep its economy running. Karachi is the largest seaport of Pakistan. Saddar in karachi is the biggest market of Pakistan. It hold the biggest stock market of Pakistan. Shahra-e-Faisal is the biggest business zone & Denso Hall, Soldier Baazar etc are the biggest trade centers. Karachi hold some of the biggest & modern shopping malls. And there are lot lot more. Despite of all the terrorism & killings, more people are interested in investing in karachi & karachi is still in constant development.

      Based on your views it seems like you do not live in karachi or ever visited karachi.

      The fact it people talk useless about karachi and karachians but when it comes to politics or racism, they storm on us. We are a part of Pakistan & will remain. But poeple must learn to respect. I have seen many people coming from outside abusing the karachians but they themselves live, work & even run business in karachi. Real hyprocrites.

      • Anonymous

        Vicky Sb

        Pleased to know that you are part of Pakistan and will remain. You may find this link an interesting read (more reliable than Wikipaedia for serious thoughts!)


      • Auzan

        Vicky problem is even if you talk about rights everyone after you that you are racist vomit ets spacially Qalim and Saeed but its just talking about rights and there are actual real racist laws impose to all karachies but no one wants to talk about those laws .

        • Anonymous

          If you talk about rights of ALL Pakistanis, you will find Saeed Sb and many others including myself, standing with you. When you try justifying Urdu speaking and Karachi as some special case with flawed and distorted history or elements totally ignored then only conclusion a sane person can make is the the racist element apparent in the intent based upon ethnicity and language.

          Yes the thugs in Lyari need to be dealt with an iron fist by the government, not by other parties but remember to admit the thugs that exist in MQM too. Once all parties shed their dictatorial one man leaders (yes it includes MQM) you may find more democracy for all Pakistanis too. Accountability is not firing the Rabita Committee vfrom London by one man as many were good guys with a political mindset in it and not a militant one!

  • Anonymous

    What is a pure mohajir? …… I see an attempt to show superiority of mohajirs over others here. what makes them any better than punjabi or pathans if they are equally as base as them when it comes to bragging about their ethnicity. Don’t use history to justify your distorted view as everyone’s history has some black deeds in it!

    Until that ‘pure’ tribal/ethnic venom is removed, problems will remain till all perish….and if it is observed that all if us bragging about ethnic roots (whatever they may be) have yet to evolve from animals to humans, will be a correct observation.

    • M.Saeed

      A pure Muhajir is the person who migrated from India to Pakistan before 1951. All Muhajirs were settled honorably and their claims were also appropriately awared before declaring that,there was no unsettled Muhajir in Pakistan and the Ministry of Refugees and Rehabilitation was disbaaanded.

      • Anonymous

        Saeed Sb

        Perhaps we need to rethink the term ‘muhajir’ in Pakistani context. How does when classify the influx of Afghan Muhajirs post Soviet invasion? They are in the country (many in Karachi) with say two generations (or even three) having more in common with Pakistan and many are unlikely to return to Afghanistan. My trouble is with attempts to turn Muhajirs into a some race and tat too on te basis of the language tey speak. Somehow, 1947′s Punjabi muhajirs are not seen as such by MQM followers for example.

  • Anonymous

    “….feeds the whole country” – you need to come of the high horse – No man is an island – if Karachi does not have supply of manpower and raw materials, it will not be able to feed itself let alone the country, without handouts. Economic basis is not decided by arrogance and banal racism – but by cooperation of vested interests.

  • Vicky

    There is no mental slavery. It is view of some people esp of those who dont live in karachi or have recently arrived. I went off for voting and I was never forced or even convinced to vote a specific party. It does not makes me lucky. Many of my friends voted PTI from the polling stations which was in the areas of MQM.

