Election Campaigns Or Verbal Abuse?

Election Campaigns Or Verbal Abuse?

All  we see these days in the name of election campaigning is plethora of mud-slinging taunts and amusing songs by all electoral parties. What is even astonishing is the idea behind their campaigning, selection of songs, their lyrics, which is mere abuse, finding faults with other contesting parties rather than focusing on their own agendas and future programs.



Here, let’s try and make an analysis of campaigning ways used by all parties. My judgment is not biased or I am not favoring any one party and this analysis of mine is purely on the election campaigns of all political parties being aired these days on television.


PML (N): More or less their focus this time as well is on highlighting their past achievements which they have acquired during their last 5 years tenure. In the last few days, PML N leadership is busy in clarifying and answering all the criticism put forward by PPP.



However approach used by them is acceptable if we only take into consideration their few achievements. Rest they are not playing blame games as played by other parties. PTI: Good campaigning techniques being used. They are more into using emotional appeal.



Right set of lyrics with excellent vide coverage are actually working for PTI. As they are new in this practice thus their campaigning is more towards defining their agenda, policies for future besides marketing their party members. They seem least bothered with what other parties are doing, and they are also not into this mistreating business of throwing dirt on other political parties. The approach used by PTI is very mature which tells the kind of people PTI has in its pool.

PPP: The worst kind of campaigning ever done by any political. As they have done nothing in the last 5 years of their government tenure, thus they seem busy targeting other political parties. Their approach clearly indicates that they have no achievement to show to the people/masses, thus their election campaign revolves around playing blame games.


Their focus is towards PML N, they are busy finding old videos of PML N leaders and pin pointing their mistakes and then portraying them in a way so it could show good face of PPP. Besides they are getting help from “BHUTTO” slogan which though has lost
its charm. In a nutshell election campaign by PPP is worst of its kind.

PML Q: They also have PML N in their hit list. Their campaign and ads clearly indicates that they have hired people who are reading script and telling how much bright era of PML Q was. it seems that PML Q is just trying to make their presence felt in this giant sea of three ( well excluding PPP, there are now 2 Big parties) political parties.

Elections are nearing and this campaigning can really help political parties in winning their vote, provided they remain focus to their achievements and future agendas. People in Pakistan are looking for change through ballets, the kind of change which can bring peace and prosperity in their lives; which can provide an equal system of education in every corner of Pakistan.



To bring the change Imran Khan is using the formula of bringing young and new people to the Parliament. This is a good stance but not the first time ever taken by anyone in Pakistan. Factually, MQM has always introduced young, educated and new faces under the guidance of some senior leaders like Farooq Sattar in the Parliament. This time MQM is brining a huge number of new and young parliamentarians.



Anyhow, I only wish this time we move beyond songs and slogans and do something concrete to bring about the change instead of crying praises for themselves.

Rabia Ahmed Sikandar

A contributor for The News/Geo blogs

  • NRP

    Utterly untrue. Have you watched any of Imran Khan’s speeches and media statements. He is the clear winner of negative and indecent campaigning in this election. In fact he has reached at such a low level where he is hurting his own party.

    • sheikh

      Imran Khan said lot of time that PMLN and PPP both have style if someone critise their policy instead of defending both start critisising the critic, and PMLN is champion in making scandle so this time people like youare crying because you people have nothing to say against Imran khan so your are say he is using bad or abusive language, even for the sake of argument i accept you r right even then Imran learnt this from politics pandits like showbaz, nawaz, zardari, mqm etc

      • asamieh

        so Imran khan is following the old traditional politicians… wow thats a TABDEELI

        • Haris

          Plz get a life… Why would you even think of supporting any other than IK.. I mean what have they given to Pak in Last 65 years…. Try IK… Even if you fear he’ll fail you still try him…Cuz the others are bound to fail you and theres no second opinion about that.

    • asamieh

      relax man… Imran Khan is just showing a picture of his life and what kinda family he belongs to ;)

    • Bilal

      Imran Khan must realize that his supporters are educated and will not follow him blindly. He should not use such language. I’ll not vote PTI just because of his language and exclusive criticism of PMLN.

  • Mazhar Hussain

    Good article.

  • M.Saeed

    @Rabia Sikandar you have completely lost your direction. Absence of coherence in
    thoughts have manifested into senseless waste-of-words.
    Every party qualified to compete in election has its right to campaign. But, it must follow guidelines given by the ECP. Otherwise, it are bound to face the music and suffer.
    Mud-sliging is not the way of a noble man. A Momin fixes his sight on his target and starts journey in earnest. He is bound to face hurdles on way that he surmounts through practical and result oriented means. He is never afraid of difficulties because, for every noble cause, there are always honourable ways. That is what guides and decides his destiny. Now, see how many noble and genuine people are there in this race?

