The Return of Musharraf

The Return of Musharraf

It has been some time since I wrote a blog titled Was Musharraf Better than This Democracy? []


My blog had generated a lot of comment. A majority of the commentators of that time were of the view that they would support Mr. Musharraf if he comes back because they felt that the General’s era was far better than the misery which the Zardari government was subjecting them too.


One would have thought that at least half of them would have been passionate enough to go receive the leader who they thought (at least then) would be the Messiah for Pakistan. Sadly very few from the pro-Musharraf commentators on my blog to the seven hundred thousand of his Facebook fans turned up to show support and solidarity. Mr. Musharraf landed in Pakistan – and based on what is visible – he has been a lonely man with most trying to distance themselves from him. The hundreds and thousands of supporters who Mr. Musharraf thought would come help him take his vision forward are sadly no-shows. Many APML personalities had decided to part ways with him well before he had returned to Pakistan. The only people visibly with him are mainly security. Mr. Musharraf should finally have realized that it was his chief of the army status which had droves of sycophants around him in the past.


Sadly for Mr. Musharraf, he miscalculated on the quantum of his support in Pakistan. In my opinion he miscalculated because he was not trained in politics of the masses. Those workers and leaders who work hands on with the masses and take an active part in holding rallies, corner meetings, public meetings etc. do know that there are segments of our society whose representations regarding political issues and struggles should be taken with a pinch of salt. This privileged segment of our society consists of people who give the false impression that they are concerned for change but when push comes to shove to help bring about that change – they are, well, no shows. I am sure Mr. Musharraf must have learnt more about human psychology as practiced in Pakistani politics on this trip to Pakistan.


My previous blog had raised my concerns on some of the decisions which Mr. Musharraf had taken during his time as Supreme Commander and what not. Even today I remain critical of those decisions. To add to that, it now seems that there are some other miscalculations that Mr. Musharraf may have made in connection with his recent return and then his actions subsequent to the rejection of his bail. The idea behind this blog is however not to recount the blunders that Mr. Musharraf has made or continues to make but to, for a change, support him in the blatant injustice which he has been subjected too.


It should not come as a surprise to anybody that Mr. Musharraf is not really the most favourite person of the legal fraternity in general. Lawyers were beaten ruthlessly and arrested and jailed for peacefully protesting. The police would run with sticks after us in our own courts and we would hide in the Bar Room and try to lock it from inside to save ourselves from the wrath of the administration sent to beat and humiliate us. It is with the foregoing background which I myself lived in, which makes me understand why such a gentle lawyer would throw a shoe at Mr. Musharraf. While I respect the emotions of my colleague in court, it may perhaps have been better to stay away from retaliation and revenge. If Mr. Musharraf did a wrong, it does not mean that we also behave in the same manner. Members of the Bar are known for their hospitality and it is a tradition that I would like to see continue irrespective of who our guest is in the courts. The decorum of the courts must always be maintained.


I am also not fully convinced as to why the nomination papers of Mr. Musharraf for the Elections 2013 were rejected. While many serious allegations exist against Mr. Musharraf, none, according to me has reached conviction. Mr. Musharraf is still to give his defence and replies in all those allegations. Until such time as he is convicted he could not be disqualified. Specially when the nomination papers of Raja Parwaiz Ashraf and Mir Nadir Magsi were accepted conditionally. I am a fierce critic of the manner in which nominations and scrutiny has been conducted by the election commission but that is a topic for another blog. Suffice to say for the present blog that Mr. Musharraf also deserved the same treatment as Ashraf and Magsi and as a matter of fact – many others.


The cancellation of Mr. Musharraf’s interim bail by the High Court and the manner in which proceedings were conducted (as told by Mr. Amjad Malik of the APML) suggests that perhaps customary process may not have been followed. Certainly, a High Court ordering insertion of anti terrorism offences and ordering arrest in its order is not a normal occurrence for a High Court in such proceedings. On balance, it seems Mr. Musharraf has been meted out a tough hand. One would be naïve to think that Mr. Musharraf alone was carrying out all the offenses he is being accused of. There were many others with him at that time but all the sycophants around him jumped ship the moment they saw a better opportunity.


