What Bigger Hoax than Love?

What Bigger Hoax than Love?

What bigger hoax than Love? This peculiar question was asked by a fellow few days ago.  Honestly, for a moment, I was confused and had no words to answer it as in no way Love could have any resemblance with hoax. It reflects a mere desperation but that pushed me to think deep and gave an opportunity to delve inside my mind to look for my version of what I call love  and the philosophy about Love I know so far.


What do I understand by Love?


Love is the purity of sensation that is created from inner of existence without any greed and expectation from other person. A true Love is always unconditional. Love is nature and truth of universe but always misunderstood and mixed up with hope, expectation, greed and worldly desire from other person.  Love is kind, patient, has neither envy, nor it boasts itself. It enhances the relationship but never ask for any return or reward. The strong sign of feeling and then falling in love is if seeing and talking to a right person comforts the soul and persuades one to take care about him/her means Love has been created or existing.


How could Love be confused with Hoax?  


As Love is the purity of sensation and unconditional, then what could make it a hoax, is the complete misconception of Love. Any act of mischievous deception is not the consequences of Love as a true Love has nothing to do with any hoax as it deals directly from the inner existence and connects to deep of soul. Hoax in love is actually an attempt of acquiring worldly expectation, desire, tremendous hope or a gain or having advantage for anything in the shape of Love or pretending as a Love but actually there is noting Love like human sense as Love is absolute in its nature and has no connection with aspiration of return or reward.


Love in fact involves coaxing not hoaxing:


Love is “Coax” as it is strengthened by persuading it patiently so standing in Love is more important than falling in Love. For love to have a future it is necessary to care and respect a person you love.  Love is said to be blind and it make a sense so always appreciate the goodness but do not remember and focus on mistakes so it is a high form of tolerance. In other words the best possible way to feel loving is to be lovely and if you can do it easily you will love easily so there is no room for any “Hoax” in Love at all. The best way to avoid a hoax in Love is to follow William Shakespeare’s saying “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none”.


Love has no trademark or copyright. It does not deal in any currency It does not dwell in palaces or fortresses. It does exist only in humans’ soul and in every relationship around you – you only need to discover and find it and persuade it patiently in a proper way giving a proper place in heart as each relationship demands without any hope and expectation. That will then kill the desperation …of ….  What bigger hoax than Love?               

Syed Shahzad Alam

A content developer at Jang Group of Companies. He can be contacted at [email protected]

  • M.Saeed

    This is a mystery unsolved since ever. A simple question would explain it and baffle minds forever. The question is: “Was it love of Amma Hawwa that Hazrat Adam defied specific orders of Allah SWT and got expulsion from Jannat, or a hoax?” ??