  • Bilal

    PTI’s approach is mature? Haven’t you seen their latest advert on Sharif brothers? Imran Khan is using 3rd class language against them in every jalsa. Do you call this maturity?

    • Haris

      You dont even know what class of language these Sharif Brothers deserve.. Imran Khan is being modest.

      • Bilal

        ok. Now I’ve found some people who decide what kind of language others deserve or who is corrupt.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hisham.idris.503 Hisham Idris

    For the PTI supporters IK is an infallible who is free from all
    impurities and preserved from liability to error or mistakes. His
    honesty is unquestionable and his intentions can not be doubted. Even if
    he turns ugly, slanderous and illogical his followers out of their
    blind faith in him take his words as sacred pearls of wisdom.

    This blind hero worshipping of the new found infallible is bound to lead all of us to yet another disastrous situation.

    • S Nasrullah

      The question is where does your fault line lie? Misjudgment of IK or misgivings about PTI potentialities. IK is just as human as any human being with propensity to call names to condemn and add a flavor to public fervor. As a Leader fired with the passion to stamp out Corruption, Lawlessness and Economic Paralysis, he needs to convey the message across to the Public in forceful fashion – may exceed the bounds of political norms – as they say no holds barred. The youth of today do not believe in form but in substance. They want results and not excuses for failure. The vicious old politicians who made a fool of the electorate with their Utopian promises and inventing slogans – totally meaningless, profligate, but serve their ulterior motives – to gain Power and once installed on the seat of Power, they easily forget what they promised. Promises are meant to be broken and not honored. “These are not sacred Testaments” said one wicked plunderer of the Nation’s Treasury.
      Man, you are a confirmed pessimist with your Doomsday pronouncements..

    • Haris

      People of Pakistan are not blind.. Everything is crystal clear about IK … .What are you talking about ?

    • M.Saeed

      He just tasted an indomitable fall! This must be some divine signal for him to correct his stances.

  • Bilal

    First of all, IK is an educated person, not a sarak chaap. Such language doesn’t suit him. Secondly, who has given you the right to decide who is “corrupt” and who is not?

  • http://twitter.com/Saniausmani Sania usmani

    I think the writer is biased herself … lame

  • Haris

    if his 70% speech is directed towards PMLN it does not mean that he is bothered about their marketing approach. For what PMLN has done to Pak in last 5 years they deserve to be ridiculed y each and every honest Pakistani and thats what he is doing.

  • Irfan ahmed

    This article is totally biased as it claim it is not ! IK approach is mature ?wtf …his all speeches start with blaming other parties instead of explaining his agenda and solution of problems ! He is experienced cricketer but immature politican !

  • farah khan

    Its really looks good to see these comments. At least nobody abused each other’s parties. I think Leader’s should present their future vision but not just criticising other parties, this is old politics. I suggest IK to show your planning about New Pakistan rather abusing others.

  • Hazrat Wali Kakar

    I wish that I could write a blog in response of this biased blog of ms.Rabia Ahmed Sikandar. she is totally tilt toward PTI and she has show a soft corner toward PTI. How can She claims that election campaign of PTI is mature among other electoral political parties. now a days, PTI leadership IK himself using abuse language against all political parties leaders like Fazal u rehman,Nawaz Sharif and Zardari are on his hit list. furthermore, the youth of PTI are more vulnerable to violence regardless the youth of any political party. for instance, I am totally disagree about her views about PPP because PPP is not in the ground for election campaign like ANP ,MQM. PPP neither organized a public gathering across the country owing current threat of bomb blasting on the gathering by Taliban. one thing clear, I am not supporter these above mentioned parties so that i am neutral and i will vote for PkMAP , chairman Mehmmod khan Achakzai. but I wish she would clear my points if I am wrong. [email protected]

  • M.Saeed

    These politicians need some elementary lessons in virtues of good behavior, if they have senses to ear.

    According to one of the enlightening sayings of Hazrat Ali (RAA):
    “Malakh (Good behavior) is such a virtue that it costs nothing to you but can get you anything otherwise not possible even after spending fortunes”.

    Applying the same rule:
    “Bad-mouthing is the worst of human vices that lead you to doom even with best of resources”.

    This reminds of another wonderful saying of some anonymous person:

    “A person’s prayers are not answered who indulges in bad-mouthing because; a guttural mouth pollutes its prayers and makes them out of bound for the Ultimate in Purity”.

  • asamieh

    dont talk high my brother… every rise has a fall :)

  • Farooq Hashmi

    In stead of getting embroiled in embittered argumentation, let’s keep our fingers crossed till May 11____ the Day of Judgement.