I have always maintained that I like Mr. Musharraf the person. And that is something I continue to do. He has an impressive personality and also has his own weight in the international community. He is basically a good man but maybe his training has been such that megalomania kicks in at places. I just wish he had not decided to go into politics. My advice to Mr. Musharraf would be that he should think logically – not in an army style but a good politician style – before he takes his decisions. Also, it would help if Mr. Musharraf had a slightly better caliber of spokespeople – at least not a spokesperson who – after Mr. Musharraf has absconded from the court and holed himself in his self haven – says that Mr. Musharraf is not at all bothered and is “smoking his cigar and drinking coffee”! A common man – the asset of any party – will not love you Mr. Musharraf if you so blatantly make him realize that there is a better and easier law for

Omar Sial

A litigator in the High Courts of Pakistan.He is an up and coming politician and a contributing writer to the Global Hauser Program of the NYU Law School.

  • Farhan

    What a pathetic return with full apathy of a common man towards this former dictator. His soul must be cursing himself on coming back to Pakistan.

  • Irfan Ahmad

    Yes indeed, Sir Musharraf is a great, loyal, patriotic and true leader of the country. He is better even than any nature of Government in Pakistan. We all Pakistanis love him so much…

  • Anonymous

    Sial Sb

    “He is basically a good man but maybe his training has been such that megalomania kicks in at places.” Are not all humans good until their megalomaniac side, making them feel above all the rules, kicks in?! No mitigation here, unless all the other convicted and accused get the same treatment or the mess of self-entitlement will continue for a while.

    Yes, legal processes have to follow in as much of a transparent manner as possible – to set a precedent abd not ‘matti pao’ convenience or excuses that judiciary is biased (when any bias may have been created by own actions of the accused locking up and ridiculing judges!).

    One thing is clear, with all its advantages in dispersal of information, good or bad, facebook fan numbers are an illusion no serious political worker should rely on! Perhaps Lady Gaga has more Pakistani followers – is she likely to land and run for political office ?!

  • Mahmoodul Haque Qazi

    My blog had generated a lot of comment. A majority of the commentators of that time were of the view that they would support Mr. Musharraf if he comes back because they felt that the General’s era was far better than the misery which the Zardari government was subjecting them too.

  • jkmanjiani kaimkhani

    mr mushraf ruled with his power of cnc .give this power to any stupid like zia ,he ruled better then pervaiz. chair and power teaches , my mentor prof zaidi told me chairmainship starts whereever chairmain sits . it was not pervaiz .he is diliwala crook and lives in delusion

  • AHK

    Rupee losing value to $, Traitors who wants to separate Baluchistan from Pakistan, Taliban playing havoc with peace, Karachi in the grip of “Bhatta khors” and target killers are just the few repercussions of Perviaz’s marshal law. Remember the other repercussions of Ayub and Zia’s regimes? Ayub gave us Bhutto who divided Pakistan and nationalized the economy, and Zia gave us AK-47, Heroin, MQM, Afghan refugees and the corrupt politicians of today. Grow up, military cannot solve this nation’s problems, they add to the problems. Those who see the solution of every problem at the end of gun’s barrel are utter fools, and those who believe in them are a class above them. If they still believe this is the way to solve the problems then why not give a chance to Taliban-they also posses guns and see every problem’ solution at the barrel end and they don’t call us “Bastard Civilians”, rather calls us infidels.
    We got a chance today to stop the military adventurism and lets hope it stop and the people who support them grows up.

  • Kamran

    I will always support you .. whatever happens.. you are a real man who shows that you can do anything what you want.. as a leader as a human.. this is only you who make this decision to comes back and rescue Us.. nobody in this corrupt politician can make this kind of decision in there life. .. and trust me Sir you are always there in our PRayers.. and I hate this Corrupt so called Supreme Court .. bounch of bitches siting there and making decision.. if you see there last 5 years nothing in favor of PAkistna.. if you remind where is the son of Mr. so called Mr. Iftikhar son.. you will get o know my answer .. thats why I hate these guyz.