    People have voted PTI because they are expecting something different because its new & it has promised a change. The victory is not in just winning seats. Real victory is when they will deliver what they have been promising. Zardari also won seats but everyone knows what he delivered. PPP kept saying that democracy is winning & working at its best whereas people were dying of load shedding, hunger & bullet. The same goes with PTI. By simply winning seats if they say A CHANGE HAS ARRIVED but doing nothing considerable will place them in the same line of fake promisers like others.

    A those who have voted for MQM, they have seen MQM delivering when MQM was given a chance. In the last 5 years there was no progress because of PPP corruption & the hatred speech by Zulfiqar Mirza which built a wall of saperation & hatred among the people of different races / language.

    In the end, lets hope & pray for good & hope that all the parties may work together to bring out country out of this horrible situation.

  • Anonymous

    Vicky you are fortunate that you had the option of exercising your own vote. Many in the country were not so fortunate. In Karachi 7 of my family members were not so lucky as you as their vote was already cast by the time they arrived at the polling station. And no they were not going to vote for PTI….

  • Anonymous

    As an intelligent being I’m sure you understand the metaphors and what I mean by ‘evolve from animals to humans’. Now if you wish to dull the inquisitive nature of the mind when it comes to party affiliations, and follow without questions, I envy your faith and sympathise with it too. Unless you guys challenge the political masters (whichever party they may be heading), not much will change……..the rural waderas have been replaced by the urban wadera – no more so than in Karachi.

  • Vicky

    You are dragging the question into another direction.

    You are talking baseless. If a rural wadera has been replaced by an urban vadera in Sindh then what new has emerged in Punjab. I have seen Sharif brothers ruling Punjab since childhood. There is nothing new for the people of Punjab. In the balochistan it is Sardar. In KPK it is Khan. Previsouly it was Asfand Yar Wali who is a khan and now its Imran Khan. So overall nothing is new in Pakistan.

    So why just point towards Karachi? The fact is people theirselves talk racism & dirty. Karachi is not ruled by any wadera. Karachi is a mixed populated city ruled by MQM & others. Now PTI has also joined in.

  • Anonymous


    1. Right now it is all about ethnicity and racism. Perhaps it is natural – if its not linguistic/provincial racsim then it will claiming to be a Syed, Usmani, Farooqui etc with connections to Arab lands or Persian ir some other foreign parentage. Perhaps that is the trouble of Subcontinent’smuslins that if after 1000 years being in the land, they still pride themselves with the connection to foreign lands then I should not bemoan the issue of people calling themselves mohajirs after just 65 years of being in a land where in general the indigenous population did welcome their forefathers. They need to introspect what are their flaws that they did not mingle with the rest.
    2. Just because some jagirdar or wadera exists in Punjab, ruaral Sindh, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, is no basis for justfying an urban wadera or hegemony. For example, if X is a criminal, legally, Y cannot claim exemption from their criminal acts based on X being a criminal and getting away with it- at least not in a civilised society and not by a civilised party.
    3. I read how Karachi was built by mohajirs from nothing. That is the shear hight if arrogance – lots of peopke from different backgrounds contributed – the blood and sweat of Pakhtoon, punjabi, sindhi, balochi labour too! The economy thrived in Karachi because of this.
    4. Why are their no go areas in Karachi today depending upon what language you speak, is a question the major party in Karachi shoukd be asking – but not by blaming the smaller groups for its failures.
    5. nce upon a time Beirut too was a ptoperous growing city. ZAB wanted to turn Karachi into new Beirut in his rhetoric – sadly it has turned into a Beirut but not the one expected.
    6. Not that it matters to the reasoning, your assumptions about me and my relation to Karachi or visits, are incorrect. More relevant the fact that leader of large Karachi party has not been there for 22 years! Think about it.

  • Anonymous

    “…politics with the blend of facism where only those people are right who are pro ….” This appears to be common in PTI an MQM supporters and is a sad thing coming from supposedly better educated.

