Politics of N League

Politics of N League

The most awaited elections in Pakistan’s history are finally close to reality. So-called intelligentsia is crying out loud on almost every TV channel that PML-N is the most favourite party to win the elections.



One of my respected friends informed me that he would vote for PML-N. When I asked him the reason, he informed me that CM Shehbaz Sharif is a great administrative. He said that when it’s impossible to build 5 Marla house is six months, Shehbaz Sharif builds a whole under pass in six months. I was surprised with his answer. My friend is highly educated person. I was not expecting this reply. I thought when a highly educated person thinks on these line, what a common person would think.


I kept thinking that is it really a job of CM to supervise building an underpass or a road? And is it really an achievement for a person on the level of CM? Is he a contractor or a politician? There is no doubt that Shehbaz Sharif has worked hard in these five years. But I will respectively say that he has channelled his energies on roads, underpasses and dengue but he totally ignored the works a political leader should do. He was elected to lead the people of Punjab but unfortunately he has been doing a work of a contractor. He totally ignored the education system of Punjab.



Building new schools for a small proportion of population was not the answer to millions of children who are not going to schools. He ignored the health facilities. He ignored the situation of law and order. There is a very comprehensive but non-functional system of education, health and law and order. We have schools and health centers almost in every city, town and village. Police stations are visible everywhere. Any slight improvement in this area would have benefited the majority population of Punjab. He failed to do anything for these areas that are considered basic rights of a common person. Rather he has been spending his energies on the projects which are benefiting the few hundred thousand.



Population is growing on very high rate and will explode like a bomb. Sanitation system of the province is built for a population half the size of the current population. Power structure is totally crippled. He did not do anything for these sides. He did not give any roadmap or any policy to cure these ills which does not exist even in the poorest countries. He is a clever person and he knows what priorities he should have. He either does not have the solutions for these basic rights of people or does not want to give them their right.



They had a very successful experience in the past that building mega projects have proved a successful political slogan. Building a motorway gave them two third majority. Building a metro bus will give them again a tow third majority. Will the people of Pakistan decide in favor of these shiny projects or give them a message that they know the difference between shiny mega projects and basic human rights.

Asif Zubair

A blogger for The News/Geo blogs

  • S Nasrullah

    Pretty infantile and immature reflections from a blogger who reeks of anathema and antagonism for the Shariffs. Punjab was the only Administration that was beyond the pale of influence of the Federal Government of Corrupt Zardari and his league of highwaymen. Provinces were funded on the basis of Population which rote was discarded to experiment with another criteria of Revenue Generation (Obviously Sindh with its Commercial Hub, Karachi) and thus Punjab remained cash strapped Province and yet its performance outclassed that of the Federal government.

    A Leader is a builder who conceptualizes projects on a pragmatic scale, in the larger interest of the people. In the most affluent society like USA, every Presidential aspirant has promised ” No child left behind” as his resolve to afford education to every citizen of the country. If Shahbaz Sharif initiated Pilot Schools – as a beginning – it was in the earnest hope that soon it would catch the fancy of the Rich and the Affluent classes to open up more educational institutions. If the Punjab Administration gave the impression of the “Contractors” then the Kleptomaniac Government of PPP and its Allies were akin to the Clerks of the Octroi who have only one mission to extort money – legal or otherwise being of no consideration, at all.

    As an ardent admirer and well-wisher of IK and PTI, it is my sincere desire that they sweep the elections to form a government on their own numerical superiority. Should it become necessary for IK to seek Ally to form a strong government in the Center and the Provinces, PML(N) could be their choice. The Shariffs would be happy to maintain their reign in Punjab and would support IK in his nation building efforts. IK has a stronger personality than NS and it is unlikely that NS would root for the Premiership in the presence of the dashing and dynamic IK.

    • shah

      A very thought provoking reply. I think blogger’s script was immature. Idea of writing should not be crtisism without logics and facts whereas it is responsibilty of an unbiased writer is to go for positive critisim. It gave us the idea that probably every wrong thing happened in punjab and rest of the provinces were perfect example of welfare provinces run by anglez.
      But i am really impresses by the thoughts of a matute pti supporter who has written a very sensible script.
      I sincearly believe that shahbaz sharif is a honest and hard working leader who has delivered under tough circumstances. I wish if same sincerity would have been shown in other provinces Pakistan would have been much different.

      I am a neutral person free from party affiliations. I will vote for the one who has delivered or will deliver in future.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hamza.asad.5 Hamza Asad

    Good Article

  • Farooq Hashmi

    If a sackful of books is loaded on a donkey’s back,will he become a scholar? Natch,not.The identical is the condition of most of the Pakistanis.Let alone the illiterate Pakistanis,even the “educated” ones are uneducated.Whereas,they waste the bulk of their potentials in the meaningless,absurd and unproductive theological debates, the remainder in the hee-haw to lionize their self-serving political leaders.What’s worrisome is that sixty-four years of independence have passed and Pakistanis are still groping in the dark to find a path to the solution of their basic problems.The political thugs take the full advantage of the credulity and naivete of Pakistanis. One simple point that fails to make its way into the minds of the non-prudent “educated” Pakistanis is that the mesh of serpentine bridges in the metropolis of Lahore can in no way fetch jobs for the unemployed, can bring no bread and butter to the dining tables of the poor, can ensure no government-provided standard treatment to the sick, and can affect no end to the leeching dearness in the province.Again,they fail to understand that the distribution of a few thousand lap-tops and opening of a few Danish schools, by Shahbaz Sharif is no more than a political scam as was his erstwhile Roti Tandoor project.They fail to realize that those projects are merely his political antics to win the votes of the gullible people. The home-truth is that not the Danish Schools but the opening of the thousands of new schools and the rehabilitation of the thousands of the old ones in the heart of Punjab can fight illiteracy effectively.The main thrust of the jobless youth must be their resolve to wrench out job from the self-seeking Sharifs.The jobless educated youth must urge the future elected Punjab government to plan a volunteer force of the educated youth, right on the lines of Bhutto’s NDVP plan. leading to its eventual integration with the regular work force.

  • Faizan P. Hashmi

    The real dilama of this Nation is that we are not satisfied on anything and we consider it an insult to Appreciate some one’s efforts and accomplishments.

  • Muhammad Farhan Sheikh, ACA

    I think the writer of the article is so much confused in his theme that he does not know what he should say exactly. Dear, relating to your article, just think that your success is always linked with the environment in which you live. All your concerns related to CM could be correct if we have very much organised system in pakistan relating to civil governments and civil services etc. You may see that perhaps the works done are the works of a contractor etc but can you think that in our system this is the only way to have the works done. When you say that CM work was something else than road making or metro bus project etc, kindly think for whom metro bus is? is transport not one of the basic service and right?

    What i would say that start taking the things with all dimensions rather than just to see what you want and ignoring the other. I am not a supporter of CM, but i cannot say that he has not done a great job. He has surely done a good job but obviously with some weaknesses which we may hope will be covered in future in sha Allah.

    Lets think positively and hope for the best home land.


    Farhan Sheikh, ACA

  • http://twitter.com/92yousuf Yousuf

    Every one think same way issue is that PMLN have large personal capacity to run any govt. but PTI have only few some of them already is already tested so what is the reason to vote for PTI for change when all old Minister are coming to NA from PTI. when you see ground realty you see all the new candidate from PTI can not win the seat from any area. my emotion are with PTI to change but you can not do fight with your words only you need action and action will be done when you are in power which can not be happend for PTI for next 20 Years. Agrre or not but its fact.