  • Omar

    Most interesting Mr. Saeed.

  • marium ali

    BB murder: FIA gets physical remand of Prevez Musharraf till April 30 …… than plz arrest zardari bcoz bb was taking divorce from asif ali zardari…

  • marium ali

    A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way…. Nawaz sharif a duffer funded by Sauidi Arab to divide Pakistan in Sunni Shia violence through tali-bans …. and raiwind ….. save Pakistan from these traders … AND Islamic extremenests ….imran khan … Don’t be afraid to give up the good .. go for some great brave leaders ..who are educated and can help u in building up PAKISTAN … if ur wise and than dont be like kiyani who is disgracing ARMY and yes how can i forget chief un _justice whose worth is a few rupees or dollres or pounds and his sons are the best examples…. so join good heads and hands …. so my PAKISTAN stays Alive…..

  • Vicky

    NRO was passed by the ministers, Musharraf himself did not do it as he was against the returning of Benazir & Nawaz Sharif for the allegations on both of them. But thats politics, both of them found their way home though NRO. Nawaz returned back before his punishment period was to be over. Obviously Musharraf was pressurized to take off his COAS Uniform & pass NRO.

    But to be honest of all his mistakes, I find him much better and more patriot then both Nawaz & PPP. His era was much peaceful, economicallly strong & happier than today. Watch his interviews that still how he defends Pakistan & Army during international interviews where as Nawaz, PPP, Imran etc are just throwing blames and dirt on each other.

    • Shabeer

      Truth always prevails. World is not so naive which can not differentiate between truth and lies. One can make fool to himself not to others. In fact in the international form he has no respect.

  • Anonymous

    In my comments a couple months back I told Musharaf when you were in the government when the the agents of agents of corrupt political mafia PMLN, PPP, Jamat-e- Islami etc by forming PMLQ got access through democracy in your government, they did all negative deeds leveling on you and used you through you like a tissue paper and warn you if you come back they will use you like a toilet paper and you were not able to survive. These Jagirdars, millionors earned billions of rupees during your the ending period of your government and throughout the 5 years of PPP government blaming that all is being done due to the Musharaf Policies. Judiciary is also a product of this rotten and corrupt system of Pakistan. Your main sin was your efforts to change the system from the root basis that introducing UC system where start some bindings on police to come on the right direction. Our police is become totally corrupt which media disclosed time to time. Every body got access in government and judiciary services through police character certificate. Judiciary itself inducted through this corrupt system, so how any one expect justice from our judiciary. Our east wing was separated where 3 million Pakistani were shaheed, Judiciary made a drama for about 10 years without no result instead the criminals who were responsible for that mishaps were propagated as hero of the nation who saved their corrupt jagirdarana sys by spiliting the country as they were afraid of land and other reforms by Mujeeb. In this system patriotism is a sin. Ayub Khan who gave Kashmiir territory including Kargal and Ladhak, who gave irreparable losses of life and property only to complete his vicious goals is a hero. Ayub Khan started war in Kashmir by the name of Mujahideen to divert the attention of the nation of his bogus voting success against Muhtarma Fatima Jinnah to become a hero. Yes he is hero. ZAB and Yahya Khan divided the country only to occupy the government are the hero. Nawaz Sharif return the Kargal to India as a present for his business scope in India is a Hero. Musharaf ‘ Pakistan ko Muhab-a-Watan Ki Zurorat Naheen hai ghadaroon ka tola hai qabiz Pakistan per aur awam babus hain, Media earn more money from these corrupt peoples of the system and nothing form a common man. All 90% coverage in media is on non-issues to common peoples of Pakistan like 18th and 19th amendments.where president and Prime Minister were discussed. Who bring the honest peoples according to Article 62 and 63. Will those be honest who got certificate of honesty by the corrupt police and rotten judiciary system. Peoples are afraid of police and Judiciary but not respect them. So they prey’ Allah Thanay Kachahri aur Bimari is Bachay’ Now you are trapped by the Thanna Kachahri.