  • Anonymous

    To all trying to make it a ‘Mohajir vs non-mohajir punjabi, pathan etc’ issue – if the ancestors migrated at partition and were urdu speakers, check their ancestors’ migration before that. You may find some Punjabi, Pathan roots there. If it is about more recent roots in Ethnicity snd language over the last 65 years, it is also worth remembering that so called mohajirs and non-mahajirs are split in roughly equal halves today in Karachi and need to live in harmony instead of ethnic strife to avoid bloody balkanisation of the city.

    The despicable politicians raising the ethnic card for their narrow personal interests, may have sone success in backward part of Pakistan but in Karachi, better educated lot should not fall victim to that.

    It may be worth remembering too that the major Urdu poets during the last century, were product of the areas in Pakistan where ethnic languages are far from Urdu – so cannot be swayed by Urdu vs non-urdu issue either to justify the claims of victimhood.

    When citing history or economic figures from Wikipaedia, pkease seek more information from mire academic sources too. Karachi existed before 1947, being a port, having been developed as an economic hub. No doubt It continued growth with influx of migrants post partition and increasing economic activity. Claims that Karachi yield 70% plus of Pakistani revenue, need to be looked in the context of all large multinationals and nationals having their head offices in Karachi. Hence their tax filing and import duties being paid in Karachi for al, their activities accross te whole of Pakistan. In terms of GDP, perhaps the more relevant figure to look for, Karachi accounts for about 20% of Pakistan’s GDP, which still is a significant part of the total to go with a large percentage of Pakistani population also living in Karachi.

  • M.Saeed

    The current breed of self-proclaimed “Muhajirs” was born in
    Pakistan and exploited their language as a dividing line between Sindh Urban
    and Sindh rural. Secondly, those who came from East Pakistan were mostly Bihri
    Muhajirs settled in East Pakistan after 1947 and forced-out after 1971 by
    Bangladesh as Urdu speaking Pakistanis. They are actually the double-Muhajirs
    and due to utter neglect, they have mostly taken a revenge-course under MQM.

  • M.Saeed

    Brother Auzan, you are grossly misguided. Perhaps, your
    mentors have not informed you that, after Partition, a total of 315,000 Urdu
    speaking refugees came to settle in Karachi from India, while more than
    11,000,000; mostly Urdu speaking refugees came and settled in Punjab. Punjab is
    now more of Urdu speaking educated Punjabis than Punjabi speaking people.
    Unlike Sindh where signboards, milestones and even names of railway stations
    are in Sindhi, Punjab only believes in the national language “URDU”. It does
    not have even a single newspaper in Punjabi.

    Now, even MQM is no longer a Muhajir Party. But, it is not
    even any Muttehida. It is a gross injustice to Sindhi “ Ansar brothers who
    openly welcomed their brothers in Islam who came from India on Hijrat. Sindhis
    immediately provided shelters by establishing Pir Elahi Bux Colony in Karachi
    as well as several other and other colonies. Governmet made provisions at
    Martin Quarters, Jacob Lines, Malir and several other places. Bihari Colony in
    Lyari was established even earlier than Partition. Then, permanent settlements
    were made at Korangi township where all “jhuggi dwellers’ were shifted.
    Simultaneously, Government amicably settled very difficult cases of their
    claims on evacuation from India. Thereafter, it was declared that, there was no
    any refugee left in the country and therefore Government of Pakistan closed the
    Ministry of Refugees and Rehabilitation. It was also decided to abolish using
    the word refugee for the displaced people from India after Partition.

    Now, let us be thankful and appreciative for the good
    gestures and accept the facts, for there is much more punishments assigned even
    by Allah SWT for thankless (like Bani Israel).

