Where Degrees are Sold

Where Degrees are Sold

With the dramatic near-election revelations about the authenticity of our ‘contestants’ degrees, we have once again come to a sorry reminder that even degrees in our country are sold.


To begin with, I frankly don’t understand the whole purpose of privileging institutions degree-allotting status, only to scrutinize and verify the degrees issued later on. Perhaps, this is our ‘desi’ way of remedying our known lacunas.



Anyhow, 54 degrees have been declared forged as yet including 18 former members of the Punjab Assembly, 14 former members of the National Assembly, seven members of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Assembly, six members of the Balochistan Assembly, five members of the Senate and four former members of Sindh Assembly – not to forget our very own PML-N member Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan.



Although as much as I want lets not debate over the former criterion for contesting- a graduate degree, the current standard in the limelight is, “No deceit and No forgery”. Such a basic expectation and yet so hard to meet. Where these degrees have only cracked down on a handful politicians not smart enough to plant their educational proofs well, some even passing their Intermediate after Graduation (I’d call it innocence rather cunningness), what about all those who have outsmarted all honesty benchmarks laid down by ECP?



We hate to admit however the underlying scale for a candidate in our part of the world has always been the “C” word- corruption. The more the politician is corrupt, the higher he is in the hierarchy. Any knee-jerk denials? I don’t think so.  And while such crackers serve a perfect topic for punching up a talk show and for a laughter-triggering SMS, the reality that how knee-deep we and our leaders are entrenched in corruption and deceit still hits hard.

Madeeha Ishtiaque

The content writer & person-in-charge of the The News/Geo International Blog. She monitors the social media activity on The News. Follow her on twitter @charmed0000

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  • Gohar

    /*even degrees in our country are sold*/

    FYI, ‘real’ degrees were not sold but forged by the corrupt parliamentarians that is why degrees were not authenticated by any of our country’s educational authority. Yes, only fake degrees might be sold like one of the fake ‘foreign’ degree from Australia was sold to PML-N Shaikh Waqas Akram – former Minister of State for Labour and Manpower

  • Shahista

    Degre ke price goverment aak ruppe ker da to. Pakistani qoom taleem yafta ho ja ea

  • Anonymous

    “….reality that how knee-deep we and our leaders are entrenched in corruption and deceit still hits hard”

    Madeeha, surprising you have not yet acclimitised despite the ‘degree’ to which the society at large tolerates and participates in the corruption you refer too.

  • Anam

    God! Verify ur facts before spreading baseless allegations! Your ‘honourable’ courts refuse to accept the degrees by a place as prestigious as “Aitchison” college bringing to mind the fact that wen our own so called judiciary is going to disregard the very best of our institutions how do they expect anyone else to respect it. Anyhow back to the point ch nisar is a renowned topper of Aitchison with his name all over the walls of famous aitchisonians. Go check urself. Secondly the HEC decided to create this drama last minute but Cambridge stepped in and has verified his degrees as well or are u claiming the British were bought off too? Don’t know where responsible journalism has vanished

  • http://www.facebook.com/riaz.a.khan.102 Riaz Ahmad Khan

    well written lines! it is good that we dont like these corrupt leaders and we dont support them at all but it is not the time of discussing these problems anymore, i think we all are very well informed about these facts now. we need to come up to the conclusion and and bring the solution for all these problems. can we do that?

  • M.Saeed

    Genuine degrees are often not real genuine!

    There are several top Universities’ genuine results tabulating staff in blatant operation of scams touting to make, “62-of26”!
    It is a simple money-making scam working on “genuine human error” in typing. Once published, their errors are almost impossible to correct and well-guarded by the University authorities.

    One of my University classmates, who was born with a silver-spoon in his mouth but a chronic back-bencher, almost always failed in class-tests but never failed in final University exams, when asked about his secrets, triumphantly replied: “it is very simple. You people toil and work hard before the exams; I work and make my efforts after.”



  • Simple Pakistani

    It is such a shame for a nation like us that our leaders who are supposed to be the most brilliant mindes among us had not bothered to clear their academic qualifications. For me, stopping them from the elections is a perfect punishment as it is like you have stopped a hunger person from eating anything. These people should have never entered the prestigious hall of our parliament as they are responsible majorly of our country today. Musharraf’s rule of having a bachelors degree as a must was a good rule but he needed to make it more transparent. If it would have been done at that time, the condition could be very different today

  • bilal

    very well written
    Awaiting more names of the defaulters
    I wish ECP continue to check all angles even after election

  • Shabbir Ahmed

    What can we say
    about that country where we cannot take subsidy flour from government without original I.D card but in other hand we can get Government. highly profile seats with
    fake degrees?