She had a Pretty Face

She had a Pretty Face

Desires of gender harassment never derail a man of becoming a monster. It is actually one of the saddest sides of our society where man proudly calls themselves as hunters and tries to prey ferociously forgetting that they are social animals. What remembers to them is inside beast that allows them to splash their opposites. Poor haniya is none other but victim of one of their brutal act. She was college student that walks daily from her home to college. She was only child of their parents; she was the one who has to fulfill the dreams of her parents.



Haniya is always a brilliant student and never let her parents down. Haniya was simple, cute and adorable girl wrapped in hiya and sheram. She was blessed with pretty face. Things were going normal when she was attacked by the boy’s rash intentions that split the acid across her. The face that used to pretty was no more but a damaged and burnt skin. She was hospitalized for more than a month. The five-minute accident has ruined her life wiped all the dreams from her eyes. She has left no guts to be confident and certain after this incident to stand up like before in the society.


This story ends here ruining one’s life and satisfying other’s evil desire. But the question that sticks in mind is that how many haniya has to pay for other’s anger just because they don’t accept their proposals or a housewife to bear the domestic violence in the form of face punishment? These victims don’t face physical challenges but psychological challenges as well. I am afraid that this violent assault is increasing day by day in third world countries and Pakistan has engraved his name in the list as well.


Pakistan is always come up with laws but unfortunately it is the dilemma of our society that these laws are studied only and practice hardly. The Qisas law of Pakistan said that predator may suffer from the same fate i.e. punished by splitting drops of acid on the face/eyes. There is another law passed on May 10, 2011 in which the culprit has to suffer face punishment and life in prison. In most of the cases the third party is so strong not allowing any warrant against them.


Globally 1500 people in at least 20 countries are attacked by the acid in which 80% are women and 70% under age of 18 years. In 2011, according to the report of New York Times there are 150 cases reported in Pakistan. The reasons behind them were domestic violence or rejection from the proposals.


I don’t understand that are these issues major enough that ignite the man’s ego so much and they forget the humanity, ethics; depriving one from the most precious gift of nature. Nobody can imagine the pain and torture victim is suffering right after the accident. It is the skin that you are conscious most and everyone tries to keep it fresh and pretty. No one has the right to snatch their valuable asset from them at the cost of any rubbish issues or their so-called ego.

Rija Fatima

An undergrad student of engineering in comsats Lahore. Have a keen interest in current affairs and tweets @rijafatima

  • Saad Ahmed

    i should condemn acid through at women face. But our solution is in our deen that is to cover the face and follow Hijab. This might also help to reduce this heinous crime.