  • S Nasrullah

    We have a reckless and riotous NK (nk) with all his guns blazing aimlessly and hitting nothing. By simply maligning a person, whose popularity and integrity remains unquestioned to this day, he embodies the notorious angry man who opens his mouth and shuts his eyes. The Law is activated and processed on the basis of concrete evidence or preponderance of it to merit fair judgment. When the Mad Mush summarily dismissed the SC Judges and appointed justice Dogar to be an instrument for his wicked schemes and wanton surmises, it was the subversion of Constitution. You would perhaps know that Power emanates from the muzzle of the gun and unfortunately Pakistan Army has a track record of supporting Bonapartism in its fold.

    Firstly, Musharraf unduly brought about coup-de-tat to forcibly topple an elected government of NS who had set a record for his wide margin of mandate. He had incited his Corps Commanders to rebel against the legitimate orders of the CEO of the Executive Branch of the State.

    In the case of accusations of Bribes by Malik Riaz against the son of the CJP, the Prosecution failed to establish the guilt and the shadowy past of the Inquisitor made the case tenuous. This being the fact of the matter, Mr nk’s ignorance is inexcusable.

    As a Commando that Mush has often boasted about, it is surprising and regrettable that he should cave in to one telephonic threat from a silly Bully. As the all-powerful President, he should have known that Pakistan was a Nuclear State and that nobody can ride roughshod on its sovereignty. He not only plunged Pakistan into a disastrous WoT, but that he dragged someone’s war into its own frontiers. Pakistan had over 200 nukes while N.Korea has only 8, yet the tone and the tenor of talks with North Korea is of respect and equality. The internal turmoil in Baluchistan allowed the forces inimical to the solidarity and security of Pakistan, conditions conducive to install and strengthen Insurgency. The flow of caches of Arms and the indoctrination created conditions that compromised the security situation and jammed the wheels of industrial activity hitting at prime power units and murderous mayhem.

    Again, the Kargil Bravado had dangerously brought the two neighbors within striking distance of a nuclear misadventure with colossal loss of life and property in both countries. The military ops executed showed utter lack of Planning, Logistics, Consolidation or orderly Retreat with minimal fatalities.

    The biggest crime committed by Musharraf is the suspension of Constitution which triggers Article 6. This nation may not have pursued the case and prosecuted Musharraf, if he had stayed away for good. As they say when the jackal is about to die, he is inveigled to head for the city. Some glib recommendations of the myopic Musharraf supporters invited him to face his destiny. A bad counsel has confounded the life and the liberty of that unfortunate individual.

  • M.Saeed

    Incidently Mr. Sial, the man who said, ” Mr. Musharraf is not at all bothered and is smoking his cigar and drinking coffee” is the same man who was the root cause behind the end of Z.A. Bhutto!

  • Anonymous

    When a crime incurred and a weapon is used for a murder, punishment certainly always given to that criminal who use that weapon and weapons never be punished. Army is a weapon of a nation, they trained to kill the enemy or fight till death. Obedience of seniors is the key to keep discipline. Obey the orders till the execution of them. Sovereignty of the country is the prime concept and duty of the Army. Politicians are the wisdom of a nation meant to run the governments and responsible to use the army to the right direction. Unfortunately we have trapped by the corrupt and incapable politicians who not only destroyed country/s economy, government structure and ethics and moral of the nation also bring the common man to the plight of starvation and always used the army to the wrong direction, gave irreparable loss of morality, inferiority complex to our Army specially by the defeat of 1971. Punishment should be given to these corrupt politicians who used the weapon(Army) responsible for the miserable plight of our nation.

  • Anonymous

    Saeed Sb

    Problem being, the dictators leave a bigger mess than the one they allegedly want to rid us of. Human nature – no accountability and absolute power corrupts the best of us.