How to fight off Sunburn?

How to fight off Sunburn?

Last Saturday, while on a rendezvous with friends under the merciless scorching sun, I got burnt- wasn’t exactly on fire, but my skin surely was. Sunburn as per wikipedia is “a form of radiation burn that affects living tissue, such as skin, that results from an overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, commonly from the sun. Usually, normal symptoms in humans and other animals consist of red or reddish skin that is hot to the touch, general fatigue, and mild dizziness.”


My sunburm duly reminded me my morality lessons knowing sun is only a microcosmic version of how hell fire could scorch one’s skin. Upon coming, I not only blushed crimson but I could also see blisters began to appear on my face. Not to mention the exceeding itchiness and pain.


It was one time I forgot to use spf 25 sunblock and resorted to the one less in number and hence effectiveness. And had to pay for it for 5 days. Goes without saying Sunblock is the sole most effective way to fight off the sunburn, but if you somehow end up suffering it, do read my first-hand trial and error method of healing your burn.


1)      Make sure to stay off the sun immediately for things could go worse. Keep a low profile for a couple of days and if there’s really no way you could go in, cover your face and neck with a veil so sunlight don’t directly hit your face.


2)      Apply yoghurt on your face soonest. While sun has soaked all the moisture from your face, this natural one will supplicate you with loads. You could also apply the shea butter too and it will do wonders.


3)      Hydrate yourself. Drink as much water as you can to restore your water balance. This will do magic to your skin.


4)      Don’t use your oil-control facewash for it would rob you off with whatever remaining moisture your skin is left with. Use a light facewash for some days.


5)       If it still hurts and itches, apply some topical lotion- calamine lotion or prickly heat cream and take an oral anti-inflammatory medicine like Ibuprofen or aspirin. And it would help.


Guess what- I had to use all of these to get better. But if fever and itching prevails for more than 4 days, hurry and consult a dermatologist on a priority basis.  By the way, is it just me or others also think it’s hotter than before?

Madeeha Ishtiaque

The content writer & person-in-charge of the The News/Geo International Blog. She monitors the social media activity on The News. Follow her on twitter @charmed0000

  • M.Saeed

    Recent event of the increased solar flares and other related activities were responsible for many times increased supply of various radiation materials from Sun.

    Extent of exposure to the unhindered rays from sun is directly proportional to the harm inflicted. Degree of associated heat is not much relevant to Sun-burns, while it is a direct cause of Sun-stroke.

    People visiting places along glaciers (like Lake Saif ul Maluk) get severe sun-burns while walking on solid ice. That is due to the high intensity rays coming through thin and clean, unpolluted atmosphere, even in freezing temperatures.

  • Taj Ahmad

    Good article on extreme hot weather and tips by Madeeha and well said by
    M.Saeed in his comments.

  • Vicky

    Nice & admirable article.

  • M.Saeed

    To keep the sun-burns and heat strokes away, wet–towel on neck and Sattu-shukkar ka sharbat is the answer.

    It is known since ages to the people of Punjab that Sattu [gram seeds, roasted and ground to powder] added with raw sugar powder called “Shakkar” blended with iced water, makes a very useful and invigorating drink that checks heat strokes, quenches thirst, provides quick energy and improves stamina.

  • Anonymous

    ……and avoid skin bleaching/whitening.