    [Baqarah 2:9] “—- and in fact they deceive none except themselves and they do not have any understanding ‘

    • Anonymous

      Saeed Sb

      I shall be most obliged for your coments on the following :

      “The process of refugee rehabilitation in Karachi and Sindh generally remained far from satisfactory. Even in 1954, i.e., 7 years after partition, no less than 2,40,000 out of a total of 7,50,000 refugees in Karachi were still to be rehabilitated.48 The region’s local politicians were also not as sensitive to mohajir claims as they could have been: most provincial refugee rehabilitation ministers were Sindhis, Altaf Hussain claims.49 While in Punjab, immigration had virtually stopped in 1948, in Sindh it continued even after the passport and visa system was introduced for travel between India and Pakistan. About 1,00,000 refugees from India continued to come to Pakistan each year, with a majority belonging to ‘urban classes’ who generally came straight to Karachi. This created an immense problem of settlement, which in turn led to gross frustration among refugees.” Mohammad Waseem, Ethnic Conflict in Pakistan:The Case of MQM, The Pakistan Development Review35 : 4 Par t II (Winter 1996) pp. 617629

      Table 1: Patterns of Migration : Source: Census of Pakistan 1951, Vol. I, Table 19-A, Vol. 6, p. 65.
      Number of Refugees 7.22 million of which 0.7 million settled in East and 6.25 million in West.
      Of the 6.25million in the West, 5.3million in Punjab, 0.5 million in Sindh excluding Karachi and 0.61million in Karachi.

      According to Shahid Kardar’s paper, upon Mr Jinnah’s intervention, 40% of 2million acres of Sindhi land mortgaged to migrating Hindu financiars, was allotted to Urdu speaking migrants. (Shahid Kardar, Polarization in the Regions: The Roots of Discontent, p. 5-6. )

  • M.Saeed

    You are grossly mistaken my dear Auzan, It was Muslims and not Mohajirs who migrated and “Muslim Bhai Chara” was the paramount incentive that resulted in world’s largest ever human dislocation. Try reading my earlier posts and consult History of Partition with an open mind. You will find enough material to realize the highly commendable contribution of local Muslims, especially Sindhis in Karachi.

    About your concern on CSS quota, let me remind you that, it was the constitution of 1973 prepared under Z.A. Bhutto that created the “constitutional division of Sindh” for assigning quotas between “Sindh Urban” for Karachi and other major (listed) cities and “Sindh Rural” for the remaining parts of Sindh. That was a provision made purely on demands of Urdu speaking people (Muhajirs) of Sindh. The system has worked without problems during the entire constitutional history of Pakistan and you appear being the lonely brave fighting for the cause already taken care of and in vogue. Unless, of course if you are talking about “eating your cake and still having it on your plate”!

  • M.Saeed


    Thank you. Your views about Bangladesh are correct and you
    must read Hamid Mir’s report that he compiled recently (before his visit to receive award for his father from Bangladesh government), stating that, according to some honest journalists he met there, the rape cases were grossly exaggerated which were in hundreds and not in millions as being projected for creating reasons to get separation from Pakistan.

    • Anonymous

      Saeed Sb

      Shooting of a single man was the catalyst for the first World War. Sometimes it seems we have not learnt much – considering the brutality and abhorrence of rape does it really make a mitigation that rapes were in 100s or there were more zeroes after?! What is pertinent, who was carrying these out.

      As a mature nation, one needs to acknwledge the errors of the past. Whatever other great feats Ayub Khan may have performed, by his own admissions in his diaries, he did not see the Bengalis as equals. I would epect a mature army will not take a critique of its padt leaders personally as over the past 5 years the army to has found more maturity in civil sense.

  • Anonymous

    Quota systems : you don’t want them ideally but when rural and urban divide means the rural population does not have the same facilities as the urban population, a fully merit based system will become highly biased in the urban favour.

    When the rural lot migrate to urban areas to improve their economic prospects, they are treated with some contempt by many urbanites with a hightened sense of superiority.

    Ideally, provide and improve schooling in rural areas to provide a rural kid as good an opportunity in say getting a government job, as an urban kid has. When you have this, you will also have a huge majority in opposition to the quota system. Until then it will remain a shallow rural versus urban argument. And the wadera argument in Sindh wears thin from MQM when for the last decade the two have been bed fellows.

  • Vicky

    Hats off to you man. Very well & truly written.