  • M.Saeed

    I am amazed to read the following accolades for Imran Khan, following his fall:

    “I have not seen a tough man like him mentally and physically. He took the raw talent and neutralized a dysfunctional cricket board and defeated all the cricketing teams in their home grounds. He was not a captain of a far more disciplined and organized Australian, South African, British and Indian teams. He was the commander of dysfunctional cricketing board. He then won the world cup. He then built the most prestigious cancer hospital based upon 100% charity. He then built the similar hospital in another city. He then built a world class Namal College equivalent to Bradford of England. He refused to have golden spoon by migrating England with his ex-wife. He stayed back and now fighting to recover his country from ashes. Who would do that? He is a true fighter. I have not seen a greater cricketer and a greater fighter than him.”

  • M.Saeed

    My amazement in post below can only be appreciated with the following words of thanks:
    So far, this is the most factual and best description of Imran. What makes it more amazing is the fact that, it comes from an Indian commentator named “Sunil Jain”, who commented on the news published about Imran’s fall in Times of India dated 7th May, 2013. I must thank as well request the writer’s excuse for taking the liberty to reproduce it here.

  • S Nasrullah

    ZAB with his oft repeated, historic statement: we would eat grass but make an Atom Bomb. He is surely credited for initiating the efforts to put Pakistan on the map of privileged Nuclear Club. But that’s it. It was the Herculean efforts of Dr Qadeer and his Associates who fabricated the sophisticated device despite the West diabolic propaganda and its macabre schemes to fail and frustrate the valiant efforts of Dr Khan and his dedicated Team.
    Technically, ZAB may have fired the first shot, but it was that proverbial nemeses of yours – Zia-ul-Haq – who diverted the huge funds USA made to help Pakistan develop Mujahideen Force to defeat USSR invasion of Afghanistan, to facilitate materialization of the Nuclear project. Dr Khan has acknowledged this fact in numerous interviews.
    The making of a contraption (Bomb) is not enough until its ground test proves its lethal power. History is a testimony to the fact that USA offered $5.0 Billion to Pakistan to stop detonation of its Nuclear Device and also roll back the Nuclear program. But Nawaz Sharif took a bold and brave decision to explode the device to reserve a place for Pakistan in the exclusive Nuclear Club. It is also true that BB could not comply with her assigned Agenda to roll back Nuclear program when the Army got the wind of it and bolted the doors of Kahuta and PInstech for BB..

    I stand solidly for Imran Khan and his PTI and I am convinced in the heart of my heart that IK can lead Pakistan to its glorious destiny.

    • Farooq Hashmi

      When someone says that Shahjahan built the Taj Mahal it connotes that the mausoleum was built during Emperor Shahjahan’s reign,not that the emperor physically built it toiling on chiseling out the marble slabs and transporting them to the site,on his back. When someone says that Ashoka erected lofty stupas,it implies that they were built during Maharaja Ashoka’s reign, not that the maharaja,in person, drudged on those projects plying his pick-ax and mattock,etc. Similar is the case of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. When it’s said that ZAB built Pakistan’s atomic bomb it means that it was built during ZAB’s regime,not that ZAB had been sweating working around -the-clock in the Kahuta Research Laboritories. It’s a simple truism that ZAB is the father of the nuclear Pakistan and any attempt to plunder him of that credit and conferring it on Mr. Nawaz Sharif is an instance of robbing Peter and paying Paul. It’s no secret that ZAB had maneuvered Dr Abbdul Qadeer khan’s repatriation from Amsterdam and put him to the secret project of enriching the weapon-grade uranium at Kahuta Research laboratories.Under the patronship of ZAB the project of building the atomic bomb had reached its accomplishment stage in the early months of 1977, and a refutation of that fact is a travesty of justice.It’s a happenstance that Mr.Nawaz Sharif had conducted five nuclear tests.Those test were situational rather than voluntary.After Bharat had its nuclear tests done, Pakistan nation was edgy and in swivet to respond in the same way.A reluctant Mr.Sharif gave way to the public pressure and responded Bharat with the tests of the identical kind. However,subsequently he had warned the Pakistan nation,” it will have to pay a big price of those tests.”The other day, on one of Pakistan’s TV channels, atomic scientist,Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan remarked in lighter vein,” when we had the atomic bomb already made, Mr.Nawaz Sharif had been smelting the scrap iron in his Ittefaq mills.” Whatever is usually said in the panegyric of Mr.Nawaz Sharif, is a matter of no surprise. To make a falcon out of a chicken is a special trait of Pakistanis’ psyche, I daresay.